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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Engaged on a narrow road in the middle of a mountain, a bus full of passengers, including a soccer team of about 20 teenagers is rear ended by another bus. The bus goes off the road. This is seen from a long distance. The aftermath of the accident is then shown, with remains of the vehicle lying in the jungle, among over a dozen of bloodied up dead bodies.
  • A man shoots another man twice, killing him. The dead man is seen lying in a pool of blood.
  • A man is punched in the stomach several times.
  • There are several scenes set in the cold room of a butcher's shop, with skinned animal parts hanging on meat hooks and blood all over the floor. In one scene, a man is brought in the cold room as a few henchmen interrogate him. As they try to convince him to talk, one of the henchmen grabs the frozen severed and skinless head of a cow, and uses a mechanical scissor-like device to cut its nose, threatening to use the same device on the man's head.
  • A man is kidnapped by two henchmen. He is later seen agonizing, hanging by the wrists in the cold room of a butcher's shop, fully naked (full frontal nudity) with several bruises and open wounds all over the face and torso. Another man rips what looks to be a piece of flesh from one of the wounds. Then, another man enters the room, and shoots him in the forehead. A bloody bullet wound is seen on the man's forehead and blood trickles down his face. This is quite a graphic scene.
  • A bloodied up man is lying on the ground, as two henchmen hand out a gun to a teenager, asking him to execute the man. The teenager obeys, and executes the man (no blood is seen). One of the henchmen then tells the boy that he'll now have to cut his victim in different pieces, which is immediately revealed to be a joke.
  • A man is shot in the leg and is then severely beaten up by several other men armed with baseball bats. The man is then seen tied up, lying in the trunk of a car, with his face all bloodied up.
  • Two teenagers have a conversation in a room. One of them has a bruised up face. It is implied that they were involved in a fight.
  • Several dead bodies are seen, with stitched up chest cavities. One has its chest cavity opened up by a man, and wrapped up kilos of drugs are retrieved from the cavity. It is revealed that their internal organs were removed and disposed of, and that their bodies were used to smuggled a large amount of drugs through customs.
  • A man and a woman ride a car at night. The car stops at a red light, and a motorcycle stops next to the car. The man on the motorcycle then shoots the driver in the face several times using a sub machine gun. The windows shatter and blood spews everywhere. In a brief shot, the victim appears disfigured by several bullets. The man's corpse is seen later at the morgue, with many bullet wounds visible on his face.
  • A man enters a coffee shop with a gun. Several other men immediately draw their guns and point them at him. The man keeps threatening one man with his gun regardless, as they enter another room to have a conversation.
  • A man threatens another man with a gun, and is then shot off screen. His dead body is then shown with a bloody bullet wound on his chest.


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