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Season 1

19 Oct. 2016
Pirata finds a piece of carved wood which looks like a fragment from an old pirate ship. After locating the shipwreck with Capitano's help, Pirata wants to explore it right away.
19 Oct. 2016
Le Trésor de Calamar le Boîteux
Pirata and her crew find a clue to some legendary treasure, and wants to start the search at first light. But Meowcat seems determined to keep everyone up all night.
19 Oct. 2016
L'Île sans Nom
Pirata and Capitano race to be the first to name an island, but a mysterious third pirate also wants to be the first.
19 Oct. 2016
Un Colis pour Pulpi
Pirata offers to deliver a package of fireworks for the party at Inky Salma's that night. But a series of setbacks puts her behind schedule.
19 Oct. 2016
Le Mystère des Sirènes
Pirata and Capitano journey to Blue Mist Island to investigate a starfish captain's claim that he spotted a mermaid there.
19 Oct. 2016
On a volé le Crâne Rose
Dodo the Devious infests the Pink Skull with mosquitos and steals the ship when the crew evacuate. On board Capitano's hydroplane, Pirata sets out to seize it back!!
3 Dec. 2016
La soupe de moules à la Roberto
Pirata and Capitano encounter monsters while collecting ingredients for Roberto's mussel soup on Skull Island.
19 Oct. 2016
Un Remède pour Pulpi
Inky is hiccupping multicoloured bubbles and her body has swollen up!
Au voleur
A thief sneaks aboard the Pink Skull and steals a package that Pirata and Capitano need to deliver.
11 Mar. 2017
Les Robinsons Pirates
When a storm forces Pirata and Capitano to crash-land the hydroplane on a deserted island, they must find a way to tell their friends exactly where they are.
20 Jul. 2017
Il faut sauver Miaoucha
Dodo the Devious kidnaps Meowcat and demands Cococroc's treasure, which is buried at the bottom of a bottomless well, as ransom.
SOS Pirate En Danger
Pirata responds to an SOS, but helping Murana will jeopardise her lead in the race to find Jack Scarotte's treasure.
13 Jun. 2018
La lumière du grand océan
After the Pink Skull's crew spot a strange light moving through the water one night, Pirata sets out to solve the mystery - and restores the reputation of an old pirate.

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