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mile high with Britney
RavenGlamDVDCollector21 March 2017
Those crows come flying at you from the screen. Somehow they are more reminiscent of vultures heralding something ominous. As they fly past silently (I expected them to caw and screech) up next is the passenger jet. The camera enters. Britney is there, in a very unlikely-to-ever- exist air hostess outfit. Reaching for the in- flight phone. "Baby, can't you see, I'm calling..." Slinking down the aisle, catering to the needs of all the passengers. Efficient service. The difficult ones included. "It's dangerous..." She helps a male passenger, and seduces him. It seems that, in her mind, she sees the nerdy blokes as hot hunks. In turn, we see flashes of her in a sparkly diaphanous bodysuit and Britney is devastating to the highest degree. Seriously scorching! Who can take their eyes off her?

This is one of Britney's best music videos ever. I have the Britney "My Prerogative" DVD compilation, and as a special feature, included there is an original prototype riskily presented with very little by way of dress (would you believe naked?)* and censored only by the whole thing being a karaoke sing- along thing with the lettering getting into the way (ingenious, huh? spiteful, really!) but all Britney fans should see it so that they could just sigh.

*I kid thee not. I couldn't believe my eyes! This does mean that it actually exists somewhere in a vault I suppose. Perhaps, most likely, even more such...

What goes on aboard the plane is of course not complying with air traffic standards. There is passion in the cramped confined quarters of the locked little loo, and, like I said, to her, the nerdy bloke changes into a super-hunk. And apparently stays that way, still feeling like a tiger.

Then she's in a red wig on the back of a muscular black man's motorcycle, at night, speeding through the streets with the city lights flashing past. She turns out to be something like a leather-clad spy-girl rifling through other people's business. All the time she is acting more and more dangerous, looking quite poisonous.

"I'm addicted to you, but you know that you're toxic..."

The hair turns black, she looks about as hazardous to health as a black widow spider. But she keeps reminding us just how tantalizingly cute she really is with flashes of her in that enticing nearly- naked bodysuit, the darling blond fringe and the clear plastic looks-like- glass ultra-high heels, you know, the kind Pamela Anderson wears in PLAYBOY.

Not the most romantic of songs, but very hot and heavy, with a dazzlingly beautiful music video. A must-see for all her fans, and that's a sizable percentage of all the world.
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Britney poised and poisonous
Horst_In_Translation24 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The title already gives away that this pretty short music video we got here is for the song "Toxic" by Britney Spears. It came out in 2004, so it's already comfortably over a decade old, but everybody who followed Miss Spears' rise to fame knows that it is not from the very early days of her music career. That shows how long she is famous already. I think the song is pretty catchy and fun to listen to. Spears is the equivalent to a young Madonna. They both don't have the very greatest range in their voices, but make up for it through recognition value and style. The video has Britney pose as a stewardess, a biker girl with long red hair and during these white scenes she wears very little in fact. Maybe that's why these are the only scenes where there is no love interest to her to keep it from being too explicit and suggestive. In the other scenes, she makes out with men of all colors, sizes and shapes, a bit generic admittedly. But the song is fun and the video is stylish enough for me to give this one a thumbs-up overall. Worth listening to and worth partying to, also thanks to Joseph Kahn, one of the most defining music video directors of our time apparently.
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The Best Music Video Ever!
supertomrichardson4 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This music video is The Best One Ever by me. I love the outfits like the air hostess, motorcycling red head, black haired Spider-Man crawling one. But My favourite outfit is the outfit with just diamonds all over, this outfit is the Best Music Video Ever according to me.
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A pleasant surprise
Agent_Iris8 October 2020
I am not a fan of Britney Spears, but I really dig this song and video. I think it is her best work.
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Fun video
injury-654475 September 2020
Not exactly sure how well the video ties in with the theme of the song. I think something better And more venomous could have Been imagined. However, it's a fun romp and Britney looks like she's engaged and having a good time.
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