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Season 1

15 Apr. 2015
Former policeman Matthew Bunting starts work as the only male midwife at Easthill Park hospital's maternity unit. He is cheery but inept, antagonizing consultant obstetrician Luke Edward and bewildering colleagues Pat, Tash and Linda though desperate Caitlin takes a shine to him. Matthew gets drawn in when 15 year old Claire is brought in and decides to protect the identity of her baby's father Gary against her irate parents. He fails but at least the parents are pleased to know that Gary will stand by their daughter.
22 Apr. 2015
Matthew gets caught up in a row between expectant father Richard and his wife Melanie and then discovers that Richard is also visiting his pregnant bit on the side Alice. Matthew's attempts to explain matters to the other midwives cause confusion though when Alice's baby is born there is a surprise for all concerned. Matthew also gets involved with an aggressive boy racer whom he asks Ian to arrest and who turns out to be Lisa's boyfriend Ryan - a fact which does not endear him to his colleagues, though Ian has his own troubles, being suspended for excessive zeal.
29 Apr. 2015
Matthew is not happy that the inept Ian is now a hospital security guard and things get worse when pregnant prisoner Agnes Fraser is admitted - because a police inspector wants Matthew to obtain important information from her regarding a manila envelope. Agnes however proves her worth when Lisa's jealous boyfriend Ryan goes on the rampage against Matthew - and even lets him know the contents of the manila envelope.
6 May 2015
Comfort Evans, from the television reality series SHAG, (Sussex Husbands and Girlfriends) books into the ward, requesting anonymity, but Tash leaks her presence on Face-book and photographers besiege the hospital. Comfort's husband, footballer Jamie Gordon, arrives to see her, turning female heads, but when the pregnancy proves to be a false alarm Matthew has to concoct a reason for Comfort and Jamie being at the hospital to get rid of the press.
13 May 2015
Matthew finds a baby abandoned in a cupboard but is anxious not to alert the authorities and asks the other midwives to help him keep it secret until Ian locates the mother. None of them are very helpful. Meanwhile Lisa is pestered by an inquisitive schoolgirl and Matthew meets a mother who is prone to sleep-walking. He realizes that one of them must be the parent of the mystery child but must make his decision as to which before Edward finds out.
20 May 2015
Following a theft from the drugs cabinet the police are called and one of the officers turns out to be Jess, Matthew's former girlfriend whom he believes is pregnant by him. The thief is exposed as an unwitting dupe whilst Caitlin's date with Luke Edward does not go smoothly, Ryan returns to win back Lisa and the pregnancy proves to be a false alarm for Matthew.

 Season 1 

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