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‘Visible: Out on Television’ From Apple TV Plus: TV Review

  • Variety
‘Visible: Out on Television’ From Apple TV Plus: TV Review
As with just about any phrase that gets repeated over and over throughout the years, “representation matters” has threatened to become a benign catchall for Hollywood’s ills. But the saying is nonetheless rooted in a simple, powerful sentiment: that seeing a piece of yourself meaningfully represented in media can enable deeper understanding for you and the broader audience alike. Beyond mere entertainment, representation has the capacity to change minds — for better and for worse.

This conflict forms the spine of “Visible: Out on Television,” a new docu-series from Apple TV Plus that conveys the breadth of Lgbtq+ representation on American television from the medium’s beginnings through today. It’s a hugely ambitious project, and it takes its mission seriously, featuring a genuinely astonishing breadth of research and dozens of interviews with Lgbtq+ actors (including executive producers Wilson Cruz and Wanda Sykes), writers, allies and activists. It’s fascinating
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