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Absolutely Jarring
leila12318 December 2018
The lack of accountability and the convoluted healthcare systems entirely discriminates against the individual... It was really sad to see such a vivacious woman be confined to bed and broken from the inside as much as she was broken on the outside.

Great job to exposing this deep and misunderstood issue.
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shaddymay-1892718 December 2018
Heartwrenching and real!! Explained and exposed just how crooked the medical system is. Hopefully this can get the conversation started for change!
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Timely, and Horrifying Rally Cry for Justice.
rhmacl18 December 2018
This film takes-on the healthcare industry's profit methods and lays it out for everyone to judge for themselves just how macabre, horrifying, cruel and inhumane it has become; a grotesque distortion of what the Hippocratic Oath guarantees.
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Eye Opening
secorracing19 December 2018
This is the kind of informative documentary every American needs to see.
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katgram19 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I never review movies, but after watching this documentary I had to. Wow one of the best documentaries I have watched this year. I felt so many emotions while watching. I cried, laughed, and felt anger and sadness throughout different parts. Seeing their mother and her family fight to regain a normal life was so heartbreaking. It makes me emotional again as I write this review.

I don't understand how the jury and the judge did not hold those medical professionals responsible for this family's avoidable pain and suffering. The family's defense had more than enough evidence, I just dont understand. And I don't understand how the nurses and doctors never took repsponsibilty for their part in causing the family so much emotional and physical pain. It just seemed like none of them really cared about her as a person. They seemed so cold and heartless.

Hopefully as this documentary gains a larger audience, those involved will be fired and medical license taken away. I never realized how truly messed and money focused our healthcare system is.
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An emotional personal story that highlights issues in the healthcare industry that we should all be aware of
caeevans30 December 2018
This is a heart wrenching personal story that highlights the problems that the Director and his family encountered as they sought accountability for the mistakes made in their Mother's medical treatment. For those looking for an unbiased expose on the healthcare system in the US, this is not it. Instead, the Director tells his own personal story that is real and could very easily happen to anyone, which makes it all the more poignant. Two areas highlighted that I was not previously familiar with, were the 'tort reform' laws and the eICU's, both of which are seriously concerning.
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Been there...
lopez-7705629 December 2018
While some things in this film doesn't quite make sense, I have been through doctors and their bull and they will say anything to make you think it's not their fault when it totally is. I've been through insurance that I pay for not wanting to pay for anything and I know how it is for disability to deny me over and over for years. So even though the film has its flaws, I still hope it's a reality check for some.
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This film will make you incredibly mad at healthcare
sokol-5185622 December 2018
The healthcare, insurance and legal systems are so biased and unfair to the general public. This film documents the struggles of one family to show the awful care to a family member over 10 years. The deck is so stacked against the public. There is almost no accountability by the professionals and they continue to harm patients all across America.

Well done film. All families with a loved one in a hospital or other care center should watch. Be an advocate for your lives one and keep them safe.
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Been there
pinkzmusic22 December 2018
I really don't care what his intentions were in filming this documentary. If you have EVER in any way had to deal with the horrors of disappointmenting healthcare, you will connect with this piece.
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Exceptional, poignant, bio-doc
vanallenm19 December 2018
A riveting, jarring, oftentimes nihilistic view, of a healthcare system fraught with moral turpitude. It is downright dirty, and hard to believe --- we are seeing how the inner workings, of the American healthcare industry, fail the American every level. It should be labelled 'Horror' documentary. Because if you're not scared by the end of're spineless.
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Another example of the middle class and poor being ripped off
jrneptune22 December 2018
I do not think it is a coincidence that for profit hospitals, medical providers, emergency service providers, plus the insurance companies and medical equipment and pharmaceutical providers are all making sure they can protect their "take" from each patient and seeking to reduce any possibility of their being accountable for bad outcomes.

All together the money from their special interest groups have swayed Federal government policies and then State policies. The Citizen's United decision in the 90's just opened the door further for money to overrule public opinion.

The state of Wisconsin is one of many that is pro-business which means corporations come first generally.

The medical device Da Vinci used for surgeries is another latest example of special interests overruling public opinion. The device can be awesome in the hands of surgeons and people trained to use it. Even the manufacturer recommends people be trained on it and there is a 5 tier training program. Yet, 70% of the doctors using it are not trained on it and the number of medical errors created using it are up to 30%. When asked who is responsible for the doctors being trained no one wants to take responsibility. Not the doctors, not the hospitals, not the State, not the Federal government, not the insurance companies, no one. Who ends up paying? Taxpayers when the patients can no longer pay for the damage it caused or their deaths.

Amazing that some hospitals that are not focused on a for profit model are rarely having these issues is it not and have a higher percentage of positive outcomes.

Spoiler follows:

On a side note, one reviewer made a comment about it being one sided which is why I only give it a 8 but they also implied something suspicious was going on 8 days before her 2nd surgery for the failed hip replacement. Maybe they missed the part about her being in overwhelming pain and her personal doctor stating it was unexplained and her family demanding they do something about it which was the reason why she was still there 8 days before the 2nd hip surgery that really screwed her over. It was later found the 1st hip replacement had broken inside of her.
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This is what our for profit medical system in pro-business Amerca looks like
ringthebells1825 December 2018
I wish every person in America would see this film. The film tells a specific story to illustrate the dynamics and costs of medical errors which are the third highest cause of death in the US. It does a great job of presenting a complex story comprehensively and skillfully making this an informative and watchable film. The story doesn't rely on developing a victim to draw the viewer in. Both mother and son, the film maker, come across as regular people who've managed to live well for the most part and who enter the encounter with the healthcare system expecting a reasonable standard of care with some accountability to the patient. The mother had had two successful knee transplant surgeries and was being operated on by the same surgeon.

Sadly, things went wrong and that one bad surgery lead to a cascade of errors that went on and on because there was no accountability built into the system and each error meant more care and more profit for providers. The mother's suffering is terrible as is the son's although he minimizes it as the film maker. He maintains a steady focus on the imprenetable wall that surrounds the healthcare system and prevents patients from ever holding anyone accountable for care that creates harm rather than benefit.

This documentary seems totally believable and accurate to me and it depicts the extreme suffering that our medical system imposes On many patients toward the end of their lives. I've experienced unresponsive hospital systems where no one is in charge and as a patient you have no way to get pain or questions about what really happened in surgery addressed. Its maddening and terrifying and as long as everyone (except the patient and floor nurses) are making ridiculous amounts of money without being held accountable for outcomes nothing will change.

Watch it and WAKE UP! The ACA that a court declared unconstitutional recently included some outcome based incentives in the healthcare system.
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Thank goodness someone is bringing public awareness to the subject of caps on medical malpractice suits
mindydear_283430 December 2018
When tort reform went into effect at the time of President Bush's administration, many thought that capping amount a malpractice victim could recover would result in lower medical costs. Boy were these people wrong. All this has done is let big hospital chains and physician insurance companies keep their money when they have been the perpetrators of horrible wrongs against patients and their families. It's time to revisit these state laws and allow victims adequate compensation. This documentary examines the case of the mother of the director and the years of struggle she has endured since she became the victim of harrowing medical error. The documentary is well done and you, the viewer, will not want to miss a minute. There is no boring droll here. Please watch and become enlightened.
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This happens all the time.
medic20505426 December 2018
Ive seen and been in situations like this before. Ive been pushed out of a job for speaking up. Of course it is one sided. Its a documentary by the people affected.
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Must see
meldan3029 December 2018
Phenomenal. The storytelling is incredibly engaging, heartbreaking and compelling. I walk away a much wiser consumer of health care and will never look at medicine the sane way again. To think that medical errors is the third highest reason for death is stunning. Things must change!!! Thank you for sharing your story and I am so sorry for what has happened to your mom!!!!
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This could be any of us
mcslain4 January 2019
A heartbreaking, but necessary to see story. Insurance companies are evil. The health care system is broken. Please watch this movie and do what you can to try and fix this huge problem which could affect any of us. Voting for politicians who aren't bought off by industry is the least we can all do. This isn't what America should be like. Thank you Steve Burrows for making this movie. And I have to say, the 'celebrate good times' part had me laughing hard. Glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humor.
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What was the entire story?
cmahr-4084221 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
While this documentary did raise interesting points and healthcare can be improved in this country it was very one sided. I feel for Mr. Burrows and his mother as her care and recovery took a tragic turn. Things not pointed out and I question were: 1.The complexity of his mothers hip fracture and that the second surgery (taking the plate and screws out/performing a hip replacement) is known to be a difficult one taking several hours 2.Surgeries including heart and hip surgeries are routinely performed with patients on Plavix. Studies show that it is safe to do so 3.It is portrayed that his mother spent 8 days in the hospital for no apparent reason prior to the surgery. It is not explained why she was in the hospital for that long with no decision on care made. I doubt it was no good reason. Perhaps she had some medical issues and that she was being given PT to see could improve with this instead of performing the surgery? 4. Dr. Bauer was portrayed as a villian. Really? I think he showed compassion by agreeing to meet with Mr. Burrow to discuss the care at Panera bread. He was clearly upset/choked up at the deposition because he cared. 5. Medical error is the 3rd leading cause of death? This is simply not true and based off of a widely criticized study in the British Medical Journal. Not many physicians believe this to be true. The top ten causes of death according to the national center for health statistics are the following:Heart Disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, accidents, stroke, Alzheimers, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, nephritis, overdose and suicide 6. After a hip fracture the chance of death within one year despite fixing it is around 15%. Without fixing the fracture the chance of death is much higher
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misssun31 January 2019
My heart goes out to the Burrows family. This is my family's story too. There is nowhere to place our anger, sense of betrayal, and deep despair. The system is stacked against the individual - who is not at fault. My mother suffered terribly from a medical error that dramatically affected her quality of life for the next 20 years. Because she was a resilient person, she worked hard to maintain her dignity and to hold on to what capabilities she had. But she never forgave the medical system for their total denial of responsibility, nor did her family. The situation is heartbreaking and immoral.
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Fun To Watch BUT...
neongen18 December 2018
Commercials director goes to bat for his sixty - nine year old mom when problems with a redo of a partial hip replacement leave her intellectually and physically highly damaged following a low blood pressure induced coma possibly caused by loss of blood during an operation. A number of problems rear up in this piece that just cannot be viewed as side issues. The time and effort put in by the director to bring a civil case to court just did not ring true as a desire to " help mom"...I suspect he saw this family tragedy as an opportunity to make and sell this doc...nothing heinous about this but one has to wonder. Lots of moments of interest which make the film more " entertainment " in the bigger sense of the word than an honest, objective recounting of what really took place. The behavior of uncle doctor screams there's more here than meets the eye, the use of monies other than mom's is another source of concern...two of the families on mom's side are well to do but there's only a single seeming misleading reference to any money ponied up to pay for mom's care that come from anywhere but mom's assets. and John Q Public taxpayer. Never explained how the court case was fully funded...would seem to have been way more than the 100k figure thrown out. The decisions made by the plaintiffs' attorney as to how to present the case seem not to make any sense and are just mentioned as " to provide best chance of winning ". If one reads between the lines a viewer can see how the defense could have attacked the allegations of the plaintiff but the only time spent on showing the various evil strategies is to show them looking suspicious during depositions. There's an obvious absence explanation of the defense arguements used in court. I can see problems with the course of medical treatments but was there negligence involved or more a confluence of negatives that fall short of the requirement for compensation. I would have preferred a more balanced presentation as I was left with questions about several of the events dished up by the film maker that caused me to feel I was being manipulated.
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guanina-428333 May 2019
I'm glad you did this documentary. People need to see this. I would give it 100 stars if I could.
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one sided story to paint the wrong picture of the health care
drsunnyjain18 December 2018
I personally think that this movie shows one side of the story. Airline industry and an individual health care are not the same thing. Each particular kind if jet engine/plane might work the same way but the human body doesn't. Making fun of the health care is not the right way to approach things. Outcome of the person shown in the movie are known complications, it doesn't mean medical error.
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Re-Evaluation of Bleed Out Spoilers
neongen20 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers Ahead : My prior review allowed for a 9/10 rating based on my level of interest in the story of the film makers's journey to do what he could to right the wrongs suffered by his mother in the course of her treatments stemming from a broken hip operation. My prior review made note of the shortcomings in the clarity and objectivity I found throughout the ten year story however I did enjoy the presentation and gave it high marks for its entertainment value. After futher thought I believe the director is as guilty as the medical system that " managed " his mother's care in not doing his job honestly and properly. The film is chock a block with moments that caused me to think . what happened here ? Moments such as his doctor uncle turning against him or the removal of several key defendants from the case at the last moment. The director plays fast and loose with how much money he spent to help mom or how the law suit was funded. Most tellingly the suit was lost with a jury finding the defendants being found not guilty of negligence in the blink of an eye. The director never presented the defendants' arguments or told viewer's if any jurors voted for the plaintiff. Mom should have taken vitamin D and have been forty pounds lighter. Maybe her hips would have been stronger. The son , who directs comedy projects, probably smelled a film being made as well as a court room payday. That would explain his efforts . I am left with a sense that the health care system was dealing with a problem patient who was highly likely to present difficulties. I know that the film maker produced a propaganda piece rather than an objective documentary.
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One must question the full truth presented in this film
echerian9 January 2019
As a person in their 50's the biggest thing that bothered me was more than the healthcare issues exposed. It was this: why were the only options (a) Mom in some facility or (b) Mom at home with a full time worker to care for her? We easily saw there were family members, most of all the SON making this film, so why was it never an option for Mom to live with them? THAT is by far the most disturbing aspect of this entire film. What is happening in this society that someone would make such a film and that never even came up throughout? It should ALWAYS have been Plan A. Always. For me, it seriously detracts from the validity of this film and its credibility in my eyes. Selective information at best, rating it low as a result. Sad, because the other issues raised might have been able to be taken more credibly. But given that intentional omission, I conclude that all the information in the film is selective.
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all the ten star are clearly shilled, and data clearly show US has less medical accidents like this than Canada or the UK
random-7077816 February 2020
1) ALL these ten star reviews and ratings are accounts created solely to review this film. 2) The data from the WHO show that the US has a lower rate of these kind of medical accidents than the UK NHS or Canada has. It is certainly a sympathetic story but the claims made about it being due to the" for profit system" is ludicrous and NOT supported by the data. In fact this kind of accident is 30% more likely to occur in a non for profit facility!
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Touching, honest and revealing
shannonrosebell26 September 2019
This is a mission of love, a son trying to do right by how his mother was wronged by the medical system. It's appalling and revealing to see how she was treated, I wish this wasn't how things happened and I wish we could do more about it. It's important to share this message. A great film that touches your heart.
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