The Restaurant Poster

(2017– )

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Season 3

28 Oct. 2019
Stockholm in May 1968. Nina and her daughter Christina prepare for the grand opening of the nightclub "Nina's". Peter and Ester, who run the nightclub Royal, feel threatened by the new competition. Christina tries to invite Calle to the opening. Calle has not seen or had any contact with Christina and Nina for many years. At the student union, Christina meets Maggan's son Uno and they both start socialising with the charismatic leftist student John Hansen. Maggan, now the Social Citizens Council, runs into an old friend.
4 Nov. 2019
Nina suspects Ester and Peter of being involved in the tear gas attack against Nina's nightclub. Nina's head chef has resigned and the kitchen staff are struggling. Gustaf try to persuade Nina to ask Calle to come back as head chef. Lilly talks Maggan into coming with her to an illegal gay club.
11 Nov. 2019
Crème de la crème
Calle is new head chef at Nina's and works to renew the menu. Meanwhile, Ester and Mirko make another attempt at sabotage. John and the leftist gang discover a new way to fund their business. When Christina discovers the truth, she gets very upset. John has begun to suspect that Uno is passing information onto of the secret police. The newspapers have found out that Maggan has visited an illegal gay club and the media hunt is fierce. Angelo gets a business idea.
18 Nov. 2019
Peter has realised that Ester and Mirko are responsible for the attacks on Nina's nightclub and decides to confront Ester and Mirko. Money are disappearing from the tills at Nina's, leading to a conflict between Nina and Christina. John and the leftist gang plan to take their political struggle to a new level, but then John gets bombshell announcement from Christina. Angelo tries to get a bank loan to open his own pizzeria, and Maggan is facing a decision that will affect her entire future career.
25 Nov. 2019
Three years have passed since Christina left her mother and Nina's nightclub behind. She now lives in secret with John and the rest of the gang at a farmhouse. Uno, now a police officer, tries to track Christina down. Nina learns that she has a granddaughter and also tries to make contact with Christina. Gustaf and his family return from Tanzania, but the reason for coming home is not what everyone thinks. Calle suspects that Nina has started drinking again and is becoming increasingly worried. Maggan's life has changed dramatically since the City Hall press ...
2 Dec. 2019
The night the elm trees are to be taken down in Kungsträdgården, there is a huge uproar. Uno and Maggan both get caught in the commotion, but they are on different sides. John and the leftist gang are planning an attack in central Stockholm, while Christina tries to uncover where they have taken her daughter. Nina discovers that something is seriously wrong with the economy at Nina's nightclub. Astrid continues to fight her leukemia, with Gustaf by her side.
9 Dec. 2019
John and the leftist gang are keeping Christina prisoner at the farm house. She tries to find an opportunity to escape, while Uno and the police are planning to move in on the farm. Nina's nightclub is near bankruptcy and Nina is starting to consider the offer from Mirko to buy her out. Or can she and Peter find a way to leave their differences behind and join forces? The difficult times for Nina's bring Nina and Calle closer together, but then Calle gets a very tempting offer from Angelo.
16 Dec. 2019
John has escaped the police. He contacts Christina and Moa-Li and wants them to run away to Spain with him. Uno, however, suspects something is going on. Peter is considering accepting the offer from his arch enemy Mirko. Nina, meanwhile, feels betrayed by Calle, having opened up her heart again. Astrid is on her deathbed and gives Gustaf her blessing - in more ways than one. Maggan receives a surprising offer from the highest authority.

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