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Season 1

1 Oct. 2016
Queen of the Swingers
Munki and Trunk spot some delicious fruit, and head through the jungle to get it. The journey's easy for Munki because he can swing from vines, but Trunk has a much harder time. She wants to learn how to swing, too, and Munki wants to help her, but getting an elephant to swing from a vine requires some very special motivation.
1 Feb. 2017
Prickly Situation
Munki and Trunk find some delicious-smelling prickly pears, but they're surrounded by a cactus barrier. They try reaching through it, pushing it apart, dangling over it and sucking the fruit out of it it, but no matter what they do, they can't get the delicious fruit from behind the spikes.
2 Feb. 2017
Sweet Mayhem
Munki has a sore throat, and his best friend Trunk needs to get him some honey to sooth it. But all the honey is in the hive at the top of a tall tree, so Trunk will need to go to ridiculous lengths to get it.
4 Feb. 2017
Walk This Way
Trunk's loud footsteps cause trouble in the jungle - she almost steps on Ribbert, she makes leaves fall on Humph's lawn and she nearly wakes Mama's eggs. She finally decides to keep completely still, but it's impossible when Munki is eating delicious fruit nearby. Trunk jumps for the fruit, and accidentally shakes a boulder loose. It rolls through the jungle, threatening all the animals, and only Trunk's ground-shaking run can save the day.
5 Feb. 2017
Bloomin Emergency
Munki thinks that he's destroyed Trunk's precious flower. He can't let his friend down, so he journeys through the jungle, desperately searching for a replacement before Trunk gets back home.
4 Feb. 2017
I Would Walk 500 Miles
When a game of catch goes badly wrong, Munki is sent flying to Antarctica. He starts the long journey back home, and meets some strange new friends on the way. Meanwhile, Trunk crosses canyons, deserts and seas, searching for her missing friend. They finally reunite on a desert island in the middle of the ocean. They've traveled halfway around the world - how do they get home?
3 Feb. 2017
Home Improvement
While the Ostrich family is having a swim at the river, Munki, Trunk and Rocky play 'fetch' in their clearing, and accidentally destroy the ostrich nest. They have to rebuild it before they get in trouble, but they quickly get carried away in an over-elaborate construction project. Just before the ostriches return the new mega-nest that Munki and Trunk have built collapses, and they need to fix their mess, fast.
Is It a Monster
It's nighttime in the jungle. The animals are trying to sleep, but a series of mysterious noises keeps them awake. Giraffe is freaked out. Is it a monster? No. Rocky the rhino is sleep-walking, and crashing his way through the jungle. It wouldn't be a problem if he wasn't heading towards the sleeping Humph's precious lawn.
Hiccup Line
Trunk gets the hiccups, and Munki tries to help her find a cure. She tries traditional remedies like holding her breath or drinking upside-down but they only make things worse, until Trunk's hiccups are so powerful that they are launching her around the jungle like a five-tonne bouncy ball. The only thing powerful enough to stop her is Humph the grumpy hedgehog.
Adventures in Babysitting
Mama Ostrich asks Munki and Trunk to babysit her eggs. Munki thinks it's going to be an easy job. But the eggs are escape artists, and they're soon leading Munki and Trunk on a high-speed chase through the jungle, causing chaos and heading towards every kind of disaster. To babysit these eggs, Munki and Trunk are going to need a lot more than a lullaby.
A New Home
Munki and Trunk accidentally dislodge the beehive from it's usual tree, and it ends up stuck in the branches of their own tree. The bees swarm to protect their new home and Munki and Trunk have to find another place to live. They search the jungle for a suitable replacement tree - but there's no place like home.
Holey Moley
Rocky loves nothing in this world more than a stick. He buries one by the waterhole, but the next morning he forgets where it is, and goes into a digging frenzy to find it. Munki and Trunk try bringing Rocky other sticks, but he won't be distracted. He digs so many holes that he creates a huge maze, and Munki and Trunk accidentally get trapped within.
Hot Stuff
It's a crazily hot day. Munki and Trunk do everything they can to cool down, but the river and the water hole dry up, and Trunk gets encased in quick-drying mud. Through a series of misadventures they end up on a nearby snow-capped peak, and manage to pull a whole weather system down to cool the forest.

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