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A great Modern Day B-Action Sci-Fi with an A-List Crew - Unrealistic, but intended to entertain the audience for those who enjoy straight up action
blaynebittner7 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am going to take an alternate approach to reviewing this show. First off, the 8/10 I gave it is personal opinion. I will start with the positives and negatives from the first episode. Then I will go into further detail. I will attempt to review it as close as I can without giving any spoilers. There are plenty of people who won't enjoy the show, but plenty who will.


There is no mumbling in the show. Plenty of excellent movies/TV have a lot of lines that cause us to have to rewind to make out what is said, even turn on and off the subtitles option and still often not know what is said. The audio quality of the special effects is strong as is, especially for those who like a smooth dubstep/techno track that isn't over-done. I tend to usually not like this genre, but it fits well for the show. As well as the audio special effects being extraordinary, the show is very easy to understand every line spoken. I believe this is most definitely well edited.

The show doesn't take itself too seriously. Its a good show for those who want a feel good entertaining movie. With a good plot despite being far-fetched, it keeps the audience engaged. It is quite violent, but doesn't drag out gore scenes. It keeps a B-Action intensity with A-list acting and directing. There are plenty of intellectual realistic shows/movies these days. Sometimes people who enjoy action just want a fun show to watch at the end of the day. I would suggest being in the right mood for it.

The visual special Effects are top notch. For a fast-paced nature, its easy to follow because of an excellent camera crew and clear-cut a-list acting. The casting crew definitely did an excellent job all around. This helps immerse the audience.

The show does show consequences and makes a few solid points. There are plenty of American Billionares who are gifted at creating technology for the use of war. Why don't they chose to help the problems already existing in USA and work to create a safer USA. This show is clearly a fantasy approach to proposing the idea of having someone actually attempt to do that.


For those who want a realistic police show, this isn't one of them. Some may get a little fed up with this modern-day sci-fi because of it being so over-the-top with violence. Yes, its unrealistic in that form. One of the points debated is the use of taser-guns over pistols. The truth is that this form of policing actually does work. 97.8% of Calgary's police force has never had to draw their weapons, which has proved successful. The show sometimes is unrealistic with cops being overly-violent. Those who want a police show based on reality will be disappointed. Thus, this is a show better watched if you want an entertaining show that is not to be taken too seriously. Just because something is shown on fiction, doesn't mean anyone should actually do it.

Though there are some good one liners, there isn't much of a break for the audience. Its action the entire way through with an entertaining plot, but there is no pauses where the show doesn't feel "not tense". The show has only aired one episode; I would suggest/hope for better comedic relief.


Those who enjoyed The Fast and Furious series, or The Chronicles of Riddick or iBoy or shows like it where it isn't realistic, but thoroughly entertaining will like it. Those expecting it to be bloody won't. Its more action than unnecessary gore. People expecting something like The Walking Dead or Hannibal as far as action goes will be quite disappointed. For me, I actually prefer shows that don't unnecessarily show gore/blood. I enjoy some shows that have it, but would prefer to do without.

Remember that we are watching an action-police show that is displaying good be-action fiction. When something is shown on TV, it isn't trying to tell us that we should go out and do it. The show can be quite therapeutic for those who just want good action. The show doesn't try to be more than a fantasy.

As far as the casting, its awesome to see Justin Kirk in a non-typecast role. The show brings in some lesser known actors/actresses who I would love to see more of. Natalie Martinez plays her role well. I have seen her in other shows, but haven't enjoyed her roles nearly as much as in this show. As far as the actors/actresses brought in who are brand new, the acting is great.

So for an entertaining buddy-cop action show on TV that is straight- forward fantasy action, this is top notch. Its unrealistically violent, but far from gross. Its not really any more violent than the Captain America movies or The Avengers. I'd say its worth a chance. I enjoyed the first episode start to finish.

Again, this review is intended to help you decide if the show is for you. Just don't walk into the show expecting it to be something its not.
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Drones. Is there anything they can't do?
belfastgooner4 April 2017
I have to admit, the premise of A.P.B. got me wet. I'm a tech and gadget freak, and I just love watching movies and TV shows which feature cutting edge technology. And I'm also a fan of Justin Kirk. Well I liked him in Weeds and Modern Family anyway. So tech+gadgets+Justin Kirk (should) = HIT. Right? The first episode showed a lot of promise, with drones (I own 2) featuring heavily in the plot. So we got a privatised police force, futuristic,souped up cars and motorbikes. New hi-tech weapons. And when an officer Murphy was introduced I just thought, "Robocop". But don't get me wrong, I love Robocop (the original). And that this looked like a series paying homage to it, I really enjoyed it. In fact, I would've given it an 8/10.

But since then, the show has continued to slip. Drones are featured heavily in EVERY episode. Its like, is there anything drones CAN'T do? Well not according to this there isn't. And therein lies the problem. Yes, the show does feature some great gadgetry and hi-tech. But its reliance on drones to save the day in each and every episode makes it look ridiculous at times.

Then there are the characters. The grizzled Captain who grudgingly accepts his precinct being taken over by a billionaire. The cops who accept almost without question, privatisation and who take to the new tech like ducks to water. And each and every one of them are straight as a die. No roughing up suspects. No shooting anyone with real guns and bullets (they just use stun guns for chrissakes!). They even hold pow-wows with local gang heads to try and sort out violence without violence. Oh, and take in teenage kids to live with them despite not even having known them for 5 minutes.

And central to it all is this genius billionaire. It is he who saves the day and brings the bad guys to justice every time. With drones. If I were a cop, I would be highly offended at this.

But did I mention the drones?
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Love it for other reasons
webduelist22 March 2017
I love this show, not because its good, has complex story lines and super realistic, cause its not. In fact I find it predictable some times, and cringe at others. But here is why I love this show, its SciFi, not Syfy, SciFi doesn't need to dark and gritty Battle Starish all the time. This show is just fun, similar to Star Trek TOS, and those shows are lost in this day in time.

Realistic or not, I like to see a show try and build a universe around tech that doesn't exist. The best way I can describe this show is Tony Stark Meets House, It has your typical problem of the week, you have your featured A story and B story, and then your over arcing story.

The A story typically has the Main Characters working on it coming up with solutions after having an Idea looking at something simple.

The B story is your side characters who solve a different issue but without the whole super genius ideas.

and the Arc story spans several episodes. They seem a bit timid to actually start any real long arcs, I'm guessing because they don't know how fan reaction would be or if it would be on TV for long.

Either way its good SciFi, and if Fox doesn't want it, I hope Netflix or Amazon look at picking it up.
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Love It!! Finally a different concept for a cop show ..
paradoxianrush14 February 2017
APB had me hooked by the end of the 2nd episode.. it has fast paced action..drama and suspense.. add to that the science and engineering facets .. great cast of seasoned actors...(not to mention the fact that it reminds us that law enforcement in the real world is poorly funded whilst those in power spend billions upon billions to wage wars in the middle east all based on lies and fund their salary increases) and you have a great all TV series!! There should be more shows like APB .. ACTUALLY ENTERTAINING AND THOUGHT PROVOKING.. instead of so many reality shows!!!

Well done all involved in creating this show!
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All points boredom.......
s327616928 March 2017
APB is yet another "by the numbers" show out of the US that fails to impress.

It would seem US networks have one track minds producing round after mind numbing round of dull as ditch dirt, cop shows. "Hey but what if we bolted a high tech concept on the end?" Well no, its still just a cops and robbers show with a little more eye candy. There are super duper sort of futuristic cars, motorbikes, drones, lets not forget the drones and uniforms, that look like seconds from the original Battlestar Galactica.

Add to this a cheesy billionaire type out to make the world a better place. When was the last time ultra rich people made the world better? Can someone remind me? Anyway, you get the idea.

Simply put this is boring, uninspiring, tedious, predictable nonsense that runs on exposition. Four out of ten from me.
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Interesting pilot, I hope they ease up on over-aggressive policing
danielkeough6 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The pilot was an interesting take on crime solving, sort of an Elon Musk approach, though it seems to skip a lot of logistics. How does this guy have authority to operate drones with cameras for policing and even ones with Tasers? Cops carrying Tasers in lieu of guns though is a very interesting approach. That said, however there were some very aggressive police actions--which a couple of the officers joke about later, hitting a suspect with the patrol car and cuffing them. Slamming the car door on a man's arm. What's with the officers driving like they are in a Fast and Furious film--all the burning rubber, the reckless driving? You can't catch the perp. if you crash before you get there. I would like to see more episodes, but will discontinue watching if this gets to be embracing and encouraging violence BY police. Police officers in many nations can take people into custody without severely injuring them or killing them, I wish that were the case in the US. We don't need t.v. shows making the problem worse.
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Great idea but taking a bad turn
nugebb6 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The first episode of this was so exciting for me. An 'Elon Musk like' character who decides to use his powerful ideas and technology to change policing seemed like a great way to showcase the best of both policing and science.

Sadly, after the first five or six episodes it has become a platform for The Fox Network to show how brutal police tactics are far better than genius or technology. SPOILER A good example of this is how his non- lethal weapons are discarded after the flimsiest reason possible. The writers didn't even try to explain why police prefer killing over disabling suspects. END SPOILER

I've kept watching because the acting is quite good even and because there are a few nuggets of joy among the rubble leftover from the car chases.
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Another glorification of weapons, private capital over public policies, and a video game approach to criminology (and it isn't even a good TV show!)
maria-ricci-19837 February 2017
In purely performative terms, this show does not bring anything new, innovative or memorable to the American police series landscape. I have found it elementary and ridiculously flat, lacking in good performances, skilled characterization, credible plot lines or intelligent script-writing, portraying one-dimensional roles who are meant to look smart but instead feel and act dumb.

However, the worst of all is the ideology the show perspires and the values it promotes, without any complexity or respect to the realities of crime and criminology in our world. In this regard, it is a very ignorant approach of the world it intends to recreate.

The whole thing is a glorification of mega-weapons, armaments industry, surveillance technologies and destructive power over citizens, on the premise that criminality will be solved by increasing the private corporate investment (and involvement) in drones, tasers, racing cars and Batman-like shields to police precincts, with the corresponding transference of control, championing a virtual "privatization" of urban law-enforcement forces.

The plot line infers that public policies and social approaches are useless, a waste of "citizen's money", and treats the problem of crime in terms of a video game match, where approaches and consequences are solved by increasing lethal power or inserting a new coin into the slot.

More than 10 years ago, two geniuses with real knowledge of police work, true writing talent, and a deep outlook of crime complexity wrote a jewel titled "The Wire". APB is to The Wire as an internet meme is to Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

Unless you are a fan of all the above and truly believe this is the way to battle criminality or the way to produce a TV show, my suggestion is to spend your watching time in better efforts and avoid this clumsy, forgettable show.
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Great first episode, left me wanting more
Booster-Gold12 February 2017
Fantastic first episode.

It was exciting, futuristic, and not too over the top. If you are wanting a story like Minority Report this might not be it. The show bases its fiction on what could be technology in the not so far future. The show is basically what would Elon Musk do if he decided to privatize the police for the good of a city. I am excited to see more for sure.

I've looked at some of the other reviews and fail to see the negative point they were wanting to make. The show is fantasy, it isn't supposed to be a commentary on modern crime. I don't believe its going out of its way to mar public policy either. Instead it focuses on an actual problem "the under-funding and under-manning of police forces in the US" and solves it with a bit of science fiction. Its the same policies, the same over arching organization, just funded better. That being said the one thing I did find true in those reviews is if you are not looking for a science fiction show the A.P.B is definitely not for you.
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Completely implausible, totally unrealistic...and I loved it!!!
LiquidPoetry19216 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Having taped the first five episodes of 'APB' on my DVR, I had the luxury of binge-watching the show like it was a streaming one (unfortunately however, with those pesky annoyances - commercials). And I was so glad I got to binge it, because after the pilot episode I just wanted more right away!

The premise? A tech billionaire Gideon Reeves (Justin Kirk), takes over a Chicago police district hoping to avenge the murder of his close friend (and his company's CEO), who was killed in a convenience store robbery. An officer he sees helping him achieve that goal is Detective Theresa Murphy (Natalie Martinez), an under-appreciated cop he has decided to team up with.

Reeves spares absolutely NO expense refurbishing the department with everything from new computers to state-of-the-art bullet proof vests to armor plated police cruisers. Where the uber-implausibility comes in are the VERY expensive drones he supplies the unit to help combat crime in the area.

As I previously stated, it's a completely implausible show and couldn't be less realistic. But that being said, 'APB' is a very entertaining hour on a Monday evening...even with those darn commercials!
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godfreyanywar4 January 2019
Laughable and cheesy, didn't honestly think it'd be as bad as it actually is 😂. How people are giving this a 10 is beyond me.
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I'll be the naysayer
whatithinkis7 February 2017
These people are highly talented actors. We've seen them in LOTS of other things. And yet here they are wooden. Justin Kirk's lines are delivered with a sameness.

The pacing is odd. Everything is somehow at a remove. As if it's all happening over there somewhere. It fails to draw one in. I WANT (very much) to like it.

The concept is fabulous and intriguing to explore since the possibility of this actual future hangs in the air (like one of those drones) over our reality.

But the tedium in the delivery is just too much.

Poor directing. Poor writing.

Photography is excellent. CGI as well. It's a shame because this show has SO much going for it.

And it's been squandered.

It coulda been great. It coulda been something.
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Platitudinal and played out
imCK300014 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Took me several attempts just to get to watch the whole first episode of the show as i couldn't help myself but think "wow, another show about a tech genius solving world problems. What can go wrong?" - they never go well as most of them are exaggerated. Firstly, how is using the APB app a better option than dialing 911 & saying out the location ? I would have loved to see them make a plot execution where they integrate the location feature with the dialing the emergency number compared to typing a whole text message in an app. In an emergency situation, who would even think of opening an app? Secondly,the billionaire 'problem solver' doesn't he have more important other things than to wait for crimes to happen and pilot drones from a police station ? Couldn't they train an actual cop manned to do that? Thirdly, 'I'm an engineer' keeps getting tossed like it's a new thing and no one has ever been an engineer before. What's up with that? Hollywood needs to stop codswallop us with how technology works. I hate to say this but i'm a software and electrical engineer, I'm well versed how tech works. I get a slapped face look every time someone asks me to do what they saw on TV. This looks more like a video game than a TV show. I would play it
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Flat is the best word for this show
channed13 February 2017
They have some great actors in the background here.

They barely have a role.

The show revolves around a supposed contemporary Tony Stark in the future.

But the future equipment and tech doesn't seem too futuristic.

I can see this tech being here in the next 2-3 years but they make the current or future police force look handicapped.

The acting is flat.

The story is cliché.

And I can't see watching anymore of this show unless great actors like Ernie Hudson taking a bigger and more prominent role.
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Exciting first episode
tandrasmiklos7 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, can't remember the time I was so excited by a first episode of any series. The tech approach contrasts nicely with the run down, underfunded reality of Chicago police. The central aspect of the show, the new police app is a great idea, people are really attached to their phones nowadays and this could be of interest to real police as well. Even without too much extra tech it can be implemented to police work in large urban areas. Although the rest of the gadgets are a bit over the top and hard to implement, they give a cool feeling to policing. Catching bad guys and serving justice is after all the wet dream of a lot of citizens, not to mention a high tech police. Sure the whole show is a bit over the top, but it only adds to the fun and is not unseen from other shows. Although the idea may not be completely original, but it builds nicely from motifs of the real word and other cop and tech related cinema.
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good show
vriddheeg1 March 2017
Justin Kirk has done a really good job playing Gideon Reeves, his acting is believable although he can brush up the character better. The idea of the app APB is amazing, can technology really make the police department that effective? The technology brought in is amazing, I loved how they did have false alarms, and things did go wrong, that is what makes this show better than others, its authentic. Natalie Martinez plays Amelia Murphy, she is cute, bad-ass and perfect for the role.

check out full review here

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Democratic Government Bad, Hyper-Rich Dictator Good
leftbanker-129 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sure that whoever created this series isn't clever enough to think about this but perhaps cities are under-funded because of hyper-rich creeps don't pay enough in taxes? So instead of a functioning government what we need is a benevolent dictator in the form of a billionaire. It's about one guy who is rich enough to be the government. This is poisonous stuff here, folks. It's more anti-government venom, anti-democracy, anti- people and goes completely against the idea of a one-man, one-vote model upon which the United States was conceived (at least in theory).

It's difficult for me to see beyond this premise to give the series more of an evaluation. It's just too offensive for me to look beyond. Because the protagonist feels street crime on a personal level he is compelled to get involved.

"When cops don't get the resources to do their job."

And why not? Because we have chosen instead to let a small fraction of 1% of our nation to run roughshod over the rest of us and make us feel that being poor is a crime. We probably could have law enforcement like this but instead we've let politicians scare us into pouring a frightening amount of our resources into national defense and now Trump wants to build a worthless wall.
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Nice show
cpenaloza-7126714 January 2018
Enjoy the show and expecting the second episode, didn't know fox cancelled until today. Very disappointed. Actually it was one ofy favorite show and I barely got my husband into it. Please bring the show back.
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Boring - Chicao Police But All Crimnals Are White
666_666_66621 August 2017
Some worn-out police concept, but with drones. Boring, bad acting. Move on folks. I watched 5 episodes and even though 96% of crime is committed by blacks in Chicago, the criminal is always white here in each episode. The only black criminal turned out to be a saint who was trying to give AIDS meds and insulin to sick folks! Right. Come on! It is Chicongo.a
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Iron Man meets Robocop
tanyalawrencehakiwai28 February 2017
Very enjoyable first episode. Big Tony Stark vibe initially, wise-cracking billionaire seeking justice using technology. The Clash replaces AC/DC.

Then the cops arrive. One of them is called Murphy and the technology helps them fight crime. Very cool cars and weapons. Hoping for more of the same for the rest of the series.
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Fox Show at it's worst
iix-3142228 March 2017
Sad thing to watch. So much potential but just goes into " I can fix it because I am rich." Here is the thing, It's a great idea but they just went with cheese. I wish there was an Elon Musk that would choose to take care of these problems. Just not some idiots like this show portrays. I sure they will revisit the idea in a few years to get it right.
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Another On Bites The Dust
hackraytex19 August 2017
It is regrettable that this show has been canceled. It took me a little while to get into it but the wait was worth it. It is just too bad that we don't get to see the stories wrapped up but now that will probably not happen since everyone has already probably scattered to the four corners.

I have noted posting of resentment about a rich guy takes on the mission with the Chicago City Council's permission. We continually hear complaints that the rich do not pay "their share". Now here a rich guy who is stepping up and putting his money where his mouth is. Give the man his due respect. Of course, when he starts getting results, the corrupt government starts throwing roadblocks in his way. Like most politicians, they don't like being shown up and seeing problems SOLVED instead of kicking it down the road again to ensure their precious reelection if they even have any serious opposition.

Best wishing to all involved. Nice try.
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A little over-bland
Jenispenn9 January 2018
When I first watched APB, i told my mom about it and she also found it interesting. We love tv series so much and we watched the first three episodes, it somehow changed from interesting to so-so "Okay I'll give it one more try." And then it happened during the seventh episode. Tbh, i still remember the blonde guy in the team who talked to much during dispatch; his name is Nicholas. Since then, i hate the character because he talked too much and always interrupted something. And in the end, the girls ruled the show. Finally, i couldnt stand it. Nice try, by the way. I appreciate how all of you had created back then, but not the characters. (Gideon also talked too much. Was he supposed to be lousy too?)
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Billionaire Solution to Crime
rbr-412997 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The pilot episode of APB was a gritty, fast-paced, thrill-ride. Based on an actual example of privatized policing, the series has potential for perhaps influencing public policy. I am sure the producers intended no allusion to President Trump, a billionaire who threatened the Chicago mayor with Federal intervention if he didn't do a better job of controlling the murder rate. That would paint President Trump in a favorable light and Hollywood is not going to do him any favors.

In reality the thesis of this show is that crime can be controlled with high-tech solutions. And, for that you need a lot of money, hence the billionaire. According to socialist theory, social disintegration exists because of poverty and unemployment. Misguided liberals even believe this is the cause of ISIS. So money will surely fix the crime problem in Chicago. In this case, however, the money does not fund job training programs or welfare payments, but is applied to equipping the police force. The thesis is somewhat simplistic because no direct correlation can be drawn between police resources and the crime rate. Actually, it is police presence and response that can impact the crime rate. The new reality for police departments is that hate groups have made policing difficult and more dangerous. The police themselves have become targets. I hope APB will confront this issue.

I noted that one reviewer hoped the series would not continue to portray aggressive police action. However, the cop on the street comes face to face with evil people and liberals expect cops to be nice. In some places urban America is a war zone and APB depicted that reality. Aggressive police action is sometimes necessary and an officer may have a split second to make a decision to save his life or the life of someone else. History has shown that in major cities strong community policing can reduce crime.

The episode laid the foundation of relationships and I hope future episode develop those personalities and relationships. Viewers stay with a show, not because of explosions, car chases and gun fights, but because of investing in the characters. It is the stories of the characters that make watching worthwhile. I hope APB fulfills that expectation.
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Wrong Casting
mertince21 March 2017
The show has got a chance;

1. You need to switch off your "science fact check", 2. If you don't expect to see a "real life" police work, 3. If you change Murphy with a different actress or change the script.

Seriously Murphy is a bitch! She's always grumpy, bossy and doesn't appreciate any of the tech or Gideon, who is always positive and friendly BTW, ever! I could have accepted all these behavior if she was a well educated genius! But she's ignorant and stupid, probably with a 95 IQ at most. So NO!

I have nothing against the actress Natalie Martinez, even though she's a bit pushy herself. But the character Murphy is a bitch and a down side for the show.

My 2 cents, Mert
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