La Piloto Poster

(2017– )

Episode List


Season 2

29 Jul. 2018
Santamaría secuestra a Arley
In mid flight, Arley Jr. is kidnapped by Coronel Santamaría. Yolanda is desperate to find her son and asks for Dave's help to find him.
19 Jun. 2018
Los Kilichenko contratan a Santamaría
Vasily Kilichenko contracts the Colonel. Santamaría accepts a position as security chief and begins his revenge plot against Yolanda.
20 Jun. 2018
John mata a un hombre en la cárcel
John tires of Moreno's taunts and confronts him. During the fight, John kills Moreno and hides his body before the guards enter.
21 Jun. 2018
Yolanda piensa en John para atrapar a la Mafia Rusa
John loses the opportunity to leave prison for killing Salvador Moreno. Dave is frustrated he failed to capture the Kilichencos and Yolanda mentions that John could help them.
22 Jun. 2018
Andrea recibe una advertencia de los Kilichenko
Irina finds out Andrea lost her job at the club and sends her men to hurt her father. The Colonel murders Lizbeth and Raúl, leaving Yolanda devastated.
25 Jun. 2018
Dave libera a John Lucio
Dave achieves conditional freedom for John Lucio as long as he agrees to give the police information about the Kilichencos.
26 Jun. 2018
Santamaría al borde de la muerte
After being shot by Yolanda, Santamaría suffers severe injury and requires an urgent kidney transplant. Irina mobilizes her men to find a donor as soon as possible.
27 Jun. 2018
Waters impede que Dave haga su trabajo
John identifies one of the Kilinchekos' men and Dave follows him to the airport. Waters protects the man and won't let Dave interrogate him to get information about the Russians.
28 Jun. 2018
"El Muñeco" abusa de Mónica
Rosalba figures out the nun she encountered in the airport was Lieutenant Ortega. Meanwhile in the Nogales house, "El Muñeco" gets drunk and rapes Mónica.
29 Jun. 2018
Dave y John se enfrentan a golpes
Dave's jealousy gets the best of him when he sees John leave Yolanda's bedroom. Desperate from not having any useful information, Dave and John end up in a fist fight.
2 Jul. 2018
John y Yolanda desconfían de Mónica
Mónica manipulates Dave to get clearance to go to Los Ángeles, meanwhile John and Yolanda both distrust her and believe she could be working for the Kilichenkos.
3 Jul. 2018
Irina secuestra a John Lucio
Irina responds to John Lucio's call and meets him in a hotel. Dave and Yolanda accompany him without raising suspicion, but Irina succeeds in kidnapping John - leading everyone else to believe he escaped.
4 Jul. 2018
Andrea encuentra a Irina y Santamaría
Yolanda has new hope of finding Arley when Andrea confesses she works as a dancer in a nightclub owned by the Kilichenkos.
5 Jul. 2018
El plan de Mónica falla y escapa con Santamaría
Yolanda meets Mónica in the airport and notes that she is carrying a gun. The plan to go to the safe house is canceled and Santamaría's men provoke a shooting in the airport.
6 Jul. 2018
Wilmer es enviado al club de los Kilichenko
A new plan emerges to find the Kilichenkos when Wilmer offers to infiltrate the club where Andrea works. Olivia fears Wilmer will get hurt and confesses to him that she kissed Morrison.
9 Jul. 2018
Morrison es despedido de US Fly y se venga de Yolanda
Bill is fired by the airline and decides to get revenge on Yolanda. Morrison calls Solano to advise him that Arley Jr. was kidnapped.
10 Jul. 2018
Santamaría condiciona a Vasily Kilichenko
After rescuing Irina, Santamaría talks with Vasily Kilichenko, demanding authority and respect. Vasily lets down his guard, but he orders surveillance on the Colonel in secret.
11 Jul. 2018
Olivia consigue interrogar a Morrison
Morrison confesses to Olivia the resentment he has toward Yolanda. Olivia asks him to make an exception and help her identify a pilot who could give them clues about Arley.
12 Jul. 2018
Santamaría y Waters atentan contra la vida de Dave
Dave faces Waters and discusses his relationship with the Kilichenkos. The Colonel sabotages Mejía's car, leaving him gravely injured after an accident with a truck.
13 Jul. 2018
Rosalba mata a Garza y salva la vida de John
Lucio manages to capture Kilichenko's pilot and sends him to a secure house. Rosalba sees John's life is in danger and shoots Garza to protect him.
16 Jul. 2018
Regueros le da una segunda oportunidad a Yolanda
After Yolanda makes a scene, Regueros defends her and decides to give her an opportunity. Yolanda cannot tell him the truth, but promises she will not do anything to discredit US FLY.
17 Jul. 2018
Morrison intenta entrar a la organización de los Kilichenko
Morrison is put to the test to prove he deserves to be part of the Kilichenko organization. Bill meets Arley and exposes just how much he hates Yolanda.
18 Jul. 2018
Andrea le confiesa su amor a Wilmer
Andrea hates to see Wilmer suffering over Olivia and confesses she has been in love with him. Their romantic moment is interrupted when one of Santamaría's men arrives to capture them.
19 Jul. 2018
John es el nuevo piloto de los Kilichenko
Irina accepts John into the organization and offers him a piloting job. Santamaría is surprised to see Lucio again and suspects his recruitment is going to cause serious problems.
20 Jul. 2018
Morrison acepta trabajar para Santamaría
Santamaría saves Morrison's life in exchange for him getting the address of the safe house where Yolanda is hiding.
23 Jul. 2018
Irina desea a John y engaña a Santamaría
Irina can not help being attracted to John and ends up asking him to have fun together in secret of Colonel Santamaría.
24 Jul. 2018
Mónica y Muñeco secuestran un avión
Olivia manages to identify Mónica and gives Yolanda notice, Muñeco is afraid to go to jail and decides to kidnap the passengers of the plane giving Santamaría time to put together a rescue plan.
25 Jul. 2018
Santamaría va al rescate de Muñeco y Mónica
The colonel prepares an air rescue and with the help of John they face the police. Monica and Muñeco manage to get off the plane, but Yolanda does not stop and chases them along with Dave.
26 Jul. 2018
Santamaría planea eliminar a Vasily Kilichenko
Santamaría lies to Irina telling her that John turned out to be an infiltrator and escaped. The colonel's plan changes and now he will not only destroy Yolanda but will take Vasily Kilichenko out of his way.
27 Jul. 2018
Arley logra escapar
Arley manages to escape and takes Irina's cell phone so that Julia can ask Yolanda for help. With the call for help, Wilmer gets the location of the house where they are being held.
30 Jul. 2018
Yolanda y Arley se reencuentran
Arley is taken to a hospital and Yolanda is reunited with him. Santamaría tries to capture them again, but this time Dave manages to protect them.
31 Jul. 2018
Irina quiere vengar la muerte de su padre
Santamaría convinces Irina that John was the cause of her father's death. As revenge, she decides to investigate Yolanda's past and destroy her new life.
1 Aug. 2018
Yolanda es despedida de USFLY
Yolanda's turbulent past is exposed to the media and Regueros learns that his star pilot had ties to drug trafficking.
2 Aug. 2018
Dave es arrestado
Waters returns to his position as director in the DEA and gives the order to arrest Dave, blames him for treason and complicity with the Russian mafia.
3 Aug. 2018
John cumplirá su condena en México
John is transferred to Mexico and is informed that he will pay his sentence in a maximum security prison. Yolanda escapes with Arley, but Matallana sends an alert for the police to capture her.
6 Aug. 2018
Yolanda intenta cruzar la frontera
The police sends an alert to trap Yolanda for the kidnapping of Arley. The pilot is in trouble and decides to cross the border into Mexico through the tunnel used by the Colonel and the Kilichenko.
7 Aug. 2018
Irina hace una ceremonia para despedir a Vasily
Irina receives the ashes of her father and decides to pay him a tribute at the Diablo Club. The ceremony is interrupted by Felicidad and Irina ends up punishing her.
8 Aug. 2018
Mena reaparece para ayudar a Yolanda
Yolanda arrives with Arley at Rosalba's house without knowing that Buitre is about to attack them, Mena reappears and protects them to avoid being captured.
9 Aug. 2018
Dave termina con Yolanda
Mejía is left without the protection of the prosecutor and his lawyer advises him to plead guilty. Knowing that he will spend a lot of time in prison, Dave ends up with Yolanda and he does it cruelly.
10 Aug. 2018
John hace un trato para obtener su libertad
John talks to judge Corona and he offers him a deal to get out of jail. Lucio agrees to pay 1 million dollars in exchange for his conditional release.
13 Aug. 2018
Irina y Santamaría compran USFLY
Morrison returns victorious to USFLY and regains his pilot job. Now Irina and the Colonel have a new business to hide the organization.
14 Aug. 2018
John sale de la cárcel y busca a Wilmer
John is placed on probation so he can get the money he promised the judge. Lucio communicates with Wilmer to help him solve his problem.
15 Aug. 2018
Santamaría le pone un alto a Regueros
Santamaría speaks directly to Regueros and threatens him with death if he gets involved in the affairs of the new administration of USFLY.
16 Aug. 2018
Mónica se hace cargo de Dave
Dave wakes up in a cell and Monica explains that he has a severe health problem, which needs to be treated urgently or else he will die. Felicidad challenges Irina to fight in the death ring and unfortunately she is left badly wounded.
17 Aug. 2018
John quiere recuperar su dinero
With the help of Yolanda and Wilmer, John arrives at the Cielito Lindo to look for the money that he and his brother Óscar hid.
20 Aug. 2018
Olivia denuncia a John con la policía
Olivia accepts the help of Morrison and is annoyed with Wilmer when finding out that Lucio found his money, full of hate threatens to denounce John so that he returns to jail.
21 Aug. 2018
Yolanda se entera que Mónica secuestró a Dave
Andrea informs Yolanda that Monica was the person who hired the lawyer San Miguel to take Dave's case. She was the only one who knew everything about the transfer to jail.
22 Aug. 2018
John sigue amando a Yolanda y le pide una oportunidad
John talks about his feelings with Yolanda and decides to help her. With the protection of Mena and Lucio, the pilot prepares to rescue Dave and face Mónica.
23 Aug. 2018
Mónica recibe la orden de capturar a Buitre
Santamaría asks Mónica to capture Buitre but the situation gets out of control and Dave helps Monica to control it. They manage to subdue him and they capture him in a cell.
24 Aug. 2018
Waters intenta acabar con Matallana
Finally detective Matallana realizes that Waters is on the side of the Kilichenko and seeks the help of Wilmer and Andrea to unmask him. Dave makes a deal with Buitre so that both can leave alive from the hands of Mónica and Santamaría.
27 Aug. 2018
Yolanda y John compran una avioneta para rescatar a Dave
John buys a plane to go to Nogales in search of Dave. Yolanda leaves the safety of Arley and Rosalba in Mena's hands.