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Sex & Nudity

  • The show centers on a 20-something woman, raised in a conservative religious household, who decides to learn about sex and end her virginity. Every episode deals in a light, often comedic way with sexual matters ranging from various forms of sex (non-penetrative, oral, vaginal, and anal) to sexual positions, satisfaction, pornography, fetishes, birth control, three-ways, and partner swapping. Fidelity in and out of marriage is touched on. A gay man's fear of acknowledging his orientation plays a significant role in one plot line. A pregnant woman does not know which of many men is the father.
  • In most episodes there is no nudity. In a few episodes, rear views of a female butt in a thong are shown, plus women in bras. Various sexual activities are shown in several episodes, often depicted as awkward. Kissing is shown, and touching over clothes, for example, a woman in shorts or panties sitting on a man's face.
  • One episode features a swingers' party, and there are extended views of several women's breasts and men's butts, and very brief full frontal views of both genders. One nude woman is seen sitting astride a reclining nude man.
  • Sexual conversation is frequent throughout the series. It's often explicit, and it's mostly casually vulgar rather than clinical.
  • In the first episode a woman can be seen dreaming of having sex with the rapper Jay Z and is talking in her sleep, played for comedic effect
  • A bunch of realistic dildos are seen

Violence & Gore


  • Other than sexual words, there's only occasional profanity in most episodes.
  • In one episode Tracey swears at a little kid in a kids play area because he is laughing at her, she says "Eat your f*cking nuggets" this is shocking but done in a comical way

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alcohol and tobacco are used occasionally but not incessantly. Harder drugs are used in a couple of episodes, and are shown leading to erratic or rude behavior and to forgetting what happened.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There's nothing very frightening. A couple of scenes where family members argue get intense.

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