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4 Jul. 2016
The 14th
After collecting Innocence, Allen and the other Exorcists are headed to the Black Order's new Headquarters, where Director Rouvelier and Allen's Master, Cross Marian, await Allen's arrival.
11 Jul. 2016
Lonely Boy
Allen and the others are sent to Paris to investigate Phantom Thief G, who is believed to have something to do with Innocence. Once there, they find the thief, whom they discover is also being sought by another party.
18 Jul. 2016
I'll Be Okay After I Wash My Face
While Allen, Kanda, and Marie are fighting Akuma inside Hearst Orphanage, Timothy awakens as a new Innocence Accommodator. Meanwhile, Reever and the others try to enter the building, but they are hindered by an enveloping barrier.
15 Aug. 2016
The Truth About a Sterile Flower
While in Kanda's memories, Allen sees what the Black Order was doing to Kanda and Alma Karma in the name of the Second Exorcist Plan nine years ago, and how Kanda ended up killing Alma Karma.
29 Aug. 2016
Little Goodbyes
After the Hekiji barrier placed on the North American Branch is canceled, Allen sees the soul of Alma Karma, who became an Akuma, and learns why Alma has been trying to kill Kanda.
12 Sep. 2016
The Hidden One
When the Cardinal attacks Link, Allen, still in a daze and fearing for Link's life, instinctively uses his Innocence on the Cardinal.

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