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Not watching without Danny
brian53119 August 2018
America was built on the idea that people are innocent until proven guilty, but now all it takes is an accusation. Netflix really messed up. Rooster was the best character on the show. I won't be watching The Ranch until they bring Danny back.
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Good season ,, Not sure how things will go next, "if there'll be one"
Aktham_Tashtush17 June 2018
It was pretty good season overall ,, with the news of Danny Masterson getting the boots i'm not sure how things will be in part 2 (the next 10 episodes) as he actually was a big part of the ranch but he messed it all up for us and for himself.

These 10 episodes were good, the plot was clear, the script was tight and filled with quick witty jokes ,, the banter between the three Bennett's lads was at its best and maybe the strongest of all seasons,, add to that it had many ups and downs in their relationship which highlighted the drama for a while and always made me jump to the next episode to see what happened next !! and yes i did watch the whole 10 episodes in a day :D

The cast was engaging , now after almost three years they all seem more comfortable and relaxed in their roles up until "Rooster" miss things up :D but also i don't know if its weird,, i think every time i see Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith it just slaps me back to 1998 "That 70's show" i really liked seeing them in here all together .. anyway hope the writers figure out a way to keep up the banter balanced with "Rooster"'s gone.

Final thought,, same as the last two seasons, each one comes in two parts ,, so with part one is done ,, the next 10 episodes are imminent but still no releasing date, probably because of the Rooster problem ,, so lets wait and see how things will turn out to be.
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Getting the boot done wrong.
Progeekzy19 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Rooster getting the boot felt very shoehorned in. I Understand Danny needed to leave the show, but this was a very poor way of doing it. First, Nick felt like the only reason he was there is to get Rooster to leave town. He was apart of no other story line. He wasent helping people during the fires. Nothing.

Second, knowing Rooster from the first 2 seasons would he really allow this guy to keep making threats? We saw Rooster get in a bar fight in a episode. Yet he allows this guy to make these threats and break into his cabin? Overall it seemed very out of character for Rooster to let this go on.

The entire story line felt like it was written solely to have Danny leave the show. And it FELT written, it did not feel organic to the rest of the story lines.
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I'm done with the show
aSHLeY_CoLe8423 June 2018
Yeah, after Danny Masterson left, I won't watch The Ranch. Man the show is depending on his sense of humor, I can't imagine how the part two will be.. Goodbye The Ranch
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"End of discussion..."
joakim-asplund10 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This season was very good and its nice to see some change in the filming and scenery. But this last episode just bummed me out. If you are watching a series like "Game of Thrones" or something, you expect some big characters to get killed or whatever. But this isn't one of those series. This is a series you sit down and relax to. You kinda know what to expect and you get very into "their world".

It's just too big of a change to see Netflix letting Rooster go after these accusations, as "brian531" stated: "in the current political climate of "me too", all it takes is an accusation for a person to lose their job". The show is too heavely depedent on Rooster that it's probably going to be tough to watch the next half of this season. I will give it a try, but i don't expect much of it. Rooster was half the show!

And the way they let Rooster go just felt stressed and really badly done. "Nick" was such a useless character and actually changed the mood of the show quite a bit when he appeared. I know this "review" was very focused of Rooster getting fired but it's really the only thing i could think of after watching it.
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Holy Crap!
daleejr0511 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, I have to admit Ol Sam had me choked up in the scene where Beau had the heart to heart with Colt. I didn't realize that old Cowboy could bring the emotion like that! That being said, this is the first show or movie I've ever seen Sam Elliot in. I did not like the way they worked Danny Masterson's exit from the show. I mean c'mon a Man can't let somebody run him out of his own cabin/home! They could've done his exit better.
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Thank the screeching NPCs for this shows demise
kthompson-384007 December 2018
The accusations were serious but he was guilty until proven innocent and lost his career over it. Bring Rooster back!
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Great Show. Sam Elliott and Ashton Kutcher are awesome
Ashleymyers19 July 2018
It seems the other reviews are just mad about Danny Masterson leaving. Funny that two of the reviews made the same comment about him getting the "boots" lol. Maybe that was intentional as being the way Colt might say it?

The best acting in the show has been Sam Elliott and Ashton Kutcher so honestly I won't miss Masterson who's only been there for stupid sex jokes. Hope the show continues its success without him.
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It just isn't the same
aaradi-5462818 June 2018
Man, this season really sucked. Too much drama and not enough comedy. Granted there were some witty jokes here and there, but the drama is just too much for a show like this. We all knew Rooster wasn't going to continue on the show, hell, I was surprised that he was on these last ten episodes. The way they gave him the boots is just bad. Really stupid. Really Really stupid. Could've been a million other better way.

I don't think this show is going to survive another season. Should've cancelled the show when the news about Danny Masterson broke and let the show die in peace.
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It was a nice try...
vpck100-15-67265723 March 2020
...by the Uber Liberal Hollywood crowd to understand the"Fly Over States" and the people that live there. But let's face it a Cubic Zerconia is not a Diamond. THe Faux Conservatism of this show hooked me in, but then the Social Conscience started creeping in with the silly protest garbage that Winger got involved with. The the jabs at Donald Trump started and fairly soon after that I watched just to find out how insulting they could be. From people who espouse tolerance, this turned out to be just a big insult to the people that actually make America Great, from the ones that have no conviction about their viewpoints.
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Good Show, good season...hope Dax Shepard can fill Rooster's shoes
airdanny31 July 2018
It was all in all a good 10 episodes...great jokes, good drama...although the whole wedding, baby, moving to Denver thing felt very rushed. The Nick storyline was forced but understandably had to be that way...based on the reasons for Danny leaving the show, they had to make it a shameful cowardly act as opposed to have him die or leave in some more honorable way. They weren't about to give him a hero's good bye....and I agree they shouldn't have. Glad Maggie was on the show less, she doesn't add much to it aside from making horrible decisions for her own life while trying to act like she knows what everyone else should do with theirs. Let's see how Dax will take over for Rooster (likely a new family member, cousin maybe...or on Abby's side of the family...or possibly a new ranch-hand as opposed to trying to make us pretend he IS Rooster).
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