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Taut, development-rich episode, with many sudden turns
RNDorrell29 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is an especially solid episode, filled to overbrimming with all the themes that make "Ozark" such a good show. The FBI closes in on both the Byrdes and the Snells. Tensions flare at the kids' high school. The Brydes lose a critical ally. Charles Wilkes makes an indecent proposal. Marty once again maneuvers their criminal enterprise out of yet another jam, and Rachel Garrison reveals a hidden secret to Marty. Jonah delivers a touching (and somewhat creepy) eulogy. A whole lot of tension flows in this episode, and sudden turns in story lines abound.

BUT, a nit (and a spoiler): How does Marty manage to substitute the bones he unearthed from an old Snell grave for the bones that the FBI dug up in the Snells' poppy fields? Online recaps shoot past this question, but there is no scene depicting how the swap is accomplished. I re-watched the episode specifically looking for that, and ... nothing. Just how easy can it be expected to be to bribe a lab technician under FBI supervision, which would be absolutely key to relieving the legal threat against Jacob Snell? But no such scene is presented in the episode. I strongly feel we should have seen such a scene, and more of Marty's slick-talking, tersed-lipped brio.

Maybe it was filmed, but got cut; as it was, this episode was longer than normal. But that really bugs me, because this show has so far been so careful in its attention to plot details. Drama, tension, paranoia, violence, subterfuge, deception, risk, panic, depression, intrigue ... depictions of all those things are what makes this show so good, but the structure wilts if you make a script continuity error like this one. How Does Marty Orchestrate the Swap-Out of the Bones? C'mon, now. I know that may seem like pointless nit-pickery to some, but if not for that gaffe, I'd have given this episode a 9.
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Wrong play.
bilelaouini2 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This show is wonderful. The cast, the story, the scenery, the camera, the dialogues everything is just perfect. We can sense the unique general theme of this series as dark, real and the faint blue effect of the camera. I rated the series a straight 9 but this episode in particular a 5, you know why?

Laura linney's performance when Buddy passed away is just wrong, the facial expressions the dialogue, everything. We knew he was gone die but not like that, so after he burned down that field he got the juice back and felt all mighty back in the game then dies? one last run is that it? Although he did not have that big of a role in the series but god do we love him, he lives in the same house keep watch sees and hears , he cares he protects he is there. . He could have been around for more, he has a role to play and he could very much continue to do so. Old tough guy back in the days probably did things killed people straight balls ready to die kind of character. You could have used that more and the way he went? Lenny's reaction? the kids reaction? I am not really speaking of emotions here but objectively talking wrong decision.
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Outer Darkness
bobcobb30129 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Well, at least the character made it to this point, but Ozark will not be the same show without his presence.

This second season is solid, but very few episodes blow me away. I think the internet tends to give the show a bit more praise than it warrants because there was a chance for this to be a special episode and we didn't get it.
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