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Sex & Nudity

  • As with every modern cartoon, there is some hidden adult jokes and occasional innuendos, but nothing too bad.
  • Occasionally characters can be seen in swimsuits, but always in a non-sexual context. Additionally, some male characters can occasionally be seen shirtless or in their underwear, again in a non-sexual context.
  • Romance is featured throughout the series. Some of the characters have crushes or boyfriends/girlfriends. Flirting, hand holding, hugging, and kissing on the lips and cheek are shown. But nothing sexual.
  • Some mature jokes and several innuendos are told throughout the series.
  • It is revealed that Luna is actually bisexual.
  • In the episode "Stall Monitor" a goat gives birth to 2 goat babies but its only heard and not showed
  • Clyde (who is 11) has a big, hopeless crush on Lincoln's oldest sister Lori (who is 17). This gag had ended during the third season.
  • In the episode "Study Muffin" the girls talked about and showed pictures of what their babies would be like if they had them with Hugh.
  • In the episode "Homespun" Lucy talks about how she thinks that she's cheating on her favorite story character when she starts to read another book with a character she likes.
  • In some episodes, Lily intends to take off her diaper and her bare buttocks are shown but no genitelia is shown.
  • In the episode "Get the Message" Lincoln twerks but not in a sexual manner.

Violence & Gore

  • Physical fights often break out on the show but are done in a cartoony cloud of dust with arms, legs or items flailing out. There are no lasting injuries or graphic violence.
  • Lynn would often use Lincoln as a training dummy and would bully him with volence.
  • When Lincoln's friend Clyde is near his crush Lori he usually gets a bloody nose, acts like a robot, and faints. This is meant to be comedic. This gag had ended during season 3.
  • Mild cartoony organs can be seen on horror movie posters in the background at the movie theater in the episode " the price of admission" but they are extremely hard to see and don't look realistic at all.


  • In one episode, Lynn says "yippie ki yay, market shoppers!", a reference to a vulgar quote from Die Hard.
  • In "Breaking Dad", Lynn Sr says "bell no!", which some people have misheard as "hell no!".
  • Name calling such as: stupid, idiot, dumb, loser, jerk etc. is present throughout the series.
  • Some instances of dang, heck, and darn.
  • There are some references to swearing, such as when Luna says, "I've been writing a song about our family on the highway to hello!"
  • One episode revolves around the baby, Lily sounding like she said "dammit" when imatating her older siblings. (When the older kids say it it's censored.) At the end of the episode it's revealed that Lily was actually trying to say "doughnut" but most audiences will still hear it as "dammit".
  • Stupid, idiot, dumb, shut up, suckers and other verbal insults are used.
  • In Get the Message, Lincoln and Lori swears a lot but at least it's censored.
  • Lincoln swears a bit in one episode but it is censored through sound effects. (This is done in the same vein as the SpongeBob episode, "Sailor Mouth".)
  • Some uses of "holy shamoley" in some episodes (such as "a tattler's tale" when you think Lincoln is going to say "sh-t" when it actually switches to Luan saying "shamoley".
  • One use of "Cut the crud" in the episode "The Price of Admission", in the episode "Net Gains", Lynn tells her team she "treated them like crud".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In the episode "Snoop's On", some people are seen drinking.
  • In the episode "The Waiting Game" some characters mention the word rootbeer. In the Hebrew dub of "The Waiting Game", if anyone says rootbeer, it is censored to soda or soda cups.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Any violence is cartoonish in nature with no lasting injuries. And no matter the conflict, everything is always fine in the end. Most kids ages 5+ should be able to handle it.
  • Some fighting in the nature of sibling rivalry.
  • Lucy is a goth girl who often conducts séances and talks to the dead. Lucy also can frequently be seen using tarot cards and a Ouija board. This is done comically.
  • Recomended MPAA rating, rated TV-PG for some rude humor, violence and frightening imagery.
  • The episodes "Left in the Dark" and "The Price of Admission" may be scary for kids under 5 because Lincoln hears wierd sounds in the basement and it is dark which may frighten very young viewers who are afraid of scary sounds and the dark.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • In the episode "Suite and Sour", at the end of the episode it is shown that the real reason they were kicked out of the hotel was because the parents went skinny dipping in the pool, as the security camera showed them throwing away their clothes, but the parents off-screen. Lynn Sr. even said that they will tell their kids the real reason when they grow older.


  • In "Potty Mouth", Lilly (the baby) is caught saying a muffled version of damn it (although later revealed she is saying donut) The rest of the loud family (in a flashback sequence) are swearing but of course bleeped out. Lilly finally does swears at the end if the episode but once again bleeped out

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