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21 Sep. 2013
Seafood Medley
Chef Jeff ventures into the alligator infested bayou to catch fresh black drum for his healthy seafood supper. He takes his catch to the kitchen to scale down and poach the fish with his young sous-chef Garrett.
28 Sep. 2013
Crab Cakes and Succotash
Chef Jeff journeys to Lake Pontchartrain to catch fresh blue crabs for a healthy crab cake feast. His young friends, Sean and Mack, join him in the kitchen to cook the crabs with a side of California style succotash.
5 Oct. 2013
Beef, Shrimp, and Veggie Barbeque
Chef Jeff goes to the dock to pick up fresh gulf jumbo shrimp for his outdoor barbeque extravaganza with young chef Payton. Together they fire up a platter of grilled shrimp, smoked salmon, grass-fed beef, and fresh asparagus.
12 Oct. 2013
Super Supper
Chef Jeff pulls out all the stops and combines an amazing assortment of "Super Foods" as the ingredients for this healthy meal. The main course is a roasted free range turkey breast with a medley of the best sautéed kale you've ever tasted.
19 Oct. 2013
Farm Style Brunch
Chef Jeff takes a trip to the free-range farm to select some freshly laid eggs for his healthy breakfast menu. Garrett, the local farmer, shows us why heritage pork is so healthy.
26 Oct. 2013
Super Sandwiches
From a trip to an organic herb garden to a visit to an artisan bakery, Chef Jeff leaves no stone unturned finding the best ingredients for his super sandwiches. He'll show us the secrets to growing great tasting herbs.
2 Nov. 2013
Meatless Bolognese
Chef Jeff takes us shopping with his friend Bliss to cook up an organic, meatless, pasta supper. We learn why tomatoes are important in our daily diet. Then, Chef Jeff and Bliss whip up a super nutritious salad with homemade dressing.
9 Nov. 2013
Perfect Pork Chops
If you're ready to experience the best tasting pork chop that ever came out of a kitchen, then this is the show for you. It starts on the farm where Chef Jeff discovers the difference that heritage bred, pasture raised pork has to offer.
16 Nov. 2013
Healthy Fried Chicken
Chef Jeff and the former Miss Texas meet a group of 4H kids who explain the benefits of free range chickens. Then it's into the Family Style kitchen for a comfort food supper with a healthy fried chicken recipe.
23 Nov. 2013
The Soup, Sandwich and Dessert Challenge
Chef Jeff spends a day at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts where he meets the students in the culinary arts classes. Chef Jeff leads the students in a competition to see who can cook up the best soup and grilled cheese sandwich.
25 Jan. 2014
The Burger Show
Chef Jeff takes burgers to an all new level. He is joined by his young sous chef Austin and together they turn the humble hamburger into a healthy taste experience you won't want to miss.
1 Feb. 2014
Turkey Meatloaf
It's time to turn everyone's favorite food, meatloaf, into a tasty kitchen creation that's loaded with nutrition. Chef Jeff and his young friend Chayil make an unforgettable turkey meatloaf dinner that's truly mouth watering.
8 Feb. 2014
Oven Fried Chicken
For all those fried chicken fans, get ready for a new recipe that's low in calories and high in flavor. It's Chef Jeff's very special oven-fried chicken creation.
15 Feb. 2014
Crawfish Gumbo
Chef Jeff goes crawfishing with his sous-chefs, Robin and Jeremy, to catch the star ingredient for a special homemade seafood gumbo. Along the way they learn the special health benefits of crawfish.
22 Feb. 2014
It's all about Duck on Family Style. Chef Jeff shows us the healthiest farm fresh duck recipe you'll ever experience.
14 Apr. 2014
Gator Nuggets
Chef Jeff ventures to an alligator farm to find alligator nuggets for an incredible Po-Boy sandwich. When he gets back to the Family Style kitchen he's joined by his sous-chef Calli and they prepare a New Orleans style Po-Boy.
21 Apr. 2013
Curry Chicken
Chef Jeff visits "Farmhouse Diary" to find fresh goat milk for his roasted curry chicken recipe. When he gets back to the Family Style kitchen he's joined by sous-chef, Tia.
28 Apr. 2014
Skirt Steak
Chef Jeff visits the "Edible Garden" to harvest vegetables for a special steak dinner. When he returns to the kitchen he is joined by his sous-chef, Nicholas. Together they make a healthy pan-grilled skirt steak with roasted acorn squash.
10 May 2014
Short Ribs
Chef Jeff makes a trip to "Grow Dat Farm" in New Orleans to harvest delicious field greens. Then he joins Olivia at the market to pick out healthy grass fed beef short ribs for the main course.
17 May 2014
Italian Feast
Chef Joins invites Chef Sal Marino to help him recreate an amazing Italian feast featuring the classic dish, Osso Buco. To add to this mouth-watering meal they create stuffed zucchini blossoms, and two different versions of polenta.

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