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Classic Orphan Black. Warning: Spoilers
Strangely enough, this episode felt like it was the season premiere. The last episode felt like more of a prologue to the season than an actual start to it. The episode hits the ground running, with Sarah and Kira being flushed out of Iceland. The way it is shot with Kira looking out the window at something while the others talk in the background builds the tension masterfully. This ends with the trailer shot of the burning sock puppet.

After the tense start and opening credits, we are brought back into the world of the show and treated to some comedy in the form of a little montage that checks in with all the characters.

Sarah and Art investigate what was going on with Beth in her final days. As they do, we also get more flashbacks to it. They find the surveillance equipment she got her hands on last episode, and it shows them a couple of very peculiar things that I am anxious to learn more about. One of these things sends Sarah and Felix to the Neolution bar to investigate. This leads Sarah down the rabbit hole into a meeting with MK. I found her more interesting this episode than I did last episode.

Suddenly, action happens! This ends up revealing something chilling. The problem with Orphan Black now is that the plot has become such a complicated maze of twists that when a new one is revealed that has supposedly been the case the whole time, you wonder how it never came to light before. Like Neolution at the end of last season; because of that, they had to spend an episode in flashback just to give you a bit of an idea what they've been up to this whole time. But this twist is especially bad plausibility wise. I don't see how Cosima hasn't discovered this with all of her examinations of the clones, especially since you can SEE IT WITH NOTHING BUT A FLASHLIGHT. To be fair, I can't actually think of a specific example of a time when it should have been discovered, but I do still feel like I have to actively suspend mt disbelief. However, I can do that. Especially since this was revealed in such a cool way.

In other news, Kendall Malone makes a worrying revelation, Felix has an identity crisis, and Donnie and Helena get an ultrasound in a hilariously uncomfortable scene.

I did like the last episode, but I liked this one more. It gets the story started and makes me excited for the rest of the season.
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A stunning second episode
DVD_Connoisseur3 February 2019
"Transgressive Border Crossing" brings us back to the present day. There's a whole new energy to this season of the show and it's a genuine delight to see the gang back together.

This fourth season is gripping; it's difficult to predict the direction it will go in.

10 out of 10.
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