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25 Jan. 2017
Premiere: Depression
The first episode of Worst Week Ever is here. Hilarious stand-up comedian Michael Arden, along with exciting social media guru Duncan and Worst reporter Guido join the fun, as host Schneiderfactor counts down the week's worst news.
1 Feb. 2017
La La Land
Witness the nail-biting drama as Gavyn and Matt duel over whether or not La La Land should win the Best Picture Oscar in an intense pillow fight. Plus we count down the Worst news of the week, decide what was Trump's Worst action, and take questions from the Worst viewers at home.
8 Feb. 2017
Witness the jaw dropping exciting debate over abortion, experience the thrill of counting down the week's worst news and enjoy the head-scratching but knee-slapping phone conversation between Jane Lynch and Caitlyn Jenner as they discuss scissoring. With amazingly talented, hilarious Jennifer van Heeckeren.
15 Feb. 2017
Being Dumped
The latest episode of "Worst Week Ever" is a "non-stop laugh thrill ride" raves every critic who was forced to sit through the show at gunpoint. Judge for yourself now and watch as Kenan and Matt battle it out on the following issues: i) Morgan Freeman vs. Samuel L Jackson, ii) Free Speech vs. Decency, iii) What's the worst news story of the week, and iv) Should "The Girlfriend Guy" get over his ex-girlfriend or try to win her back.
22 Feb. 2017
Oscars Preview
An instant classic episode of Worst Week Ever. Legendary stand-up comedian Jonathan Solomon stops by to debate everything Oscars, countdown the week's worst news and decide what embarrassing thing did President Trump do this week? Plus a secret phone conversation between Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman revealed.
8 Mar. 2017
Watch as Talia sings an unforgettable song and as Matt unveils some forgettable jokes. Then the worst Trump news of the week is debated. What's worse accusing President Obama of a felony or declaring the news media is the enemy of the American people? Then apparent arch enemies Ivanka Trump and Fran Drescher duel in a leaked phone conversation. Plus social media director Duncan stops by with burning questions from the Worst Week fans and Guido helps us review bad news from the week. Not to mention a vicious pillow fight deciding which is the better new show? ...
15 Mar. 2017
Death Penalty
Jam-packed hilarity, with comedic actress Melanie Leanne stopping by to sing a parody song, pillow fight debate the Death Penalty with host Matt Schneider, and decide if Trump's faith in Kellyann Conway or his never-stop-campaign attitude is his worst act of the week. Plus Guido unveils some jaw-dropping bad moments from the week, Matt performs a crowd-pleasing monologue, and the Grim Reaper himself makes a surprise phone call.
22 Mar. 2017
On the Road Again
So much comedy, so much bad news and so much MOVIE MANIA, with headlining and touring stand-up comic Tony Lavdiotis stopping by to reveal stories from the road, pillow fight debate the Best Movie Franchise of all time (Star Wars or X-Men), hear some viewer e-mails and unveil brand new stand-up comedy in the Worst Open Mic Ever. Plus an exclusive never before heard phone call between "Mr. T" and "Ice-T" determining who can sit on the T throne once and for all.
29 Mar. 2017
Yoga Time
Awesome new episode full of jaw-dropping entertainment including: *Pillow Fight debating the WORST Movie EVER. *Superstar Talent: Watch Actor David Kim Sing DURING Yoga Poses. *Debate What Was the WORST News Story of the Week. *Review Trump's WORST Moments of the Week. *PLUS: Bombshells. Laughs. Controversy.
12 Apr. 2017
Creating Fun Phone Apps
Watch a jam-packed new episode of Worst Week Ever with Superstar guest TV writer and app creator Steve Vitolo co-hosting to recap the week's worst news, debate which sequel was worse Matrix Reloaded or Lost World Jurassic Park, giving tips on how to create a successful app like Scriptation and more. Plus social media director Duncan has questions from the viewers, Guido has Worst idiots of the week news and Matt unveils some politically themed monologue jokes.
19 Apr. 2017
The Comedian Wrestler
Hilarity ensues when wrestling stand-up comic joins to co-host and countdown the worst news of the week, debate with pillows who is a better actor Vin Diesel or The Rock, and recreate a secret phone conversation between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to determine who will run for President in 2020 against Trump. Plus three of our favorite correspondents visit. Guido presents candidates for "Idiots of the Week," Duncan gives us insight into what viewers at home are thinking, and Gordon plays the name game with us, from the perspective of the African American ...
26 Apr. 2017
The Playful Photographer
Witness the spectacle as A-list superstar photographer and guest co-host Shawn Barber wows us with his quick wit and undeniable charm, enjoy the brand new "Ask an Expert" segment as viewers from around the globe get their burning questions about photography answered, be part of history as Dr. Gordon unveils the first ever knee-slapping hilarious "words from the hood" segment, relish the painfully awkward yet endlessly stimulating interaction with Duncan for the social media segment, catch up on the Worst news of the week with breaking news correspondent and vital ...
3 May 2017
The Passionate Podcaster
Another hilarious episode of Worst Week Ever. With popular podcast host Tony Ming giving stand-up comedy advice and a passionate pillow fight to determine the best sequel ever? Terminator 2 or John Wick 2. Plus Dr. G Gordon unveils a brand new word from the hood and some stories from his childhood and SchneiderFactor unleashes jaw-dropping monologue jokes. Plus an uncensored phone call between Arnold Schwarzenegger and his mistress maid. Watch all the chaos unfold.
17 May 2017
The Cordial Comic
Watch out, we have an explosive episode right here, filled to the brim with hilarity. First Schneider unleashes knee-slapping topical monologue jokes, then guest co-host Benny Spiewak offers stand-up comedy tips and some dating advice, then a secret phone call between Amy Schumer and Jerry Seinfeld is revealed, plus Dr. G swings by for some fun, breaking news correspondent Guido provides shopping tips for free Craigslist items and Duncan gives the viewers at home a voice to answer fan questions. Not to mention a thrilling pillow fight to determine what summer movie ...
24 May 2017
The Eclectic Effects-man
Visual Effects mastermind Runjeev stops by to co-host the crazy show that opens with hilarious monologue jokes, closes with a pillow fight debating which TV show should be made into a movie next (Saved by the Bell or Game of Thrones) and stuffs in between a bunch of sketch comedy clips previewing the new "Fast Comedy" segment of the show.
31 May 2017
Explosive Finale
It's the Worst Week Ever first season FINALE. Surprise Guests. Surprise Segments. Unpredictable Comedy. It's all led up to this. Will there be a season-ending cliffhanger? Who survives the comedy explosion!? Watch now to witness these jaw-dropping hilarious segments: 1) Headlines with Tony; 2) Shattered Dreams with Kishan; 3) Animation Inspiration with Sean ; 4) Kick of the Week with Jessica ; 5) Prop-Comedy Craziness with Caleb ; 6)Grammar Lesson with Gordon 7) Aumahn's Timeless Mystery and 8) Fan-Favorite Fanmail with Duncan . Watch the thrilling action unfold and ...

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