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Heckuva Show. No Kidding.
HallowLooyuh4 October 2018
I tell you, this show has sucked me in. i'm glad the episodes are only 30 minutes long rather than an hour, because the storyline, scenarios, undercurrent, imagery and actor deliveries get really creepy. creepy, as in uncomfortable, unsettling. they convey a kind of unease that works its way from your mind into your body. well, mine anyway.

after last week's episode, i was preparing for Jeff going off the deep end, but after this one, it seems like his estranged wife might be the one to add another tragic chapter to the life of Jeff Pickles.

but i'm not betting on it. i expect my expectations to be thwarted, because the conception of this show and the writers have been so creative, and there've been continuing unexpected twists.

Jeff's sister, marvelously played by Catherine Keener (& the actress who plays her daughter is excellent too), is as creepy as Jeff. And Dad Frank Langella is (as always) a thoroughly convincing creep.

i'm still waiting for the van driver (Jernard Burks) to come into play. his kitchen scene as Dupree with Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle in "Devil in a Blue Dress" proved what a helluva actor he is. that scene of his still sticks with me. with the kind of baggage that his character on this show is carrying, it seems like it would be right up his alley.

anyway, i'm creepified by this show. in a good way. if that's possible.
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