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Sex & Nudity

  • There is prolonged full-frontal male nudity in a scene in s01e10. It is non-sexual, but goes on for a while.
  • Season 2 episode 4 has a prolonged scene with close ups of 4 men's genitalia while urinating
  • The female detective is seen in the shower. Her body is blurred by the shower door but bare back and side of breasts are visible.
  • Nothing overly graphic, although there are some partial shoulder shots of women, phrases such as "dick", "pickle", and mentioning of John's father being attacked as a joke with an inflatable penis at a rock concert.
  • Prostitution is mentioned.
  • Alice records what is implied to be a sex tape of sorts, an audio recording for John to remember her when he's "in bed" (it is later just revealed to be an audio recording of Alice snoring loudly).
  • Sex is implied between male and female characters but never really displayed graphically on-screen.
  • When picking through the used trash cans at motel rooms, Detective Albans mentions the possibility of there being "used condoms" in the bathroom cans.
  • Men use urinals, including a very bizarre outdoor urinal in Luxembourg which is a circle of multiple urinals in a busy public park.
  • John and Icabod hug each other after Icabod explains to John that he wasn't trying to be a creep by calling him a "liar". Lacroix catches them hugging and remarks "wow." implying that he believes them to be in some sort of relationship (they're not really).
  • It is said that Leslie has an "illegitimate half-Vietnamese son".
  • The majority of what would be considered "sexual" in nature in this show (as of Season 1) is mostly just innuendo and loosely implied instances, which chances are the majority of younger viewers would not pick up on.

Violence & Gore

  • Some instances of murder and John Tanver attacking people, including tying up a man and zipping him up in a large duffle bag, men being stabbed (blood is seen here), pushing Steven in front of a moving truck (which gives Steven brain injury that causes him to do embarrassing things), again pushing Steven over a tree stump in the woods, "accidentally" shooting Leslie in the face (he doesn't kill him but he injures him in this case), causing a cop with PTSD to have a nervous breakdown (meant to be comical), grabbing a dwarf cop and stuffing him in a locker (also meant to be comical), among other more minor instances. He with his fellow employees is later interrogated but never caught.
  • Characters go duck hunting together. Dead ducks are seen coated in blood and held up by their feet. Later on, John looks visibly horrified to find that one of the ducks he has shot is still alive and suffering, but he says nothing to his colleagues.
  • Some mild arguing and name-calling (see "Profanity" below) including Icabod getting repeatedly mocked for his peculiar name much to his annoyance, Leslie constantly berating and belittling John and even waiting to catch him parking in the wrong spot just so he can fire him, Leslie physically/verbally abusing his own son, among other instances.
  • Albans' little girl, who looks to only be in elementary school, is told by John, "yes, I'm a murderer... but I won't hurt you". The little girl bumps into him at a police station later on but says nothing about who he is to her mother, instead choosing to bother Leslie as a prank by putting him in plastic handcuffs, causing him to curse at them.
  • An overweight bearded man plans a suicide and is seen tying a noose by way of an instructional video.
  • A man named Birdbath acts violent, mean and crass, for instance getting John to steal the prosthetic legs of war vets as part of a secret plan.
  • Icabod mentions being nervous of his wife, though he doesn't elaborate much further on this and it seems to be only a passing remark.
  • The subject of Iran going nuclear and the politics surrounding it can be rather disturbing at times.
  • John tells his father that he might have some "loose ends to tie up", after which he mentions Leslie, Icabod, Steven and Lacroix, implying that he might have to "dispose" of his friends since there's a possibility that they'll discover who he is.
  • Guns are often pictured on-screen, including in the reoccurring intro montage of super 8 home movies, which displays a little boy firing a gun (the little boy is supposed to be John). Knives are also sometimes seen.
  • Three of the characters are to drop a heavy safe from a hotel window high above the ground, but contemplate on the possibility that it might hit someone on the head (it doesn't).
  • The subject of murder is often discussed and there is an interrogation scene in which a murder is brought up.
  • Lacroix is stabbed but later on befriends John and helps him with his work.


  • Many instances of extreme profanity, vulgar/lewd phrases, including "asshole", "bitch", "son-of-a-bitch", "penis", "fuck", "damn", "goddamn it", "god", "oh my god", "oh lord", "jesus", "kick his ass", "dick", "pickle (as a euphemism for penis"), "jerk", "idiot", "sex", "hooker" and "piss".
  • Verbal yelling and non-profane insults at times, including John making fun of Steven and Icabod for various reasons.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many instances, including Leslie losing his own company for embezzlement to fuel his cocaine addiction, drinking of various forms of alcoholic beverages and cigarette smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This show is mostly meant to be comical but it is intended for adults and the murder scenes and profanity might upset younger viewers.
  • There is some political content focused around a spy trying to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. This might upset or bother some viewers.
  • Throughout the show, John displays signs of a near mental illness and shows little remorse for his harm toward innocent people, but this later catches up with him when he befriends his colleagues from the piping company. He tries to hide his secret work from them so he doesn't have to hurt them should they get involved, especially Lacroix, Icabod and even Leslie, but when Steven and Icabod start suspecting him of having lied about who he is, he finds it increasingly difficult not to plan to be rid of them. His actions start getting more irresponsible and dangerous, to the point where he even shoots Leslie in the face.

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