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Prismark1027 March 2017
The final episode of the second series of Ordinary Lies concentrates on warehouse boss Jenna Moss (Angela Griffin) who hides a dark secret with her complicated relationship between her sister Lizzie who has come out of jail, both had a wild night out and Jenna has been put on a drug charge when it was all Lizzie's fault.

Jenna's backstory is that she had s rough childhood, she was bounced around different homes while Lizzie, her younger sister was placed with a good family but squandered it all by falling in with a bad crowd and a bad man.

Jenna managed to get to university, rebranded herself and got a great job. Now she needs to get herself out of a fix and turn the tables on Lizzie's deranged boyfriend who demands money from Jenna.

One of the best episodes in the series which nicely wraps up the second series of Ordinary Lies.
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