Always Be My Maybe (2019) Poster

Randall Park: Marcus Kim



  • Jenny : You can't change the world without influential people.

    Marcus Kim : So you need to know famous people in order to make a difference?

    Jenny : It helps. Look at everything Leonardo Di Caprio has done for climate change.

    Marcus Kim : What has he done for climate change?

    Jenny : He's working on it.

  • Sasha Tran : Hey, where'd you get that condom?

    Marcus Kim : Oh, um... seventh grade.

    Sasha Tran : Oh.


    Sasha Tran : who... who taught you how to put it on?

    Marcus Kim : This lady came to our school... taught us, like, sex ed for a day, and... she put it on a banana.

    Sasha Tran : Oh... did you practice at home with bananas?

    Marcus Kim : No. I didn't need a banana at home.

  • Marcus Kim : I thought this was a high-end restaurant. Why am I the only one wearing a tux?

    Sasha Tran : Oh, sorry, I should have told you. Rich people are done with fancy clothes. Now it's all 4,000$ T-shirt that look like they were stolen off the homeless.

  • Marcus Kim : Sasha Tran... can I hold your purse for you?

  • Marcus Kim : I once saw Glenn Close order a pineapple sandwich.

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