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Season 1

4 Nov. 2018
Do You Have Love for TiTi?
The contestants arrive at the mansion to join TiTi and her best friend LaLa for formal introductions and a back yard party, only for things to get a little out of hand by the end of the night.
4 Nov. 2018
Do You Have Love for TiTi? Pt. 2
TiTi's over the top fight with her ex leads to unexpected consequences for the entire cast, leading to a new meaning for elimination in a dating competition.
11 Nov. 2018
Show Me Your Talent
TiTi officially begins the competition by choosing to hold a talent show. But will any of their talents be enough to entertain their queen?
18 Nov. 2018
Getting TiTi Wet
The competition takes a turn for the wetter when LaLa delivers a mysterious letter from TiTi to the boys describing what she wants them to do next.
25 Nov. 2018
Take It to the Ring
When petty fights erupt in the house among the stir-crazy contestants, TiTi ups the ante by forcing them to to settle their scores in a dramatically different arena.
2 Dec. 2018
A Little More Than Bargained For
After LaLa is shocked by one contestant's online images, TiTi swipes through all the boys' phones to uncover any other disturbing secrets.
9 Dec. 2018
Stripping Two Away
TiTi invites a special guest to the house to help her review her remaining roster of male survivors by putting them to the ultimate test: their pole dancing skills.
16 Dec. 2018
Forking Each Other Over for TiTi
The final two contestants cooperate to make TiTi a romantic dinner, but this temporary truce comes to a quick end as the pair volley insults back and forth over the table in an effort to sway her final decision.
23 Dec. 2018
Who's Riding with TiTi?
TiTi sits down for private visits with both of her finalists for intimate heart-to-hearts in order to make her final decision; Baywatch, or Fudge Pop? Who will she choose?

 Season 1 

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