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Sex & Nudity

  • Johnny calls his students pussies on multiple occasions in Season 1 and 2.
  • A scene where two girls kiss.
  • There are many scenes involving kissing. However, this never turns into anything more. Except when two characters intensely make out moving across the room trying to find a bedroom. They crash into a TV making it fall and breaking it. However, although sex is implied, it is very short and not too bad.
  • An Older-Middle-Aged man sexually harasses a teenage girl, and tries to coerce her into sexual favors.
  • Some oral sex references - a billboard is spray painted so that it looks like a man has a penis in his mouth (penis is just an outline, not realistic), a character makes an oral sex motion with his hand and mouth, a post on social media shows a girl with many hot dogs in her mouth (meant to mock a character), a character lies and tells people that he and a girl had oral sex, a few "eat a dick" comments, a character tells a man that a woman isn't going to give him oral sex unless he buys her dessert
  • Some teenage boys are watching a video of a woman shaking her butt while wearing very short shorts
  • A woman leads a man into her bedroom while telling him he'll have to be quiet.
  • In the first season there are many penis references and oral sex references because of rumors when sam broke up with kyler.
  • Tory and Miguel kissed alot in Season 2.
  • At the season 3, there is a penis drawing. And some girl writes "I love your big dick" inside of it.
  • In the season 3, two adults kissing.
  • In season 3, a man asks his father if he would like an "incident" with his secretary to be revealed to the public. He says this as a threat and he says this would harm his reputation alluding to a sexual situation.
  • A character while sleeping has a dream about a woman character and them getting together and the female character wearing lingerie.
  • A girl tells her boyfriend that he is a pain in her tits, meaning that he is annoying sometimes
  • One teenager imitates male masturbation and ejaculation in a sense of mockery towards another teenager for having a penis drawn on his arm cast.

Violence & Gore

  • Bloodless (almost always) karate combat. Street fights, refereed athletic practices and sports violence is to be expected, but nothing graphic. There are degrading, violent verbal outbursts from adults as well.
  • A mans earlobe is ripped off showing some blood, people have there heads bashed with metal objects along with their faces smashed on tables, glass etc. usually showing bloodied faces.
  • Season 3 contains a lot of violence. Mostly from fighting.
  • In season 3, a man breaks another man's finger. He then puts a cigar slicer on the man's finger and threatens to cut it off. The scene ends before anything happens and we are never told whether he cut it off or not.
  • Kreese puts a man's finger into a cigar cutter and pushes the blades in. However the camera cuts before anything is seen and its left unclear what happened.
  • A teenager gets his arm broken by his old friend.
  • Old Vietnam War flashbacks with a lot of violence, including a moment where it looks like a characters' head was blown off but nothing is shown.
  • A character brutally beats up his bully, blood is shown on his knuckles and on his face but not too bloody.
  • A character is thrown into a window breaking it and landing on glass, blood shown.


  • There is more bad language than in the original movie. Occasional uses of shit, bitch, hell, ass. A couple uses of pussy here and there. Dick has been said. One use of fuck in each season, like a PG-13 movie.
  • Multiple uses of goddamn. At least one use of Jesus Christ.
  • This contains pretty consistent use of a wide variety of profanity and inuendos. If you enjoyed the Karate Kid series and the relatively wholesome aspect, the Cobra Kai series is a big departure from that on all fronts.
  • In Season 1, there are two uses of "fuck." One is used by Johnny's son Robbie, saying "It's my fucking dad." The another is used by Johnny while at the LaRusso's auto dealership, in which he mutters "fuck" under his breath. This is barely audible.
  • In Season 2, Episode 5, the F word is used again by Hawk/Eli, calling Demetri a "fucking nerd."
  • There is frequent uses of "Hell, Damn, Ass, Dick, Bitch", and harsh language such as "Bastard" are used as well, and a one to two time use of "Fuck"
  • The profanity in this show is as much as every season of stranger things in one
  • Many uses of the word 'pussy', most of them from Johnny.
  • Frequent mild-strong cussing. 6 total uses of the F-bomb: in Spanish in 1.1, and in English in 1.1 (almost silent) 1.4, 1.10, (almost silent)2.5, and 3.3.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Teen partying, alcohol consumption and underage drinking. Talks of "smoking a joint" and doing drugs.
  • There is consistent use of alcohol by a main character who drinks liquor while driving and is obviously wasted. Multiple scenes of waking up on the floor with alcoholic bottles laying all around him.
  • A man is seen smoking a cigar
  • Constant reoccurring underage drinking, and it is promoted to be "cool" throughout the series
  • Kreese smokes cigars often but nothing that bad
  • One of the main characters says that whe smokes joints
  • A teenage girl gets drunk at a party in one episode

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Sensei Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) lashes out at his students in multiple scenes and the loud verbal abuse can be considered mildly intense.
  • If this series were to be a movie it would be PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, thematic elements, some suggestive material including underage drinking and for brief strong language
  • Rated TV-14 for sequences of violence and action, language and some suggestive material.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Daniel and Johnny get in a fight because Johnny spray painted a penis on Daniel's billboard while drunk.
  • Two characters start kissing passionately before both walking into a room and closing the door. The scene is brief and ends there. In a later scene we see the same couple in bed, the man is shirtless and the woman is in her bra under the sheets (No nudity is shown) this scene implies they both had sex the night before.
  • In a science class, a girl and two boys are dissecting something. The girl asks what they are thinking for sex. She means what they think they think the sex of the species is, but the boys think that she is asking them to have sex at first.

Violence & Gore

  • In Season 2, Episode 10, an all-out brawl ensues between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-do students at school. Teenagers are relentlessly punched, kicked, shoved, slammed against walls and lockers, and even thrown down stairwells. One Cobra Kai student arms her fist with a spike bracelet and cuts a main character's arm. A teacher attempting to split up a fight gets assaulted, too. At the end of the sequence, a main character is knocked from the second floor balcony and slams onto a railing on the floor below, breaking his back and hospitalizing him. This is perhaps the most over-the-top, intense sequence in the entire show thus far however it's fast paced and relatively bloodless.
  • In season 3, Robby gets beat up in jail.
  • During a flashback in Season 3. A man is shot in the head in front of a young John Kreese. Intense and shocking but happens off screen
  • Season 1&2 are bloodless. Season 3 Contains more action Including Long action sequences, Arm breaking And more disturbing scenes. In one scene Hawk almost beats a person to death in the dojo. The beating happens off-screen but we see hawk throwing multiple punches, after he's done we see his knuckles fild with blood.
  • The season 3 finale has two long battles. One between the kids of Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai and the other between Daniel and Johnny vs Kreese. Both of these battles are as intense as the school battle in Season 2.
  • In season 3 episode 2 kreese feeds a hamster to a snake is emotional.
  • There is one rather graphic scene where Hawk beats his old bully. Hawk kicks him around a bit and we see blood coming from his mouth. He asks to stop but then Hawk tackles him and repeatedly punches him the face. We don't see the aftermath, but we see Hawk's hands bloodied. Other students look away in horror.
  • A man falls to his death into a pit of snakes
  • The season 3 finale has a big fight. People are punched, kicked and shoved. Tory and Sam fight with bows, a man is kicked into a lamp, Hawk kicks a man through a glass table and there is some blood


  • In season 3, Nathaniel says "and they beat the f**king s**t out of me!"

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The young students of Cobra Kai largely start out as put-upon and reasonably well-behaved kids. However, the series shows how the aggressive philosophy of Cobra Kai gradually turns them into thugs themselves, much to Johnny's eventual shame. By contrast, Johnny's estranged son, Robby, starts out as a impudent small-time criminal, but changes dramatically for the better under Daniel LaRousso's influence.
  • As the series goes on, each season gets darker and more frightening. With little to no frightening scenes in season 1. Increased amount of frightening scenes in season 2. And season 3 being much darker, especially Kreese's flashbacks to when he was in the Vietnam War
  • A man dies in his sleep. Intense and very emotional.
  • When Miguel breaks his back it is quite emotional.
  • Kreese's backstory can be quite frightening and upsetting. It involves him being bullied at work, joining the military in Vietnam, being the indirect cause of a fellow soldier's death and being forced to fight his commanding officer above a pit of snakes after learning that his girlfriend died in a car accident back home.
  • Kreese's behavior is very disturbing throughout season 3. He forces students to watch a cobra eat a hamster, doesn't stop Hawk from brutally beating a new student close to death, deliberately sends Cobra Kai students to the LaRusso residence to start a brawl, convinces Robby to turn against his father and join him, and attempts to kill Johnny and Daniel in the final confrontation of season 3. He is perhaps the most psychopathic and manipulative he's every been in the Karate Kid franchise.
  • In season 3, Hawk breaks Demitri's arm while his Miyagi-Do friends watch helplessly and the other Cobra Kai students cheer and laugh. Being that Hawk (known as "Eli" to Demitri) was once Demitri's best friend makes the scene especially gut-wrenching, on top of Demitri cursing and howling in pain and a horrified Sam being driven to tears. Hawk also appears to regret his actions based on his expressions afterward and eventually apologizes. The scene is shocking and difficult to watch for TV-14.
  • John Kreese's character is very dark and can be disturbing to some viewers, but his flashbacks in season 3 can make it understandable as to why he is like that, and it becomes more bothersome as to what he has been through himself.
  • In season 3, Hawk beats another Cobra Kai student to unconsciousness as the dojo watches and Kreese congratulates him. Although the other student was a horrible person, constantly bullying Hawk, the tone of the scene is extremely intense and can be hard to watch for younger viewers. However, the boy who was beaten up is somewhat prepared before it happens.
  • One of the reasons that season 2&3 are darker than season 1 is because Kreese is In season 2&3 while he is not in season 1
  • In one scene, a man falls to his death into a pit of snakes. Quite intense
  • When Ponytail dies, it is quite emotional and may be one of the saddest parts in the series

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