"Ride Upon the Storm" "Den, som går forbi sin næste, går også forbi Gud" - Martin Luther (TV Episode 2017) Poster

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August starts working as a street pastor where he ends up drawn into a case of two brothers staying illegally in Denmark - both of them are rejected asylum seekers. He becomes deeper and deeper involved in the brothers' fate and does everything he can to help them. He even gets Emilie involved in the case, which, in the meantime, the police have started to show an interest in. Elisabeth takes a break from her relationship with Johannes and tries moving in with Liv. But as the two of them start sharing everyday life, Elisabeth begins having doubts about her choice. Christian is busy with all the work surrounding his book, which is finally published and has been well received by everybody - except for Johannes, who ends up turning his back on his eldest son over the book.

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