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A fine fourth series
Tweekums21 March 2018
These comments refer to series four as a whole not just the final episode.

Like the previous series this features a single story for the entire six episodes. The story opens with local man Thomas Malone returning to Shetland after twenty three years in prison; he was jailed for the murder of a woman but is conviction has been found to be unsound... most people on Shetland including Drew McColl, the now retired officer who arrested him, are convinced of his guilt. Tensions rise even further when Drew McColl's daughter Sally, a journalist, is murdered. He is certain that Malone killed her as revenge for being put in prison. DI Jimmy Perez and his team investigate and wonder if Sally's murder could be linked to her work. This investigation takes them to Norway where they learn she was looking into dangerous political extremists. These aren't the only suspects though; further digging into the original murder reveal new motives and suspects, including one rather close to DI Perez.

I'm glad that the makers decided to stick to the single story again as the longer stories inevitably give greater detail and better character development. The case is interesting with several suspects emerging over the course of the series. While the way this sort of story works means one wouldn't usually suspect Malone of really being the killer but the way he is played by Stephen Walters makes one think he could be guilty of something and is certainly unstable. The Norwegian angle added to the story and provided an excuse to take the story off Shetland for a while. There are some real surprises as the truth emerges and a tense conclusion. Douglas Henshall continues to impress in the lead role as Perez and Alison O'Donnell is on fine form as Alison 'Tosh' McIntosh, a character still affected by the events of the previous story. The rest of the cast are impressive too. As one would expect there is plenty of stunning Shetland scenery as well as some fine Norwegian views. Overall another fine series of this enjoyable crime drama; I was pleased to hear it will be returning next year.
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dieselripley29 April 2018
This season was amazing - this show just keeps getting better and Stephen Walters was just amazing. Totally deserves massive props and awards for a gut wrenching performance that was just top notch - just incredible season that left me in tears
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It was a fantatic season!
CrisGraham24 March 2018
What e great season!

The plot is very good, tense situations and I really loved the surprises. Douglas Henshall does such an impressive job as Perez. Episode 6 shows how good he is (I dont need the confirmation by the way).

And Shetland returns next year!! This is the best news. I will survive for sure (12 long months), but only by na inch :-)
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Greeting from across the pond SI NY.
tro-7626023 March 2018
Best season yet ,Finale was very well done. Every scene a postcard.
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Iconic season finale
njhammers24 July 2018
Shetland is so good not because of fancy plots or intricate stories, even though it has both, no it's the characters and the acting , the core group of DI Jimmy Perez DS Tosh , DC sandy , Cassie & Duncan are simply superb & especially the glorious lead, such a thoroughly good man , who combines intelligence, toughness with being actually a heroic man & father. This episode 6 was at the same tense, riveting , believable , even with multiple twists and turns, this left me breathless and panting for season 5 . By my book after Line of Duty the best British TV cop series & right up their in my pantheon of great tv series with breaking bad, Sopranos, Lost, Prime Suspect and the aforementioned Line of Duty. Mega kudos to all involved, simply magnificent
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Tushpi26 May 2019
A drama that grows in depth and quality with each season. Stephen Walters character in particular was terrifying and poignant together. A true tragedy in the classic sense. Stephen Walters portrayal was outstanding. What an impressive actor he is. This is a performance that will stay with me. As usual the lead is restrained and understated but the emotion portrayed more powerful because of this restraint. It's a fine ensemble of performances all round. This season is a classic whodunnit. It had plenty of twists and turns and various red herrings. Plenty of personal drama as well, with the vistas and light of Shetland adding to the sense of melancholy. The ending took me by surprise. Emotions stirred. Highly recommended.
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Cheap trick
kikkula11 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The last death scene was so artificial and unnessesery that renders the whole fourth season somewhat pointless to a viewer. Why not to kill Perez as well while we are at it. Something stupid, like when he is crossing a road or something just to be dramatic? Writters managed to avoid one cliche when Lars tried to kill Jo in crowded hospital (like we have used to see in US tv shows) but they "fixed" it with the last episode where crowded policestation is the best place to not be helped while having a heart attack. Artifficially dramatic.
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