The Hurricane Heist (2018) Poster

Toby Kebbell: Will



  • Casey : I'm out of bullets!

    Will : Well how'd that happen?

    Casey : I shot them all!

  • Breeze : We did it!

    Will : We're on the top of a truck, we haven't done shit.

  • Will : [Breeze unveils a hidden stash of guns]  What in the hell?

    Breeze : Well, I *am* a citizen of Alabama!

  • Casey : As long as I have the code, they don't have the money. As long as they don't have the money, the hostages live. If they get it, they will kill all the witnesses.

    Will : [retreiving her gun and a crowbar from the Dominator]  Follow me.

    Casey : What... what?

    Will : Come on!

    Casey : I'm following a damn weatherman.

    Will : You'll learn to love it.

  • Casey : We should take the fight to them.

    Will : How do you mean?

    Casey : Car bomb. We detonate it at a safe distance, but... car bomb. We just need ammonia, fertilizer, diesel, things we can get at a garden supply store.

    Will : How the hell do you know that?

    Casey : When you're a fed, they teach you this shit. Timothy McVeigh took out the federal building with that.

  • Breeze : They sure as shit got the money. And they sure as shit got her, too. Let me ask you a question, Willie. We could just let the whole pack of 'em go, money and all.

    Will : What'd they teach you in the army? Leave no man behind. You forget that?

    Breeze : I was just testing. Nice to see you grow a pair since this morning.

  • Will : Breeze, you in one piece?

    Breeze : I'm still breathing. I thought you left.

    Will : Nah, I got to missing you too much.

    Breeze : I know, Willie. Listen, brother, save yourself, man. They're gonna kill me anyway.

    Will : Just be cool. All right? Everything's gonna be okay. You'll see. I love you.

    Perkins : I love you, too. In fact, everybody loves everybody around here. Now, where are you?

    Casey : We're at the mall.

    Perkins : Which mall?

    Casey : There's only mall in Gulfport. Figure it out.

  • Casey : One of you Breeze Rutledge?

    Breeze : Yeah, who's asking?

    Casey : Casey Corbyn, Treasury. Our generator's down. I understand you're responsible for repairs?

    Breeze : Yeah. I'll go get my tools.

    Will : Breeze, what about the boards?

    Breeze : My government needs me, Will. You've done this before.

  • Breeze : What you doing here, Willie?

    Will : There's a hurricane coming, and it's gonna be a mother.

    Breeze : [offering a bottle of booze]  Some breakfast?

    [Will finds a pair of women's underwear in the bathroom] 

    Breeze : Yeah. They're not mine.

  • Will : We're about to get crushed by the biggest storm of the century!

  • Will : Red sky at night...

    Casey : They teach you that in PhD school?

    Will : Yes ma'am.

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