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Quite a moralist approach to porn
ersbel10 August 2017
This is quite a moralist approach to porn. On the surface it looks like it empowers the women. But it does not show the audience how it does that. The producers only let the cast talk. And they all feel the stigma of porn. So they talk in slogans the same way a company that pollutes the environment will talk about "we pollute 30 percent less than last year" or "by 3017 we will reduce our dumping of toxic waste to far less than the government levels of today". At a certain moment, each episode reveals itself as aimless. And in the end the inevitable happens: as there is no aim, there is no way to reach that destination, and there is an abrupt "that's all folks".

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Not just porn
room1024 September 2020
A follow up mini-series to the "Hot Girls Wanted" documentary. However, each episode stands by itself and has a totally different subject. I found the last two episodes to be the most interesting.

Episode 1 is about female photographers/directors in the porn industry.

Episode 2 is about a 40-year old guy from Las Vegas who basically wants to have sex with any female on Tinder.

Episodes 3-4 are the closest to the subject of the "Hot Girls Wanted" documentary and deal directly with the porn industry.

Episode 5 is about a webcam sex woman who goes to Australia to visit her long-time regular visitor. It should be noted that one of IMDB's reviews revealed more information about the cam girl that wasn't mentioned in the episode at all: Her husband, who is presented in the episode as being uncomfortable with what she does for a living, is actually a gay porn actor himself and apparently she herself did/does porn herself, not just webcam shows.

Episode 6 is about a Russian American who broadcaste in live stream the rape of her friend and is facing charges as a sex offender. Interesting case.

6/10 Recommended
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Painful Gynocentrist Propaganda
kepeb28 April 2017
Among the few Characters that took the focus for the first part of this 'Documentary' style program, you are introduced to aspiring and hard working women in the Porn industry.

This is presented as though the idea itself is 'out there' and modern. But the truth is, women have been inside the pornographic industry in all roles, both in front and behind the camera. Admittedly, the most lucrative was as the star. It has been like this from the start and women continue to sell more on an exponential scale than any male porn actor ever has or will. Though, without trying to detract. The reasoning set out was that these particular women want porn to be for other women or more inclusive (Read Politically Correct)

All the real questions were cleverly avoided, and some odd comparisons are made to try and justify the approach of one wannabe feminist director.

The fact that every study ever conducted shows men have significantly higher recorded reactions to visual stimuli than women. This is why men pay for porn and women buy erotic books. The Porn market and in turn the target demographic is dictated by what sells. Like any business.

The demand and some of the claims by one particular director coincidentally align exactly with the forced multicultural, equal outcome, anti'patriarchy' agenda which is currently so prevalant among uneducated women.

The example footage and behind the scenes we got to witness was truly embarrassing, even by 1980's porn standards and this seems like a desperate vehicle to generate sales through other feminists taking pity, or 'in solidarity' with other women. This is a failed business waiting to happen.

In reality Porn makes a LOT of money every year. A LOT. There are awards shows that put Hollywood to shame and Actresses that routinely get paid more than actors!

If you demand something erotic for women... write a book, Nothing as simple as porn could get female humans going because they operate on a different level.

After looking at Fifty Shades you should be a much more confident writer too.
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Mediocre and boring
Nasty_Itch13 September 2018
There are quite good documentaries about porn out there, but this one is sadly not one of them. How did they manage to turn such an exciting, controversial theme such as porn into a boring documentary, I'm still wondering. It's just not interesting. Incredible. If you skip this one entirely, you're not missing anything. The original one was very interesting and thought-provoking. This one... might help you with insomnia. It's really THAT boring.
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