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16 Nov. 1987
David e David
A married man, father of two daughters, finds out that he has a son with his ex-flame. Disappointed by the news and worried about the repercussions that he will have on his family, the man entrusts the child first to his mother and then, revealing the truth to his wife and daughters, decides to take him home.
15 Feb. 1988
Brazilian businessman has hang-gliding accident on a French beach. He loses his eyesight and any interest in life. A young woman nurses him to health. He recovers eyesight through surgery. However, the young woman disappears.
22 Feb. 1988
A Matter of Convenience
Set and mainly shot on location in St Kilda of the late 1980s, this is a loving evocation of a time and environment that may have slipped away. Valma, verging on midlife, wants a baby with her partner Joe, who is a gentle, loving and well-meaning wannabe writer, but who has had absolutely no success in achieving self-sustainability, and is far from a good prospect as a reliable father. Even when he tries really hard, he finds himself in the job from hell ('a chicken factory? - is that where they make chickens?'). Alphonse is a 'businessman' who has 'a new business ...
19 Nov. 1988
Le mur de Berlin
In West-Berlin, a photographer meets a violinist at a concert. But she is East-German and every day, he must cross over to join her on the other side of the wall. Can their love blossom into a relationship or is their situation hopeless?
19 Dec. 1990
Notre Juliette
A 10 year old girl is torn apart by the divorce of her parents.

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