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Great start to final season
MiketheWhistle10 September 2018
Had no idea how they were going to start and it certainly started with a bang. I was surprised for some characters that departed, and the James once again becomes the Last Ship. I'd expect some great twists and turns to come.

They also took a very unique never seen by me before angle on recapping some of the prior plot lines. The one thing that I think was lacking was introducing some new characters that may or may not be major players in the future. If they aren't, then I think they were a little overdone and only time will tell. Also some of the CGI explosions looked very fake which was disappointing.

I'm not sure how much the Navy assists with filming, but sense of Duty, Honor, & Country at least to me is brought out and is refreshing although I'm bias having enlisted in the Navy at 17. Maybe it will have the same impact on others.
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Not Believeable
dncorp11 September 2018
Ever since U.S. Military Equipment was turned into Video Arcades, Video Game Consoles, Cyber Command, USCYBERCOM, with the Full Assets of the National Security Agency's Beyond Super Computers with Artificial Intelligence have been preparing for this kind of Cyber Warfare.

Even if all of Cyber Command had been previously wiped out by the disease the National Security Agency's Beyond Super Computers would keep going by themselves with Artificial Intelligence working faster than the Super Computer with Artificial Intelligence that repeatedly beat the Grand Chess Masters.

It would be more believable if they used E-Bombs to create massive Electro Magnetic Pulses and Electro Magnetic Radiation. Or like the Original 1984 Movie "Red Dawn" as Russian, Chinese, South American Military Forces Invade the U.S.
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Casus Belli
bobcobb3016 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
As a Seinfeld fan I love the title of the episode.

That aside, it was a pretty good start to the final season. The Last Ship is pure action and over the top in nature which makes for easy viewing.

I hate that they keep having Chandler retire only to come back out of it. He should know by now there will always be threats.

Still, an enjoyable episode, but I feel it will get better as the year progresses.
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Its Battlestar Galactica meets Pearl Harbor!! Very Original...
mike-896-16358311 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS: I was so happy to see my show back yesterday , I couldn't wait to watch it in the morning after my midnight shift.. I must say I was a little disappointed. Everyone was back and I didn't even care about the unnecessary lesbian love phone call. Its 2018 and they pepper every show with it for window dressing. What bothered me was this episode was so predictable and really not even close to believable. The show while being liberal with science was always engaging but they seem to have jumped the shark a bit here to live up to the LAST SHIP name. I had trouble buying the mission impossible set up to throw a FAKE assassination attempt on the Colombian president to just teach him a lesson to accept US help... not gonna happen and if it did they'd still be throw in prison...

What really bothered me was the big attack scene.... like WTF?? Project much from your childhood much writers?? The US is rebuilding its navy and now had a air craft carrier and a couple more destroyers and a cruiser... They are all sailing together to the same port where everyone is gathering to celebrate the rebuilding of the navy... civilians, TV crews and all our old friends in dress whites... The Nathan James is now a museum... What?? You don't make a museum out of whats still a state of the art ship when you only have a handful of ships in your navy... That alone invites a security breach and attack... Now the entire fleet is in port and lines up next to each other when some dude with a flash drive uploaded a virus (created by a 15 year old somewhere in Columbia) at an internet cafe and the whole US Navy communications grind goes down? all on board ship controls go down and the ships are defenseless?.. Here comes the South American planes to bomb the ships and they get every one!! This episode really just combined Battlestar Galactica and Pearl Harbor story lines into one catastrophe?? NO NAVY COMMANDER would allow all the fleet to be docked in one place at one time, especially with no air cap! We learned that at Pearl harbor and history professor Chandler should have been teaching that at the academy... BUT of course the Nathan James survives because it took a bunch of tourists to the museum out on a boat ride to look at dolphins.. How much does that cost?? A USN Destroyer out for a tourist joyride? Anyway she survives and now again we have The Last Ship... All unbelievable... Also they say the fleets destroyed but all the the ships are still afloat but with holes in them... they aren't even burning... They can't be fixed?? The missles fired by the Columbian prop planes doing the Pearl Harbor attack Tora Tora Tora run didn't seem to have enough payload to do that much damage anyways...These are super armored ships mind you. The Big E was bombed and set on fire by Japanese planes repeatedly and never went down.. nothing was still burning!? I'm not sure the fleet would be destroyed... anyway all asinine and those ships should have been able to still power up their sea wiz and create and umbrella of AA those slow prop planes would have been chewed up by... I give this one 5 stars still because it was nice to see so many of the cast together again.. even though some died needlessly.. I'm still watching but now I'm not as hopeful to be screaming with patriotic joy... Oh and can we get Chandler some Zoloft?? The brooding is getting old... just kick ass big guy!
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Just not believable.
caxuxo14 September 2018
Ridiculous over dramatic and very difficult to be believable.
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show the american power and lose the original idea
accordnegro5 August 2019
The director just went crazy with the army , the war, lose the script and direction and now the USA are the good boys and everybody is bad, too much the same imperialistic idea, not worth it at last to keep it or buy it. Dump in the trash
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