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A more dramatic entry on the great D. Gray-man franchise
marinospolitis9 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start with an advice. Watch the original D. Gray-man series that tells the story from the beginning. Otherwise, you won't understand a thing about what happens in this one. I'm putting a spoiler alert in case you haven't seen the original series.

The enemy this time is from within. We knew of course that the Order is anything but innocent, but things really get out of hand. At the end of the show you don't know who is actually the 'bad' and who is the 'good'.

And we find Allen and Kanda in the middle of all this, fighting their inner demons and emotionally and physically.

The drama was the strong point of this season, showcasing the struggle of the two main characters and how they face everyone around them and the consequences of their decisions.

Everything else is terrible. The main enemy, the fights, the rest of the characters barely get any screen time, the new visuals are too fancy... and many more to count.

Good ending though. It just is one of the more mediocre arcs of the D.Gray-man franchise.
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A shadow of it's former self,what went wrong?
xristoff9321 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
-So after postponing it for ages, I decided to sit down and watch the new episodes.I was looking so forward to it since the original d.gray man series was maybe my favourite anime series ever! -So I must say I felt a bit too disappointed with what I got after 7 years of hiatus. For starters the design's style is different and I would not call it an improvement. Characters were also changed and in most cases that was a downgrade. And the voice actors were also different. So all that nostalgia I was expecting to feel did not really happen. Because I was looking at what I used to love but at the same time I was looking at something else entirely. And the previous voices were so perfect for each character. -Besides that, the story felt so rushed.In only a small number of episodes we got all the answers(with plot holes though) that the previous series spend more than 100 episodes to leave hints for. So in the previous series there was an amazingly crafted plan to create tension and make the proper built-up.That did not happen here. -The characters had somewhat different personalities and we got to see very little of them.Lenally,Lavy,Bookman,Crory,the generals only appeared for a short period of time in all of the series. Like they were common houseflies. The episodes were more Allen oriented. No Komurin jokes, no Bakk jokes(hives exploding on his face when he got nervous),no crazy Allen eating sessions,no Bookman developments concerning their story and mission,no real Kanda's past info(they were scattered in a somewhat confusing manner) and backstory of Allen and Mana and the 14th was rushed and with many plot holes and Mana's desing was laughable. Noahs were also confusing and at times acting completely out of character.Made no sense. But I guess sacrifices for the sake of cheap drama and emotionless action,right? -Allen and the generals were supposed to be the elit , along with Lenallee's latest innocence evolution.Now, almost everyone seemed capable of desposing a "level 4" or fight with a Noah-even non innocent users- except for Allen who was constantly struggling(I guess they did that so it would seem more emotional and with greater suspence but it was not supported properly and it got tiring).And cross marian was just killed off right in the beginning? -The battles were more explosive and the design during their time was quite good but there was no feeling in them. The thing is they tried to make it so much more explosive so it ended up boring after a while.There was no power behind the strikes, there was no tension in the fights, no sense of real danger and forced tough lines. -Many plot holes like Allen's eye who would not spot demons,kanda's childhood friend was made into a demon and the soul inside him belonged to the lover of Kanda Yu's previous life,which made no sense at all. It would go against the rules of D.gray man universe.Noahs behavious especially Road and Tikki.Then we got another character appear,Apocryphos , who is supposed to be innocence but acts like he is pure evil. -I do not want to tire you with more details like pure dialogues and lack of character development or uneven pacing and focus on things that did not really helped the plot and of course the terrible ending and many other uncontinuities , even though I could go on. The thing is, whatever made this anime once great , seemed either to be watered down or completely absent in these new episodes. Which left me quite sad after I had finished it. It was rushed work and there is no excuse after so many years it took them to show it. They didn't even bother to make a decent edit concerning the soundtracks .Whether it played in the backround or not, was one and the same. No feeling at all....I missed so much that deep emotion that was present before, in the original anime series. I was happy to see more of my favourite characters but I just wish they had made a better job so I could actually enjoy it. As it is now, it was good for killing some time in a somewhat fun way and nothing more, I am afraid. And I say this feeling heartbroken. If there is more coming up, I hope they make it more like the original, otherwise I think it should end here.
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Somehow different
twisterobi30 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The first season of this anime series, D.Gray-Man, was a pretty good work of art. I enjoyed the characters a lot, the story was developing quite fast and it made me watch more and more. I got used a lot with the voices of the actors and it seemed to me they have been picked just right. Even if Lenalee's voice was changed once. But when I got into D.Gray-Man Hallow, it was kind of disappointing. They changed the voices of all the characters. Even their looks are changed a bit, the shape of their faces and Allen's Crowned Clown cape. It is shiny and all that stuff, but too much change at once. Right from the first episode someone kills General Cross (or maybe he isn't dead, I haven't finished the season yet). This was kind of a downer for me. I liked this character and I wanted to see more of him. The only thing I find pleasant to watch is the new and improved fighting style. There seems to be plenty more actions, no static fighting scenes so far. Still, it is a must watch. Maybe there will be future episodes too. But I really hope they old actors will return, especially the ones who did Allen, Lenalee, Kanda, Lavi and Cross.
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