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Shudder’s December 2019 Highlights Include The Lost Boys, Joe Bob’S Red Christmas, Smoke And Mirrors: The Story Of Tom Savini

  • DailyDead
If you don't like what you find under the tree or in your stockings this year, don't despair, because Shudder is giving the gift of eclectic entertainment this December with a long list of horror titles for those who have been naughty and nice.

Shudder has both old and new horror films for viewers in the Us to enjoy this December, including Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys and a trio of Wes Craven movies to unwrap.

The streaming service will also be host to the previously announced Joe Bob's Red Christmas movie marathon, and they'll be adding the killer season's greetings of Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 and Deadly Games (making its streaming premiere).

On December 16th, Smoke and Mirrors: The Story of Tom Savini will make its streaming debut on Shudder as a special gift to fans of the special effects guru, featuring a long list of interviewees including the late,
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Hunters Search for a Deadly Creature in Exclusive Clip from Momo: The Missouri Monster

  • DailyDead
A new take on a legendary creature, Momo: The Missouri Monster is coming to DVD and VOD on September 20th, and ahead of its release, we've been provided with an exclusive clip to share with Daily Dead readers.

Below, you can watch hunters encounter "the smell of death" in our exclusive clip from Momo: The Missouri Monster, and we also have the official press release with additional details:

Previous Press Release: "Small Town Monsters has announced the September 20th DVD and VOD release of Seth Breedlove's docudrama Momo: The Missouri Monster. The latest title to crawl forth from the production powerhouse behind last year's best-selling documentary On the Trail of Bigfoot, Momo: The Missouri Monster seeks to tell the true and truly strange story of the Missouri Monster. The hair-covered, three-toed monstrosity was said to have prowled the forests of Star Hill, near Louisiana, Missouri during the summer of
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’70s Grindhouse Homage Momo: The Missouri Monster Arrives September 20th on DVD

Small Town Monsters has announced the September 20th DVD and VOD release of Seth Breedlove’s docudrama Momo: The Missouri Monster. The latest title to crawl forth from the production powerhouse behind last year’s best-selling documentary On the Trail of Bigfoot, Momo: The Missouri Monster seeks to tell the true, and truly strange story of the Missouri Monster. The hair-covered, three-toed monstrosity was said to have prowled the forests of Star Hill, near Louisiana, Missouri during the summer of 1972 where it was spotted by terrified citizens for weeks. The film will be available nationwide on DVD, as well as Vimeo OnDemand, Amazon Instant Video, and Vidi Space.

The case gained national media attention during the ’70s and remains one of the largest tourist draws for the tiny town on the banks of the Mississippi River. The latest release from Small Town Monsters and director Seth Breedlove, Momo: The Missouri
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Valter Skarsgard to Star in Supernatural Thriller 'Don't Click' (Exclusive)

Valter Skarsgard has nabbed the lead role in the supernatural thriller Don't Click from director G-Hey Kim and producer Vortex Words + Pictures.

The son of Stellan Skarsgard and younger brother of fellow actors Alexander and Bill Skarsgard earlier starred in the Swedish feature Lords of Chaos, director Jonas Akerlund’s biopic about the notorious Norwegian black metal band Mayhem, as well as in the Swedish TV drama Black Lake.

Don't Click, which will shoot in Hamilton, Ontario, in May and is penned by Courtney McAllister, also stars Mark Koufos and Catherine Howard.

Skarsgard will play Josh, who discovers his ...
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Lionsgate Television Acquires U.S. Remake Rights to Swedish Series ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ (Exclusive)

  • Variety
Lionsgate Television has acquired the U.S. remake rights to “Veni Vidi Vici,” the hit Swedish comedy series about a struggling film director who decides to take a job in the adult entertainment industry and starts to live a double life

The 10-part show was created for Nordic Entertainment Group’s Viaplay streaming service and has been picked up in key territories, including in the U.S. by Hulu and in Australia by Sbs. Co-writer, director and star Rafael Edholm is on board to help develop the U.S. adaptation.

The remake is also being developed by Fredrik Lundberg for HandsUp Sthlm, together with Kim Magnusson (“I Kill Giants”) and Madwood StudiosMichael Flutie (“Westside”), for both the U.S. and international markets.

Nordic Entertainment (Nent) Group has a longstanding relationship with Lionsgate Television, as the U.S. company is handling the worldwide sales of Nent Group’s original productions “Swedish Dicks,
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“What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You” in the Exclusive Trailer Premiere for Black Lake

  • DailyDead
An unsuspecting young painter becomes the target of a Churail in Black Lake, the upcoming indie horror film from K/XI, and we have a haunting new trailer for the film to share with Daily Dead readers.

"Looking for inspiration and to pursue her passion for Expressionist painting, Aarya, a young woman, leaves her family in the city to house-sit, in a large secluded property surrounded by beautiful Scottish landscapes. She is gifted a red scarf, sent by her aunt from her recent travels to Pakistan, and is haunted by a Churail: a demonic and malevolent South-Asian Witch (traditionally depicted with long black hair over her face and backwards feet), and is forced to face the devastating cycles of violence the Churail brings with her."

Black Lake was written, directed, and produced by K/XI, who also stars in the film, alongside Aditi Bajpai and Ayvianna Snow. The film also
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Things Get Out of Control in This Trailer For The Black Metal Film Lords Of Chaos with Rory Culkin

The first trailer has been released for a new film called Lords of Chaos, which is set during the uprising of the Norwegian Black Metal scene. As you’ll see, things get completely out of control.

Lords of Chaos follows a teenager’s quest to launch Norwegian Black Metal in Oslo in the 1980s and it results in a very violent outcome. This is the true story of True Norwegian Black Metal and "its most notorious practitioners — a group of young men with a flair for publicity, church-burning, and murder: Mayhem.”

The movie was directed by Jonas Åkerlund (Polar) and it’s based on the 1998 non-fiction book of the same name written by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind.

The movie stars Rory Culkin, Emory Cohen, Sky Ferreira, Jack Kilmer, and Valter Skarsgård.

The film will open in theaters on February 8, 2019, and On Demand on February 22.
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FilmNation, Nent Group Launch U.K. Joint Venture

  • Variety
Glen Basner’s FilmNation Entertainment and Nordic Entertainment Group (Nent Group) are joining forces to launch a new U.K.-based TV company which will develop, produce and finance premium scripted TV content for global audiences.

The joint venture will operate under the FilmNation brand and is currently assembling its creative team. As both companies boast a deep knowledge of the global content marketplace and have successful track records, the new banner will work with a wide variety of U.K. studios, talents and co-financiers.

An independent film powerhouse founded by Basner 10 years ago, FilmNation has recently started focusing more on content creation, with B.O. hits such as “Arrival” and “The Big Sick,” and has a flurry of high-profile TV projects in the pipeline, notably “I Know This Much Is True” (currently in pre-production) starring Mark Ruffalo for HBO, and “Feminist Fight Club” and “The House of the Spirits” for Hulu.
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Sweden’s Mtg Secures $112 Million Credit Facility

  • Variety
Sweden’s media group Mtg has secured a credit facility of SEK1 billion ($112 million) from the Stockholm-based bank Nordea.

Mtg is also still looking to sell its 95% stake in Bulgarian commercial media group Nova and is currently in talks with several buyers. Mtg had previously made an agreement to sell Nova to Ppf Group, but the deal was not approved by Bulgaria’s anti-trust board.

Mtg will be splitting off its TV operations, including Mtg Studios and Splay Networks, into a separate entity, Nent Group (Nordic Entertainment Group), in March. Nent Group will also be listed on the stock market. The banner encompasses the TV channel TV3, the satellite TV platform Viasat and the streaming service Viaplay, as well as the production outfit Nice Entertainment and the distribution banner Drg. The banner’s original drama credits include “Veni Vidi Vici,” “Black Lake,” “Swedish Dicks” and, most recently, the fantasy thriller “Hidden.
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Back This! – Animated thriller ‘Black Lake’

  • Nerdly
Welcome to the latest edition of our regular crowdfunding feature here on Nerdly – Back This! – where we take a look at some of the cool content taking the crowdfunding route on sites such as Indiegogo, Sponsume and Kickstarter. This month we’re spotlighting a new animated short from the filmmaker behind the well-received Toll Booth… Black Lake.

Black Lake is a new animated short thriller project from award winners Martin Stocks and James Wren. They are currently crowdfunding through an Indiegogo campaign which will be running until May 28th. There are several perks available which you can find right here.


A man wakes in a dark, foggy, beautiful, yet hostile world after causing a fatal car crash. He navigates this place, initially spellbound by its stunning ethereal nature, and its pitch-black lake with small floating stars. Dread quickly sets in as he realises the malevolent dangers lurking beneath the surface of this half-dead world.
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