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thekierankumar4 October 2018
Love this clip - love Lady Gaga. And who would have thought she is a great actor too!
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The epitome of style over substance
Horst_In_Translation18 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Here we have the 2010 music video for the Lady Gaga song Alejandro. Director is Steven Klein, who is mostly known for his work with Madonna and maybe that shows us also how Gaga sees herself, who she wants to be. But honestly judging from this one we have here, she is still miles away. Today she is a Golden Globe winner, Oscar nominee and Emmy nominee, so she probably stepped things up since almost a decade ago. All that stays memorable is like so many other times with Gaga sadly how desperately she tries to be controversial, for example by linking sex to church, a common subject for her and it is very dominant in here. It all feels shoddy and for the sake of it though, so yeah I am not hesitant to call this one pretentious. It is a pretty long music video, comes close to the 9-minute mark, but stays under eventually and you can almost skip the first two minutes as we hear nothing from Gaga until then and even right afterwards she only starts talking, not singing yet. Judging the song alone, I may have given it a slightly better rating because the title is somewhat catchy, at least the chorus, even if it also nowhere near as deep as it wants to be. But at least you can do without the video if you just listen to it. And that's what I'd recommend too as I find the video very disappointing. Or actually I recommend to skip it altogether. The quick changes in costume make as little of an impact as all the topless male dancers and Alejandro himself is very forgettable too. So yeah, Gaga shines, but once again not in a positive way. Highly not recommended. Watch something else instead.
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