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Episode List


Season 1

12 Jun. 2018
El principio de la vengaza
Enrique successfully carries out the operation to discover Quintero's business. Juan Pablo learns that Quintero and his partners want to eliminate Enrique. Quintero's men kidnap Enrique and murder his wife.
13 Jun. 2018
Actos de venganza
The kidnapping of Enrique's family spins out of control and Bela witnesses the death of her parents. Bela tries to save María and attacks Armando, but things don't go as planned.
14 Jun. 2018
Juan Pablo feels guilty and gives Bella a video with the truth about her father's death. Emanuel advises Armando on how to proceed with Bela, but executes a plan behind his back.
15 Jun. 2018
Plan perfecto
Juan Pablo's family have to deal with Armando's death. Bela investigates the identities of Armando's partners to get revenge. Emanuel assaults Bela and Juan Pablo to force her to leave Mexico.
18 Jun. 2018
Juan Pablo returns to the federal police. Mike starts training Bela to help her get revenge. Emanuel is responsible for María's disappearance and gives Norman and Castor part of the Quintero casino.
19 Jun. 2018
El ahorcado
Bela helps Penélope get revenge for what happened when she was a little girl. Juan Pablo tries to find a way to open an investigation into Castor. Emanuel retires from the casino.
20 Jun. 2018
El rey rosado
Bela's revenge plan begins with a plot to rob Castor's casino. Bela infiltrates the casino to investigate. Juan Pablo and the Policía Federal find Castor's drug cargo.
21 Jun. 2018
El vigilante
When Castor escapes from the federal police and hides at his ranch, Bela plans a way to get his attention. Juan Pablo suspects Bela is trying to evade the law in favor of vigilante justice.
22 Jun. 2018
Caída libre
The race to catch Castor beings. Bela and Juan Pablo's plans change drastically when Norman unexpectedly shows up at the ranch.
25 Jun. 2018
Error de cálculo
Bela runs into danger because of the GPS locator Juan Pablo left in her suitcase. Penélope and Mike share an intimate moment. Felipe pays the consequences for the operation failing. Juan Pablo discovers that Norman is his kidnapper.
26 Jun. 2018
Primera baja
Bela executes her revenge plot against Castor, but Norman traps her. Patricia finds out Emilia has not been attending university. Ricardo informs Emanuel that Bela is at Castor's ranch.
27 Jun. 2018
Bela tells Emanuel that she is prepared to get revenge for her parents' death with her bare hands. Junior begins to look for Bela to kill her. Emanuel finds Norman and intends to help him.
28 Jun. 2018
El héroe
Juan Pablo kisses Bela. Junior sneaks into Bela's home to kill her, but she eliminates him first. Because of a phone call, the Federal Police know about the connection between Norman and Junior, and Emanuel has to take care of the matter.
29 Jun. 2018
Socio incómodo
Emanuel takes custody of Norman to stay in control. Juan Pablo breaks up with Teresa because of what he feels for Bela. Horacio calls a society meeting to determine Norman's future.
2 Jul. 2018
Segundo caído
La Sociedad and Bela arm a separate operative to kill Norman, but Emanuel's intervention changes everything. Emilia starts working as Emanuel's assistant.
3 Jul. 2018
El Alcalde
Bela and her team look for Hoarcio's weak point. Mike gets to know Mauricio, leader of the movement against the mayor. Bela and her team enter Horacio's house to kill him, but Mauricio's presence puts the mission in danger.
4 Jul. 2018
Corrupción en rojo
Mireya fails and Juan Pablo gets involved in the investigation into Mauricio. Bela begins to get closer to Horacio and uses a costume to infiltrate his house.
5 Jul. 2018
Segunda noche
Juan Pablo and Bela confess their feelings for one another. Juan Pablo asks for Bela's help with Mireya's case, but Ricardo opposes the idea. Bela continues getting closer to Horacio, but Juan Pablo's presence puts her at risk.
6 Jul. 2018
Cazando a la bestia
Ricardo warns Juan Pablo to stay away from Bela. Horacio's men launch an attack on Mauricio and his people. Juan Pablo cannot find proof to implicate Horacio in Mireya and Mauricio's deaths.
9 Jul. 2018
La cueva de Las bestias
The relationship between Juan Pablo and Bela becomes stronger. Horacio introduces Bela to the members of the Society. Horacio tells his associates that the Federal Police is investigating him, but they do not seem to support him.
10 Jul. 2018
Tercer caído
The investigation into the lynching of Julián continues and Horacio's men are the first to fall. Bela attacks Horacio after he tries to kill her, but a violent mob interrupts their fight and the mayor is lynched.
11 Jul. 2018
La Madame
Juan Pablo asks Bela to let him trap the society members, but she continues with her vengeance and begins a plan to infiltrate and ruin the life of 'La Madame'.
12 Jul. 2018
La hoguera de las vanidades
Bela attacks La Madame's vanity and succeeds in infiltrating her auto agency. Emilia is missing and Emanuel starts a desperate search. La Madame asks Emanuel to investigate Bela.
13 Jul. 2018
Ataque sin cuartel
Simón interrogates Penélope about the death of her stepfather. Bela places several microphones in La Madame's house, but an attack from Omar forces her to leave. La Madame fires Bela from the agency.
16 Jul. 2018
Mujer fatal
Bela recommends Penélope as one of the 'Madame Girls'. Juan Pablo still believes that Bela and Penelope are suspects in Horacio's case. The ex-employees of La Madame demand compensation.
17 Jul. 2018
Bela meets with Omar to approach him and investigate more about his past. Mike confesses to Penelope that he likes her, but that he can not sustain a relationship with her. Juan Pablo is disappointed to discover Bela in the Madame's agency.
18 Jul. 2018
Due to the suspicions of Juan Pablo and Simón, Madame and Omar begin to suspect of Bela and Penelope. Mike and Bela manage to intervene in Madame's computer but he advises her that it is best to withdraw from the mission.
19 Jul. 2018
Eternamente joven
The Madame believes that Penelope is allied with the Federal Police and Omar is responsible for following them. Bela continues with her plan to make Madame believe that Mike is a successful dermatologist. Bela and her team steal a shipment of cars.
20 Jul. 2018
Belleza que mata
Mike and Bela empty the account of the Madame and prepare to give her the rejuvenating treatment. Penelope is kidnapped and Omar is responsible for torturing her. Juan Pablo and Simón are surprised to find the stolen cars.
23 Jul. 2018
Cuarto caído
Bela causes the Madame to commit suicide by leaving her disfigured. The members of the Society begin to feel paranoid and believe that the culprit of the deaths is one of them. Bela causes Juan Pablo to be fired from the Federal Police.
24 Jul. 2018
Cacería de bestias
The members of the Society make sure that Juan Pablo is not a threat to them. The Society intends to take advantage of the relationship between Emilia and Emanuel. Juan Pablo decides to join the hunting of the beasts.
25 Jul. 2018
El Colombiano
Penelope is not comfortable with the way Bela is leading the mission since she is not making any profit. Juan Pablo appears before Antonio to ask for work. Antonio sends his trusted wife, Andrea, to approach Emilia.
26 Jul. 2018
Exceso de confíaza
Bela arrives at Antonio's company to apply as an administrative assistant. Antonio plans to test Juan Pablo to make him commit a crime. Emmanuel and Emilia announce their relationship to Juan Pablo and Bela.
26 Jul. 2018
Bela is rejected by Antonio's company and Penelope takes her place. Bela and Antonio are jealous of the chemistry between Andrea and Juan Pablo. Andrea orders Juan Pablo to get false identifications for some models.
27 Jul. 2018
La décíma musa
Emanuel meets with the Society to demand the return of Emilia's casino shares. Antonio takes Verónica and Susy to his house to select one of them as the tenth model that he promised to Andrea.
27 Jul. 2018
El seductor
Bela travels to Colombia to obtain information about one of the missing models and discovers Antonio's way of operating, while Verónica is about to suffer the same fate as the other models.
30 Jul. 2018
Reina secuestrada
Bela discovers that Andrea helped Alejandra escape from the brothel where Antonio has the other models locked up. Antonio's men attack Bela and Alejandra. The teams of Bela and Juan Pablo decide to work together.
31 Jul. 2018
Mujer precavida
Bela tries to get political asylum for Alejandra. Jamachi presses Simon to tell him the truth about the Colombian's case. Andrea begins to monitor Penelope and investigate about the woman who has been hanging around the Society.
1 Aug. 2018
La verdadera reina
Andrea begins to suspect that Bela and Isabella from Colombia are the same person. The situation becomes complicated for Juan Pablo when Antonio turns him into his security chief and takes him to his brothel.
2 Aug. 2018
Hasta el cuello
Veronica ends up drowned after arguing with Susi for Antonio's photos. The Society officially welcomes Emilia to their circle. Juan Pablo asks Yamile to help him in order to save the brothel models.
3 Aug. 2018
Plan coordinado
Antonio asks Emanuel for help to get rid of Verónica's body, while Susi ends up in the brothel. Due to Andrea's suspicions, Bela's team withdrew from the mission. Ricardo detains Andrea to put pressure on Antonio.
6 Aug. 2018
En las redes
Antonio is desperate to free Andrea from the federals and turns to Juan Pablo, who asks him to return to his business as a partner. Bela discovers that Emanuel has a connection to the Society.
7 Aug. 2018
Uniendo puntos
Juan Pablo asks Antonio to let him be Susi's first client and puts Pascual to watch over them. Andrea tries to convince Antonio that Juan Pablo is looking to hurt him and stops him. Emanuel warns Isabela that she may be in danger.
8 Aug. 2018
Quinto Caído
Juan Pablo manages to communicate with Simón and sends the location of the brothel. The final confrontation between Bela and Antonio (Beast 5) takes place inside the tiger cage in which later Antonio is killer by the tiger. Bela gives Andrea another chance and Emanuel arrives at Antonio's house.
9 Aug. 2018
Diamente en bruto
Bela is affected after knowing what Juan Pablo had to do to save the models. Cristina meets Emilia to give her a welcome gift. Emilia has her first meeting with the society and makes a mistake.
10 Aug. 2018
Juan Pablo looks for the way that Andrea cooperates with the Federal Police and offers immunity. Cristina begins to get tired of having to take care of Carlos, her husband. A person from the past reappears in Mike's life.
13 Aug. 2018
Nueva táctica
Juan Pablo and Andrea travel to Colombia to reconnect with the models. Cristina begins to show interest to Jorge, one of her employees. Hector commits suicide leaving Mike tormented by his death. Bela comes in contact with Cristina.
14 Aug. 2018
Sin máscaras
Bela decides not to hide anymore and presents herself directly to Cristina to intimidate her. Emanuel asks Emilia for marriage. Emanuel discovers that Bela has evidence against the society.
15 Aug. 2018
Cambio de juego
Cristina sends Jorge to attack Bela and Mike ends up in the hospital. Penelope goes to work as Carlos's nurse. Juan Pablo tries to convince Emilia of the mistake she is making by marrying Emanuel and keeping the casino's shares.
16 Aug. 2018
Entre la espada y la pared
Patricia tries to find evidence against Emanuel. Cristina shows Abelardo and Ignacio the video that Bela gave her and they realize that she is responsible for the death of the other members, so they ask Emanuel for help to stop her.
17 Aug. 2018
Juan Pablo puts Bela under arrest for Antonio's death in order to keep her under surveillance. Emanuel seeks a test to link Bela with the death of one of the partners. Cristina continues with her attempts to seduce Jorge.