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Uplifting show, great outcomes and likable characters
jen_marien20 January 2017
The negative reviews here are a bit over the top....those people are more bragging about their infinite medical knowledge than critiquing a TV SHOW. Everyone knows in CSI and Medical shows, one can't actually expect all details to be 100% accurate or each series would be 1,000 hours long.

I like this show! I watch TV for entertainment, to be moved, good writing and characters I can relate to. My sister turned me on to Pure Genius and so far I'm loving it and so bummed it's not being renewed for a 2nd season!

The story lines are so touching, the whole staff isn't boinking each other like Grey's Anatomy and the actors seem to really fit well together. It blends new medicine with technology in a simple manner - it's obvious it's purely entertainment but each show leaves you hoping that maaaaaybe these medical miracles could happen? I like shows that make me say "wow" or "god damn it" at the end, this one does it. :)
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Give it more time please!
cynthiasonoranparadise6 January 2017
I love this show. Especially the longer I watch it. The first few shows were slow but it is gaining in momentum. The character of James Bell shows more interest and depth than Steve Jobs who was essentially an ass while being brilliant; but we can't say that now because he's dead. Some shows need time. I love the Big Bang Theory and all the characters but it's predictable and has no where else to go. If you suffer (and yes I mean suffer) from being a genius, it isn't always interesting but the story telling can be! Not everyone can live, but what we learn along the way becomes an important part of the process...give that subject matter more writing. I hope you're listening! This show and these characters need a shot.
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Inspiring and uplifting and definitely worth watching
cloverwhitte19 January 2017
This is my first review ever and I've seen a lot of movies and TV series. I just think this one is so under-appreciated that I just had to say how it makes me feel. I love watching it. I'm not a fan of medical TV shows, but I really looking forward each week to see a new episode. All the main characters are such good people and it's so nice to see such people on TV.It's like they have no ego. After watching an episode I feel uplifted and inspired and hopeful about the future. I don't know any other TV show that could do the same. This is the first TV show that I actually watched over again. I'm deeply saddened that CBS has opted not to order additional episodes.
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Love this feel good show about a hospital going above and beyond
tmirka-1982415 January 2017
I love this show! This is by far my new favorite show of the season! Love all of the mix of medical and technology to help patients! I love the cast! Love how the doctors get together to brainstorm ideas! One can only hope that someday hospitals can be like this in the future. I like the little romance/jealousy situations between James and Zoe and Malik. But absolutely love how all of the doctors and staff go above and beyond to find solutions for all of their cases. I am not normally a big hospital or emergency room show watcher, but I really enjoy watching this show every week. Started my teen kids watching it and they really enjoy it too. Our family cannot wait each week to see the next episode! I heard a rumor that they are not going to renew this show but I really hope that this is only a rumor and not fact because it is a great drama series and a show that leaves you feeling good when you are done watching each show.
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Stick with it
paulcurtis_20056 March 2017
This TV series is great. It starts slow, but once you have watched a few episodes you just want more. A billionaire pulls out all the stops to make the hospital as high tech as possible, eccentric, yes, entertaining, you bet. It reminds me of house, and I hope and pray that they don't do a 'lie to me' on us and stop producing a great TV series. One of those you have to watch
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It's about hope and enthusiasm
austinwidget2 December 2016
I do wish they'd reshuffle the reviews occasionally, as that first one is really a downer! I don't really care abut a review from a "professional" medical point of view, because this is pretty far into fantasy land and everyone would know that. So yes, maybe it's far "out there" with pure science, but no more than lots of very successful shows and movies. I absolutely love it and I always feel good watching it. It's about hope. It's about believing beyond what ever seems possible. If that's just corny .. I'm corny and I am happy to find somebody feeding us corny ones.

Yes, Mr. Silicon Valley Billionaire can be obnoxious, but he seems very real to me (I'm quite familiar with the breed). He's ridiculously hopeful and forward thinking and that's where science needs to go. I am delighted with his little boy genius character and hope they never change it. People in life are often annoying and wonderful at the same time.

I hope it goes on and on. We need to give shows a chance to gel and the personalities to become meaningful and interconnected. Very few are AMAZING from start to finish. And I promise I won't watch it for medical diagnosis on myself. It just makes me feel good.
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Pure nonsense
Dr_Sagan28 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
As an actual M.D. for 3 decades I'm always very skeptical about any "medical" drama on TV.

I remember an old TV show (Quincy M.E.) where the "doctor" or "medical examiner" was explaining something to his colleague in a Chest X-ray that it was positioned ...upside-down and ...inside-out and I was furious. My old professor of radiology would kick out of his class any student that would do such a thing.

I also remember a French movie with Alain Delon called L'Homme pressé (1977) where Delon's character had cardiac problems and the nurse put the V1 to V6 electrodes in his chest in their correct positions and for the first time I was somehow pleased.

Since then the producers were more careful and they ask (maybe even hire) medical advisers, so their show would have (some) credibility.

The first TV medical drama that looked, in some of its episodes, more realistic for me was E.R.. The late Michael Crichton was an actual MD and his influence was apparent.

Initially I didn't like "House MD" because, despite the fact that a lot of information "sounded" accurate, it was obvious for me that these guys weren't doctors. The way they were "delivering" the facts and their thinking. Anyway with a lot of suspension of disbelief and focusing on entertainment at some point started to watch House until its final episode.

Now! After a (very) long prologue we reached ...pure genius. A 2016's TV series with many similarities with House MD, including ...Odette Annable as a doctor.

What is this about? A silicon valley billionaire decided to build and run a hospital which, like House MD, will accept patients with serious and rare conditions (for free as far as I know).

Well, nothing wrong with that, but here where the pseudo-science and the mambo-jumbo begins. The "medical" technology of this show is Star-Trek ridiculous, like ...A mother communicates with her ...comatose teenager daughter with the help of ...brain helmets to get her out of the coma.

As a show "Pure genius" is not entertaining at all. This isn't House and none of these characters (and they are many) are interesting. And ...who..is the pure genius? Are they talking about the tech billionaire who doesn't know jack-sht about medicine, not to mention how to talk and behave in front of the patients and their families? Or maybe the maverick surgeon played by Dermot Mulroney? Or the protégé with the remote sensors who couldn't understand that the kid who he was monitoring put the sensor in the...dog?

In addition the show relies to much on cheap drama. A lot of "save my daughter" and "save my baby" etc. are making obvious that the producers will place their bets on easy emotions, and easy victories.

The look of the show is OK, minus a lot of ...lens flares and light spills that reminded me of another "medical" drama canceled in its first season "Proof", maybe even some of ...J.J. Abrams's movies.

Overall: Medical inaccuracies and ludicrous technology is not the only problem of this. Someone could argue that this is a "hidden" or "future" technology, but believe you me, as an actual MD I assure you it isn't. It basically relies on cheap medical drama where after the cries and pain, salvation will come and then the hugs and the high-fives. The show is to hasty to let you actually care about any of the patients and the doctors and the staff aren't interesting to watch either.

UPDATE: Despite many 8 to 10 stars reviews that followed mine, the show is canceled. In a way I think I killed it single-handed! It most certainly deserved its fate.
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sgoatson27 February 2017
Wish this was real life! The characters are very likable and they act like a family. Very futuristic hospital,looks comfortable and calming for the patient, why can't real hospitals be like this? James Bell is so clever and yet comes across with child like innocents.This show is brilliant and can't wait for second season.
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Best of the best
shortesunshine27 January 2017
Best new show of all. Loved every episode and always looked forward to the next. Entire family watched this season and it only proceeded to get better with each and every new week. The characters performed in a way leaving you feeling the connections they have with each other as a medical family as well as their own personal life issues each and every one of them attempt to deal with along the way. The storyline and believable solutions as medical technologies progress in real life were very relatable to human medical issues we all face in the real world. Sad to see it come to a finale. So hoping it will renew again for many more upcoming seasons.
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Loving this program.
barbbarck5 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I love this show. Being older I have seen the medical field do things far and beyond our imagination. Now we can watch and hope for further advancement in the medial future. The actors are great and play the part very well. One could wish doctors would care for their patients like that. I have been a blacklist fan for four years but this medical show, on at the same time, changed that. I believe if you would let these programs run a little longer so people can get into it and know the characters better they would get hooked. If you take it off CBS then make it for Netflicksi.. I would watch it over and over. The two main doctors have such a real feel as how real doctors are. But playing genius type makes their personalities work. Plus each story line is very different which doesn't get boring either.
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I Love Pure Genius
zombparadox15 February 2017
In this day of doom and gloom, cop shows, court shows, and all kinds of shows with death and the darker side of life, I rejoice in a happy show like this! I miss my Sunday night Disney show with the whole family watching. This show fits that slot. It has positive people, doing the right thing, shares real problems people face, and you can really feel for the characters in the show. This is the kind of show I enjoy most. I would love to see it renewed for many seasons to come.
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Review of unbelievably fantastic series-- Pure Genius-- and its first 4 episodes.
antestj25 November 2016
Absolutely, without a doubt, have nothing but good things to say about the show airing on CBS, Pure Genius. The characters have excelled in their roles, beginning with Augustus Prew as the main character. His genius character attitude but also fatal awkwardness makes the show very interesting for the entire 60 minutes every time I watch it. This show has grown to be my favorite out of all the shows I watch across all networks, which is probably around 15-20 shows regularly. I have done nothing but introduce this show to everyone I could, and everyone I have introduced it to has had the same feeling as I do towards the show and its cast. I will watch this show religiously every time it airs, and will continue to out speak my feelings for the show. CBS has done extremely well with this one.
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Love the Show
dragonfly-8594710 November 2016
It might not be the most medically correct and it might not be the most original but I love watching it and I love seeing the relationships of the cast evolve as they work on things that we can only hope will eventually come true. I just really love the show. Sometimes I need something that is sweet, has caring, has people who want to help especially given that I am a disabled person. It is nice to see a group of people who care even if it is on a TV Show. I hope every one that sees this can see the hope in the show, the fact that the doctors care, the fact that maybe at some point some of what is shown might be real or something like it, might actually be real. That things that happen in the show might be something that really eventually happens.
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Not Worth Any More Time
tlehmann-114 November 2016
I like medical dramas that combine plausible medicine with some degree of verisimilitude. Pure Genius has neither! The title character, the genius billionaire is a foolish, preening, silly little man. The relationships are neither well-motivated nor interesting, and the plots are simplistic and silly. We actually watched three episodes, hoping that show might improve. Doesn't even compare favorably to other current medical dramas like Chicago Med and Code Black, let alone some of the greats of the past such as E.R. and St. Elsewhere. Won't miss this one a bit. The acting is slight, the technology too fantastic to imagine, even for someone who enjoys science fiction. Please cancel this as soon as possible and replace with a better show.
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Not long for this world
timothy_mcd10 November 2016
Everything about this show is complete nonsense from both the scientific point of view as well as the medical. The acting is horrible and goes from corny to over the top. In one episode they are "reprogramming" a persons brain by having a nurse holding a fiber optic cable about three inches above a clay model which they have on top of a guys head pretending to be the guys brain! They install a pacemaker in a guys hospital room without any surgical equipment or aid of any scanners, and do it in 15 seconds. Some of the effects are good but overall completely unbelievable. The actors seem like they are reading the instructions for each procedure and none of them is believable as a Doctor. The head guy comes across a a complete idiot who just wants to use his wiz bang tools and has no medical knowledge.
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Inspiring blend of Sci Fi Tech and Med Drama
donovanlittle-0174028 October 2016
As there is only the pilot episode it may be a little presumptive to say it's a hit, but it's a hit. lol. Watching the first episode was emotionally spirited with a helping of "could that be done?""why has no one done this for real". I am hoping the following episodes will convey the same amount of hope and possibility as well as bring in enough story lines to last a few seasons. In watching I thought, even though it is Scy Fy with the tech side, maybe this show will do for medicine what Star Trek done for personal communication and transportation in terms of setting the bar for what we want to truly achieve through science and technology.
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Episode one review
expiredexpiredminds29 October 2016
I read a review from a real doctor of this show who stated in his own opinion it was nonsense because it was perhaps unreal and more so with regards to the actual medical equipment used. I enjoyed the show based on removing such reality and looked upon the first episode based on human emotions, the passion, and the hope oozing from the doctors and specialists, the cry for a medical miracle to help those in need. If you stop to over analyze the actual components used in the show and the medical terms used and look at overall the quality of human kindness and of the actors each individual's medical role in creative thinking and diagnostic methods to find a cure for example, well I think the show will do well in the future.

Donovan, the reviewer above mentioned "look at what star trek did for communication", the folding mobile phone was an idea from the star treks portable communicator.

Episode One:There are thought reading helmets used today in the medical world which covers various conditions, who knows what next gen technology may bring in the future, as long as we have hope.

The show is all about human emotion and kindness.

After watching episode two, my rating has sky rocketed to 10/10 love it.
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not very good
welshNick29 October 2016
Medical drama with a difference. A tech billionaire from SIlicon Valley has decided to open a hospital which he funds exclusively out of his own pocket. He has assembled a bunch of Doctors and other medical staff who he regards as the best in whatever their individual fields might be.

So where does it all go wrong ? The first big problem is that the lead character is a totally obnoxious and unlikable character who sits in on all these medical meetings despite having no medical qualifications whatsoever.

It is trying to follow the same formula as House but the big difference in that was that although House was thoroughly unlikable he was very practical rather than this rather idealistic trash.

I really can't see how this is going to improve and any series which needs a serious overhaul after episode one is probably not going to survive for long. I am writing this review after one episode so it may improve but at the moment .... NO.
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Best new series
nonnijean19 November 2016
It is so good so watch a new series that is so uplifting. Every episode ends on an uplifting note. The characters are all working as a team and supportive of one another. So far the series has not had any backroom sordid romances. Some of the episodes may seem to be sci-fi, but do did some of Dick Tracy's cartoons of years past. I like that love and healing for people is the main theme. It is so good to watch a series where there is no violence or backbiting. There has been no profanity or sex scenes. The two main characters seem to be genuinely interested in helping people and not at war with each other. I highly recommend this series as one for the whole family. This series is really cutting edge. I hope that this series will be around for a while.
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Pure Genius- The best new show
rifa-9498313 November 2016
Pure Genius - a brilliant, mind engaging show. The content of the Show is exactly matching its title, "Pure Genius" we are talking about young geniuses, unconventional, unpredictable, their ideas are mind blowing, and they are working. This is a glimpse into the future of our medicine.

We can witness a great work ethics and loving, supportive environment. My family and I have been watching it from the beginning and we are looking forward to it every week. I love this show. A show without stupidity and vulgarity. Thank you from those of us, who prefer mind-expanding situations, new ideas, unconventional, yet successful treatment protocol, combined with a very humane approach for every medical case presented in the show. It is exciting to see a young medical team of highly educated and innovative professionals.

We need more of these type of shows to broaden the awareness what is possible. I feel it is the best show in recent years.
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Probably the Worst New Show of the Year
Hitchcoc6 November 2016
Nothing but emotional drivel. A Silicon Valley guy decides to invest his money in a research facility. His ulterior motive is to cure a rare disease that will destroy his mind and kill him. He gets all these incredible researchers and has them cure diseases that have escaped the medical community for years. Meanwhile, there are all kinds of stupid relationships going on at the facility. The basic premise would be good if the result wasn't so bad. By the time the show gets over, most of the world's diseases will have been solved in a two to three week time. Ask any medical professional what he/she thinks of this show. I'm afraid that guy isn't going to find a cure for his disease since the show will probably be canceled after the first five or six episodes. It's just awful.
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One of the most refreshing new shows of the season
kimmerlie-768838 December 2016
When StarTrek was launched back in 1966, most citizens of the world had no clue that phones would one day be small enough - as well as being wireless - to fit in the ear. Yet, here we are today.

While those reviewers, with extensive medical training, want to poo poo PURE GENIUS as being unrealistic, I would like to remind them that heart transplants were mere fiction but 50 years ago.

As for the main character, James, it is a well known fact that the more brilliant a person is in one field, they tend to be "childish" in many other facets of social behavior, Albert Einstein comes to mind as an example. For an actor to portray a character with outside the norm social behavior, may present some definite challenges, some which might have included first hand observation of brilliantly challenged individuals. Having first hand observational experience with such individuals, I see mania, unmet expectations, outside the box thinking, challenges of the "norm", longing for a normal life, loneliness, almost crushing despair when those expectations are not met, stubborn determination to reform "traditional" thinking, and finally an almost god-like belief that they can change the circumstances to fit their expectations.

I firmly believe that the writing IS so well crafted, that those who deal with normal everyday, forget that, in order to affect change, normal has to be set aside. The Wright Brothers didn't accept that man COULD not fly.

Set aside the boxed in, run of the mill thinking, and take a trip into the vast, ever expanding realm of turning the improbable into an idea of change, for one hour. Embrace the idea that brilliance often comes with a price, that not all people are limited, blessedly normal. But in their chaos, they see something new and beautiful.
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Oh The Possibilities!!!!
jaysoncurry9312 November 2016
This show could end up being on of the greatest ever!!! So far, I have loved it. and it also has amazing potential as well. This show hit me right in the heart. My profession being in the tech world and my brother's profession in the medical world, this show hit home with me right away. While most of the outcomes of the first few episodes are relatively predictable, it didn't bother me because this show is about innovation, subtle character developments and lovable people. I honestly think this show has so much potential. Please watch it and post reviews.

The marketing needs to do something for this show. It has the huge possibility of being greatly profitable if the writers add a bit more drama and marketing put the show out there as one of their best new shows.
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Uplifting & show the possibilities of where technology may take us
HighlanderABC27 November 2016
Watched and really enjoyed it.

Read a few negative reviews from some other viewers, who mainly are not happy at all kinds of "unrealistic" technologies shown in the episodes. But I have to say - they are wrong, for they're either unaware of new frontiers in technology, or too narrow minded and lack of imagination. Somewhat like medieval priests screaming at anyone claiming that the Earth is not the centre of the universe.

Some of the viewers may have medical backgrounds, and are picky at whatever detailed procedure isn't like what it should be in their opinion. Well, first of all, this is not a medical education visual study. Plus, the current way may not be the best way or even the right way. Think about what medical doctors did in 19th century. I'm sure they got all kinds of "right procedures" in their handbooks. But now who cares what is the right way to put a leach on a fever patient?

Remember, this is a drama, not a documentary. And it's a good drama!
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Interesting look at medical practices
karinafstr11 November 2016
I like the show a lot. Has new technology never shown before in Doctor shows. My vote would go way down if main characters start hooking up. I see this happen in a lot of shows and the chase aspect is OK, but once they hook up it seems more of a soap opera type show.

You need to give your characters a life outside of work. Give them personal lives with people they don't work with. Pairing up people who do work together does happen in real life I get that. But I don't think it is as often as TV shows or movies portray it. I think that the approach to the analytic side of these procedures are interesting. I feel it should show more medical procedures as much as analytical side too.
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