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Sex & Nudity

  • at the S01E08 (last episode) there was a heavy kissing/making out on bed between shela & joel , nothing is showing , but it was intense .
  • Please note that this TV show does NOT contain nudity, partial nudity or your typical scantily clad characters. There is however frequent comedic/awkward sexual innuendo and sexual terms used throughout all three seasons. There are also a handful of implied foreplay scenes between the primary, married characters and one implied sex scene between teenagers.
  • No Nudity!
  • Eric and romana lay in bed after having sex . Joel is in his boxers and romana is in a short nightgown
  • A married couple is shown to have a passionate love life. Nothing explicit is shown, but a lot is heavily implied.
  • A married woman has an affair. A teenage boy makes a joke about his mother masturbating to make pancake batter.
  • A man accuses a couple of wanting to have sex with a dead body.
  • Two teenagers wear jackets with vulgar messages, one reading "vaginatarian" and the other "pussy magnet."
  • Various other innuendos and fairly graphic sexual conversations.

Violence & Gore

  • This is a pretty gory show but afterall it's a comedy so nothing is too serious although the scenes where humans are eaten are pretty graphic.
  • Contains frequent and extreme levels of gore. Violence is present, but to a much lesser extent than the gore.
  • Multiple people are murdered so that they can be eaten. There's hardly any actual gory killings, but bloody and dismembered bodies are frequently shown. They graphically dismember the bodies. They often show various detached body parts.
  • A woman is shown biting off a man's finger.
  • A woman vomits copious amounts, covering most of a bathroom.


  • Fuck, shit, ect. are used frequently in every episode. Strong language like cunt is said aswell but only once every few episodes.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters are shown smoking pot and getting high several times. Harder drugs are mentioned a couple of times, however no is shown using them. A man is found dead with a needle in his arm, implying that he died of a drug overdose. Mild references to alcohol and being drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Rated R for strong bloody violence including grisly images and pervasive language throughout
  • There are several murders, but they are presented in a more comedic than dramatic fashion.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • One particular case has a man knocked dead with a shovel to the head. A plot element is that two people must get rid of the body before the police find it, so they keep in a bathtub. The bathtub is shown smeared with blood and in one scene, the man is shown sliced in two with his intestines hanging out.

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