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Good ideas , generic execution
geeklegionofdoom15 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In the days where modern superhero movies dominate the box office. The trailer for this movie teases a self referential masked vigilante flick. A struggling film maker wants to get financing for a superhero movie , so finds a woman who can really do martial arts to get her to go fight crime for real and film it to drum up interest via viral videos to secure financing for a film, and in the meantime they end up taking on more serious criminals . That concept is fantastic, coupled with a very likable lead actress and some inventive fight scenes. Sounds like a winner. It could have been , however that initial concept is introduced but soon forgotten for more altruistic and generic hero motivations . After that it just goes into standard low budget superhero action flick with an air for camp . Think Kick Ass turning into Black Scorpion or Batman Forever. The bad guy is just silly, and is super obvious who he really is ( Hmm what character has been introduced and done nothing with ??) The climax confusingly removes Valentine from the equation , and actually means the character has had little impact on the conclusion of the plot . The bad guys motivations are contrived, and when it's revealed i couldn't help but think what were the Shadow's henchwomen getting out of all of this ? Whilst the stunt work is good, the editing and camera work that films it are not leading to choppy action sequences . The acting with the exception of our lead actress & one police officer is ott and campy . There still is stuff to enjoy with this, it is fun, fast paced lots of action. It just could have been more, but didn't take any risks . It teased being self referential , clever and commenting on the superhero genre, but never pulled the trigger on those ideas , favoring tried and tested genre tropes
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Budget movie entertainment
alfredtimothy17 May 2019
On a budget but still entertaining with good effort by the whole cast
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Did enjoy it though....
leong_tommy18 May 2019
Very cutely done but not perfect. Dubbed into English which I think was a plus here. Valentine herself did a great job in her moves. All in all I did find it entertaining. Worth to see if you do not expect anything.
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Watched on a whim
jrrow-5648818 May 2019
Really good, I thought it was going to be bad, but to my surprise it was really good watch. I watched the English dubbed version. The character valentine was on point and her martial arts skills were also really good. I love to see movies like this I feel this could pickup where kickass left off and give us more.
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Marital Arts Epic
zardoz-1322 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Co-directors Ubay Fox & Agus Pestol have done an admirable job of imitating Disney/Marvel superhero escapades with their Indonesian costume crimefighter actioneer "Valentine," about a chick whose audition for a reality superhero television show is going out and thwarting crime. Laughable though it looks with goofy dubbing, this brisk, 97-minute thriller contains stinger scenes during the end credits. Estelle Linden stars as Sri the eponymous heroine who dresses like the female counterpart to Lee Falk's "The Phantom" in her egg-plant purple outfit. The low-budget nonsense turns out to be a lot of fun. A waitress signs up to play the lead in a superhero movie. An American, Bono (Matthew Settle of "U-571"), hires her, and she dresses up like a royal nun. No, she doesn't tote a pistol. Instead, she relies on the martial art known as Silat. She has been practicing it all her life with his brother, Umbra (Ahmad Affandy of "Sundul Gan: The Story of Kaskus"), and her father. Meanwhile, a Darth Vader sounding villain who calls himself Shadow (Yes, he's dressed from head to toe in black like a S.W.A.T. sniper.) starts a war with the police of Batavia City. It seems that Umbra's father, a high-ranking official in the Batavia Police Department, committed suicide, and neither Sri nor Umbra have fond memories of him. The father raised them to be workers, and Sri turns down a chance to attend college to work. Shadow makes a terrific villain, and he thinks very highly of himself. Flanking him on each side are three martial arts babes who look like clowns. The cinematography is as good as is the close-quarters combat sequences. Although it promises to be light-hearted, fast-paced, and derivative, "Valentine" springs a couple of serious surprises on both its characters as well as the audience. You don't have to wait until February to enjoy "Valentine" with its acrobatic counterpart.
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i demand a sequel
ops-5253514 May 2019
Ths is an indonesian take on the ''homebrewed'' superhero -genre, like batman and kickass consepts, but with a more modest financial budget.

the film is pretty good, it has just a little bit of vfx and cgi, so the majority of the act are real, and merely well coreographed action, and fights on bare hands alla muytai style. the actors are doing a good job, and makes this movie a better story than the script would have done ,without. the screenplay cant be more than 4 A4 sized pages, so its easy to phatom the point of the story.

if you are a superfanatic on the genre, dont bother watch this, for the rest of us curious gangsters of the sofaseat, can have a view, because the grumpy old man found this refreshing and well acted.
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Totally Fun
salimbazhaar26 June 2019
It's not "Gone With the Wind" or "Casablanca"; but it's totally fun. Estelle Linden is well practiced in martial arts; and painfully cute. Luv this little gem of a flick. 10/10.
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Jump like Batman.
nogodnomasters23 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A film producer in the corrupt Indonesian city of Batavia wants to make a film about Valentine, an avenger. While in a coffee shop he notices a waitress kick butt and hires her for the job. She is well versed in martial arts (Silat). At the same time, a masked man "The Shadow" has taken over the city at first as a vigilante and later as a criminal. Since the filmmaker doesn't have a backer, he decides to film the avenger fight real crime in hopes of getting a financial backer. Our waitress fights common criminals, eventually getting a purple costume and building perch reminiscent of The Phantom. She has no superpowers and is unconvincingly overpowering multiple skilled fighters.

It appears some of the production is in English and at other times dubbed. Sets up for a series. I liked the bad girl eye make-up. Again we have women that can take more punches to the face than Joe Lewis. Oh yeah, there's a twist.

Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.
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Wanted to be something it wasn't
TheTopDawgCritic19 May 2019
This Indonesian film was their attempt at a superhero film, and although it had some good qualities, it wasn't even close to achieving its goal.

It felt like a teeny-bopper film with over-the top acting on the 'fashion' dude, and stale performances that struggled to convince. Add ridiculous long fight scenes poorly choreographed and a silly story to match. The directing and cinematography were decent - for a B grade film, but the writing/screenplay was terrible with cliches, plot issues and dragged out scenes.

By the quarter way mark, I had to fast forward scenes as I was getting bored, then midpoint into the movie I just gave up.

It's a very generous 5/10 from me, only taking into account it's a no-name actors Indo B-grade film that had some decent qualities.
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Hotepsekhemwy11 August 2019
Everyone dreams of having some super talent or skill that will make them a hero. I have seen a few Asian movies but this movie was interesting because the special effects was not all that great but better than average. The police has guns but knowone got shot or shot at, humm The fighting scenes was pretty good. If you just want to watch a decent female superhero movie this is ok.
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Mediocre & unbelievable super hero film
Snootz22 May 2019
As comic book films go, this was "okay", but not impressive. So-so super hero flick about a female Batman-type vigilante. Good story but unbelievable because virtually no weapons were used by criminals-- all marial arts fight scenes. Valentine's costume looked like something out of amateur cosplay. She goes into heavy physical battle with virtually no body armor to speak of... and not a scratch during the entire film.

The storyline is cliche but decent and the characters aren't bad. But that costume along with the "I just love martial arts!" fight scenes made this a wiener of a film. That, followed by two incomprehensible "credit flicks" made this a somewhat underwhelming effort. Better than Batman & Robin, and there have been worse superhero films, but this could have used better costuming, better choreography, and a whole lot more "What does she do if someone pulls out a shotgun or a sword?" Seriously, the loon didn't even carry a taser. That's just goofy, unrealistic writing.

And while I did like the main actress... about 30 to 40 more pounds of muscle would have made her character more believable. Why do they always portray female "fighter type" super heroes like frail supermodels? C'mon industry, get some wits.
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yep, generic n acted so so
surfisfun17 May 2019
Do not watch English Subbed as I did. police don't use their gun n marrons. after a short while I give up and FF to the end. may be better in Indonesian language. check geek below for a good review.
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Nice try
gtenalokes25 May 2019
So many things wrong with this movie and the budget is not one of them...
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Amateur, child play hero film.
silvermistvio2 August 2019
Valentine is an amateur hero film. So-called hero film because she doesn't have any kind of superpower. All she can do is fight. So, it can't be said superhero film. It can only be said a hero film. But the presentation style and screenplay is kind of amateur. But I must admit that it's not less serious like Shazam. So, at least, it's still okay.

The film seems to be inspired by Superman, Spiderman, that kind of superheroes. But too bad that Valentine doesn't have any superpowers. So, I'd say it's kind of boring because superhero stuffs are better than normal hero's. That being said, fighting choreographies are quite good. So, as for action film, it's very fine.

I kind of like those films where the main character is responsible for catching bad guys in every way possible. But in this film, Valentine seemed to be kind of weak and she sat the last one out. So, I think they need to improve this in some way.

What I watched is English dubbed version, so, I don't know what the original one looks like. But the English dubbed version is the worst. The voice artists are terrible. It seemed to me that like, they don't even know how to act, especially, the one who voice acted as Valentine. The way she speaks is so annoying. Most of English dubbed films are terrible. That's why I don't like to watch English dubbed versions. 😒

All in all, this film is just a fine hero film. But as for action, it's not so bad. Although dialogues are a bit weird, but it's still doing good. If they improve this film somehow, it'd be better than this.
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rehmankhilji1 June 2019
Yes the movie is boring, not boring in the concept or the plot but boring in the making and twist in the end, the suspense they kept till the end was quiet stupid for such action movie. But Estelle Linden is a very good surprise, she seems to be a good actor and any notice from Hollywood and she is definitely on the role. As for the movie, badly directed, average action, Estelle Linden good, costumes too much copied, Estelle Linden costume inspired from Lara Croft.
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