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Important and Artistic
calebsiler30 July 2018
I simply love this series of videos, and encourage IMDB to continue making them. They show how directors use the same techniques in many of their movies, and form their personal style. Every episode has been a visual treat, and the latest episode featuring M. Night Shyamalan is no different. Love or hate his films, you've got to give credit where credit is due. Shyamalan uses some incredible camera shots, plot themes, and atmospherical tension in almost every movie he makes. This video showcases this quickly and effectively.

I would love to see IMDB eventually tackle Alfred Hitchcock, Terrence Malick, Frank Capra, John Ford, Orson Welles, Billy Wilder, Fritz Lang, and Francis Ford Coppola. Looking forward to the next episode!
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I suggest Edgar Wright
philmarten9 July 2019
Great series but why isn't there EDGAR Wright yet?!!!!
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Bong Joon Ho soon please!
jodawa808 February 2020
Love this series imdb, thank you for making them. Keep them going!
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Great stuff
rahulmulchandani12 August 2018
These videos are great to understand more about the technical aspects followed by great filmmakers and the themes that characters are based on. Never knew movies could be interpreted these ways too.
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Nice series besides, for students
Edson_Morais11 April 2019
I found out these series recently and guessed it simply fantastic. I watched at least 10 to 15 episodes, approaching firstly, the directors I know better some works, and the key point of the series is allow a newbie (indeed an enthusiast, passioned for cinema) like me to understand some works that I love, are directed for people I don't follow deeper the trajectory. Is so explanatory and believe, increases knowledge, for who interested of be part of this industry or not. It worth so much take a look! Recommended!
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Very Interesting
DrTuvok8 June 2020
This series of videos is actually really well done and entertaining, especially for someone who is interested in what makes some directors different from others. Some of the episode choices are little odd though, including:

  • JJ Abrams. Hardly an icon of directors, just the one who managed to do the most franchises.

  • Rian Johnson. Critics are so drowned by boobs in his movies that they feel compelled to give him positive reviews. Just kidding. Plus the fact that he hasn't really made anything good, just smug, self-important movies. He also has a laughingly low score on the site, showing how popular he is.

  • Ava Duverney. She's probably the lamest one here. Even worse is the fact that she had a chance to prove herself with A Wrinkle in Time and blew it so completely and utterly I don't even want to watch any more of her movies.

  • A bunch of obscure weirdos. While this isn't bad in and of itself, I feel like some of these episodes could be given to more interesting people. Instead we get people like the director of Disney's live action Mulan (huh?), the director of James Bond 25 No Time to Die (Are they advertising new movies?), and others who don't seem to have a distinct style and are inexplicably valued by arty communities only. [Edit: Patty Jenkins? If she didn't direct Wonder Woman we wouldn't even be talking about her! I think the videos would be better if they focused on more accomplished directors with well-rounded filmographies instead of new-comers who only have something like 3 films to their name. As of this writing, Patty Jenkins has only two released full-length movies to her name. TWO! I mean, I have nothing against her, but can't we wait until she's defined her style a little more?????? ]

Directors that it would be cool to see:

  • John Hughes (king of 80s teen movies)

  • Sergio Leone (He invented a very distinct style right out of the blue)

  • maybe Sam Raimi (Again, very distinct style)

  • Mel Gibson (I said it once, I'll say it again, he is one of the best directors still alive)

  • Ridley Scott (I personally don't care for him too much but there's a lot of material there. What would his trademarks even be...?)

  • Frank Tashlin (Yes, no one knows who this is unless they're 80 years old but he was the king of live-action cartoons with many, many noticeable themes and trademarks throughout his films.)

  • John Frankenheimer (He's basically the natural evolution of Orson Welles with something like a five decade career.)

  • John Woo (Everyone knows his trademarks but it would still be a fun video.)

  • Mel Brooks (Spoof master.)

  • Takia Waititi. (2nd best Kiwi director, after Peter Jackson.)

  • Francis Ford Coppola (I'm kind of surprised he isn't already here. Does he not have any trademarks at all?)

-Akira Kurosawa (It wouldn't be complete without him.)

And there's so many others that could be done, I hope IMDB just keeps churning them out and I wish it wouldn't take them so long to make.
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How about John Woo?
dj-8429712 September 2020
This series is phenomenal and the subject is superb. Seeing each director's style explained is remarkable and entertaining. John Woo should must certainly be used.
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