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Quite a good finale for a bad season
ellisday-954-3009191 November 2017
I enjoyed the first season of this show and that is why I have watched up to the third, but I have not been a fan of the last 2 seasons. I was expecting another dry episode following the last few episodes of this season but I found it to be very funny. I've loved the nostalgic feel of this show (which is what attracted me at first) and I think the finale embraced the 80s setting a lot more than usual. It's ending on a high!
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No Skye = what the heck?
dosefade1915 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Title says it all. I really don't like what the writers did with David and Skye's relationship. Pretty much built their relationship up all of Season 1 (which was by far the strongest season) And then let it all crash and burn in a single episode in season 2 and pretty much tossed it completely out the window in Season 3 like it never happened. Skye was in 1 episode in season 3 for all of 2 minutes. What happened there? Sad to see how the show went from such a great first season that had me in absolute awe (besides episode 7) to this pretty average ending. Oh well, at least Wheeler and Misty had a decent ending. I feel the show could've done a lot more but it seems their production was cut prematurely so they had to wrap it up relatively fast. Just compare Season 1 to Season 2 and 3. Felt like it was paced much better and then the other two felt somewhat rushed. Still overall a very good show and I hope to see more of it's like in the near future. The world definitely needs more shows like this.
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