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Set in a period when board exams are set to resume in India, the story revolves around a young student (Sharain) confronted by the adverse outcome of poor academic performance. Lost hopes and individuality, loneliness and a sense of deprivation pushes her to consider taking the extreme step. However, a fortunate encounter with a stranger, journalist Prarambh Dutt, led to her connecting with her inner self. A new found passion for dance and perspective of the world, the lost soul rediscovers herself and redefines her future. Sharain's quest to prove herself finally resonates with her proud father, Dr. Joseph, who after learning what his daughter is going through, decides to pave the way for his kid. Through its mature narrative, the movie captures intricate nuances of student stress, competition the so called rat race, parent child relation and purposeless living vs. purposeful living.

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