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Return to Form...
Robinson251111 February 2017
Finally an episode that ranks up there with the likes of Pointless and Camping!

The episodes of Series 8 so far have been fun but have largely lacked the quick-wit of the earlier seasons. It doesn't feel like one-liner comedy anymore, more a toned-down version of My Family, another BBC sitcom.

Hot Tub however, has returned all of the classic Not Going Out wit to the show with one of it's finest episodes this series. I've noticed Mack's skill for comedy writing increasing as this series has progressed. It may have taken some time to get the skills back after a 2 year break, but it's safe to say that it's back now.

Hot Tub puts the kids to one side for this episode and brings Toby and Anna to the front of the cast, and it's kinder worrying that this results in the best episode so far this season, but that leads me to think that the problem is the kids.

One episode without them, and we have the much sharper more familiar Not Going Out that we fell in love with.

Lee Mack really gets to show off some amazing acting skills in this episode, and Hugh Dennis once again proves himself worthy of the place of Tim Vine. Sally Bretton does a great job too, as does Abigail Cruttenden.

I enjoyed the cameos of Emma Bunton and Susie Dent as well, who were both obviously having lots of fun here.

Overall, this is a brilliant episode of Not Going Out and the best episode since the end of Series 7. It feels like it could belong in one of the earlier series because of it's brilliant narrative, and the absence of the kids makes for a sharper and more dangerous script, no matter how worrying this is for the future of the show.

If Mack can work out how to make writing for the kids as sharp as writing for adult characters, there's no reason this show can't last beyond series 10.
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Mack shines in this classic episode.
Sleepin_Dragon20 February 2019
A game of fantasy hot tub gets out of hand when Lucy choses her dentist, whilst Lee opts for Emma Bunton. Lee soon discovers that Lucy's dentist is gorgeous, but even more bizarrely Lee's fantasy comes true.

Definitely a classic episode, it's so utterly laugh out loud funny from start to finish, with some classic moments. Lee Mack delivers a comedy masterclass, with superb timing, delivery and presence, he is terrific.
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Hot Tub
Prismark1011 February 2017
The children's appearance was almost non existent in this episode, replaced by star cameos. Babies replaced by Baby Spice!

Lee and Lucy invite Toby and Anna round for dinner and each one nominates a celebrity who they like to share a hot tub with. Anna seems to want any top Hollywood male star, Toby would like Susie Dent from Countdown, Lee would not mind Emma Bunton and Lucy opts for her dentist who is not a celebrity but it makes Lee jealous as he goes round to see who this dentist is.

Toby is due to meet Emma Bunton for a charity fundraiser and Lee joins him so he can have a selfie with her to make Lucy jealous instead.

A nicely amusing episode as Lee and Lucy get desperate to make their respective partners jealous and Toby has the last laugh in the hot tub.
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