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Season 5

16 Dec. 2018
Victor Miller Interview
Scotty's back with his fifth season of Slasher Scotty and he is interviewing Victor Miller, who was the screenwriter of the original Friday the 13th film. Victor discussed with Scotty how he came up with the name Jason, how the concept of Friday the 13th was first thought of, how he was approached to write the screenplay, how he came up with the creative deaths in the film, and if there was ever a plan to have a sequel.
16 Dec. 2018
Stu Charno Interview
Scotty's second interview of the fifth season of Slasher Scotty is with Stu Charno, who played Ted in Friday the 13th Part 2. Stu talked to Scotty about where he came up with the jokes in the film, why his character was a survivor, if he ever was a fan of the first film before he was cast in the second film, and what it was like working with Bill Randolph and Marta Kober.
16 Dec. 2018
Harry Manfredini Interview
Scotty is back at it again with another episode of Slasher Scotty and his guest is the famous musical composer of a majority of the music of the Friday the 13th franchise, Harry Manfredini. Harry discusses with Scotty how he made the music and the infamous Jason Voorhees stalking sound effect, what it was like working with Sean S. Cunningham, how he got the gig working as the musical composer for the original Friday the 13th film and how he was asked back time and time again and why he chose to return each and every time, why he left during Friday the 13th Part 6: ...
12 Feb. 2019
Robert Rusler Interview
Scotty is back with episode 41 of Slasher Scotty where he interviews Robert Rusler, whom played Ron Grady in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge. Ron discusses with Scotty the homoerotic content of the film, what it was like working with both Mark Patton and Robert Englund, his death scene and the major part of the scene that was completely cut from the script and watered down, what his audition was like for the film and how be came close friends with Robert Downey Jr., and much, much more.
13 Feb. 2019
Tom Proctor Interview
Scotty's fifth episode of the fifth season of Slasher Scotty is with Tom Proctor, who played the Motorist in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. Tom discussed with Scotty the proper way to break someone's neck in a death scene, what a trooper JC Brandy was during filming, how his three days on set turned into one long day and a ton of bad weather, his future projects he has in the works, including his country album he has out, and much, much more.
14 Feb. 2019
R.A. Mihailoff Interview
Scotty's back with another interview for Slasher Scotty with his guest being R.A. Mihailoff, who played Leatherface in Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. R.A. discussed with Scotty what it was like working with both Jennifer Banko and Ken Foree, how Jeff Burr was as a director, what his favorite kill of the film was, his best and worst parts on filming such an iconic, dark sequel, his future projects, and much, much more.
5 Mar. 2019
Dee Wallace Interview
Scotty is back with another episode of Slasher Scotty and he has another first coming your way with actress, Dee Wallace. Scotty breaks the interview down into two parts: one on her role in Halloween (2007) and another on her role in Cujo. Regarding Halloween (2007), Dee discusses with Scotty if she did her own stunts, what it was like having Rob Zombie as a director, how her death scene was performed, and her original death scene and how it was changed and she had to refilm a new death scene. Regarding Cujo, she discussed a lot of detail regarding the thirteen dogs ...

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