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Moulin Rouge! (2001)
The "Moulin Rouge!" is Spectacular!
22 July 2002
"It's quite new what I do, but if you are open, you might enjoy it". This description of Christian's poetry can be applied to the own movie. If you are open, you'll not only enjoy it, but completely fall in love with it. You'll watch it over and over again. You'll pay a lot just to have the dvd. You'll run to find the soundtrack and the original versions of all the songs. You'll read every single material you find about it. That's the only way to like it. You must really dive in. You can't just enjoy it. You can either love it or hate it. If it's possible to hate it? Unfortunately yes. If you're not open, if you're not an uncurable romantic, if you're not a dreamer, if you are as cinical as the World let you, you'll hate it. You'll think its musical dialogues are boring, you'll think the roof scene is ridiculous, you'll think its plot is predictable. Thank God I'm in the first group.

We, I'm sure you are one of us, love this movie so much that we can not explain. "Because those who loves never knows what loves, or why he loves, or what is to love" Fernando Pessoa. I can name a number of reasons why this movie is so great, but I won't know how to explain the reason why. When you watch "Moulin Rouge!" you leave your place as a simple watcher and you became part of it. You live all the experiences together with those characters, you really dive into that World of fantasy.

When you watch it for the first time without having a clue about what you're going to find, you have a mix of sensations that goes from anxiety to a "funny feeling inside that we can't easily hide". Soon you'll be introduced to the Moulin Rouge with a magnificent entrance. We go crazy when we recognize our favourite songs. Then a magnificent Nicole Kidman appears from the top. Then we'll go from scene to scene being surprised each time. "Your Song" enchant ourselves in every possible way. We can't believe what our eyes are seeing when they dance on the roof with an umbrella just like Mary Poppins. Then the "Elephant Medley" give us a knock out. From this point on if we were captured by it, there's no way out. We've became one of them. If we didn't, we'll only want it to finish as soon as possible.

I have a number of friends that are just like me, film buffs that love "Moulin Rouge!", I mean really "love", it's not like they've seen it and "loved" it, they still do, and will always do. But, I have a few friends that against all odds didn't like it.

It's really hard to review on a film that cannot be described. I guess I could say how wonderful it's scenery, visual effects and figurine are, but I think you all know that. To talk about the cast is totally unnecessary, everybody knows how they sing, act and dance like complete artists, that old fashioned ones. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't just with Ewan McGregor not to be nominated to any award, Nicole Kidman was nominated. I could go on and on talking about my favourite movie in years, but I guess I've said enough.
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So beautiful!
25 January 2002
I just love romantic comedies. That's not else in the world that can replace the great sensation of watching a good one. And that's just what it is. A very good romantic comedy. It has all the elements to make us fall in love with it. And so we do.

The plot is really clever with a lot of twists. Jane works at a tv program and falls in love with Ray the minute she met him. They live like a perfect couple for six weeks and he asks her to live with him. When everything seemed to be perfect, he dumps her... Totally heartbroken, with no place to live, her only option is to be roommate with her friend Eddie. Still without understanding what went wrong in her relationship, Jane comes up with a theory that explains why men leave women. From this point on, I don't have to say what will happen...

It's perfect as an entertainment, but also has a lot of insights about the relationship between man and woman. Every woman will relate to Jane and her attempt to find the love of her life while every men seem to be there to break her heart.

Ashley Judd is so beautiful and sweet and talented and funny. I'm already a fan. Greg Kinnier is just as charming as he always is. Marisa Tomei is back with everything, the role is perfect for her, though it's small, but I'm sure we'll get to see her many times on screen again. And Hugh Jackman, what can I say, is the new talent of Hollywood, I'm sure he will be seen a lot this year.

It's a bright, clever, sweet, romantic, funny, interesting, loving, adorable, nice romantic comedy, don't miss it.
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Reflection about prejudice
24 November 2001
Another court movie, "A time to kill" stars Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock and Samuel L. Jackson. They all give good performances, but it's not the highest point of the movie. What really makes it special is the script that allows us to have a good reflection.

The movie is about a little girl who is raped by two guys. Since there were reasons to believe that the trial wouldn't be fair, the girl's father kills them. He is arrested and a young lawyer is called to defend him, but the trial calls the whole country's attention because of the simple fact that the little girl is black and the two guys were white.

From this point on, the movie stars to expose the racist American society. And that's the movie's value, after watching it, people can reflect about how stupid is to treat someone differently just because of the color of his skin.

I've recently had a discussion about this theme with a History teacher (Ivan) and he tried to convince me that the Brazilian society is also impregnated with this ignorant thing. I can't deny that, but I still think that it's easier to extinguish the racism in Brazil than in United States. Specially because of L. Jackson last speech, when he tells McConaughey "we are not friends, we could never be friends, our children don't play together." In U.S.A., black people can have the same rights as white people, but they will always be treated like they were different. On the other hand, in a fancy neighbourhood in Brazil, more than 90% of the people are white and most of the black people are pour, but the 10% that are rich don't suffer racism, the prejudice can happen between rich people and pour people, not because of their color, but their social position. Another point in our favour is that no one here, absolutely no one, can be sure that they are 100% white or 100% black, it's impossible, it's not an issue to black people to marry white people here. That's why I believe that if we can ever make this huge economical difference disappear, we will make the racism also disappear. However, in the United States, black people will always have their separate quarter.

It causes indignation to see prejudice in any form, so it's nice to see that people worry about this issue and make movies about it. As a movie, it's not the greatest production, but just the fact that it can makes us think about it, it's worthy.
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Lost & Found (I) (1999)
Sophie Marceau, is that you?
14 May 2001
So, here I was watching HBO, when I saw that a sweet comedy was going t pass on Sunday night. I got interested, I love romantic comedies and it's nice to watch something light, once and a while.

The guy I knew from a tv show, but the woman didn't look strange, so I look closer and I saw it was someone I knew. I had to check it up at the magazine and I was very surprised, it was really her.

I'm a big fan of Sophie Marceau, she is very beautiful and talented. I've seen her in movies like Braveheart, Anna Karenina and Firelight and she was always magnificent. They were all very difficult parts, very dense and emotional.

But this movie is about a slim short guy who falls in love with his beautiful successful neighbour. He doesn't know what to do to get to know her . He tried to return her dog everytime it runs away, but everytime he only gets a thank you from her. So, he had this idea, hide the dog for a couple of hours and ask her to take a walk with him and try to find it. The plan goes well, he makes she think he's funny and charming, they have a good time. But, when he supposed to return the dog, he finds out that he can't. From this point on, it's just a lot of confusion and funny situations.

David Space is great, the star of "Just Shoot Me" plays a part very similar with Finch, Sophie is not just beautiful and talented, but also very funny. And the script is okay. Although it's a little predictable, it's also charming and convincing. I mean, we believe that the hot neighbour can actually fall in love with the unactractive sweet guy.

The movie doesn't want to be more than a good entertainment and it succeeds. Great chance to have good laughs and see a different Sophie Marceau.
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A Dog's Will (2000)
Sensational Brazilian Tale
7 May 2001
Warning: Spoilers

Imagine a fantastic tale about two unique characters in a not so expounded Brazil. Now add the most intelligent and splendid humor and the most talented performances of the always great Selton Melo and the phenomenon Matheus Nachtergaele. Don't forget that the funny Denise Fraga and Diogo Vilela are in the production, as the wonderful Lima Duarte, Marco Nanini and Rogério Cardoso. If you are still not convinced that this is just one of the best movies ever made, remember that the only Brazilian actress ever nominated to an Oscar is priceless as the Compadecida.

I guess I've convinced you all, haven't I? So, have a lot of fun, watching one of the most inventive, original and authentic Brazilian movie. I know that a lot of jokes will be untranslatable and it will be very hard to related with that reality, but I know that it isn't impossible because I know that there's poverty in everywhere in this world and I know that there's corruption in Catholic churches in everywhere in this world and I know that people cheat their husbands in everywhere in the world.

The unique Brazilian touch is the humor of the two protagonists, one is the most creative liar and the other is the most sprightly illiterate guy. While Chicó spends his time getting trouble and telling the most incredible things that "happen" to him, João Grilo uses all the briskness that he has to take them out of the trouble and just survive.

The thing is that Chicó's last trouble was huge and João Grilo ended up being killed by a bandit. That's one of the most funny scenes, he has to be solved in a trial, so that he can goes to Haven. Since he used to commit a lot of sins, the only way to get out of this is with Mary's help.

It's really rare to find a comedy that succeeds criticizing important groups of the society, making us reflect, criticizing concepts (Jesus is black) and that also make us don't stop laughing during the entire movie. Just great! Don't miss it!
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Just Fun!!!
6 May 2001
Charlie's Angels is purposely one of those popcorn Hollywood films. It's only intention is to entertain us. Since that's why it was made, there's no reason for us to criticize its not so creative script. It only aims to make us have fun. And it definetaly succeeds.

Drew Barrymore, Cameron Dias and Lucy Liu are absolutely great as Dylan, Natalie and Alex. They are funny, beautiful and charmed, great blend to action characters, specially if they can also use those qualities to capture the bad guys.

There isn't much similarity with the original show, except for Charlie's voice that continues to put the girls in all kinds of trouble while he has fun surrounded by women. Bosley now is played by Bill Murray, and they are also hired to solve a crime, like it used to happened in every episode. The difference is that it doesn't take itself seriously like the show. The mystery is replaced by the action and every scene seems to be a joke. The scenes in the beginning reminding us of the series doesn't seems to be a homage, but a satire. It's all the time laughing at the series and the own movie. It starts with Dylan dressed as black fat guy in an airplane complaining about the movie that was about to pass because it was another 70's series adaptation...

Some people didn't like the joke, but I think it's exactly why this movie is great and why it's better than others alike, such as Mission Impossible 2, because it has a lot of implausible scenes, pointless action and meanless drama, but it's like they are saying: "that's okay, we know how ridiculous it is, the only reason it is here is to make you laugh at it, as we also do".

So, forget the bad reviews, get your popcorn bag and get ready to the next angel's mission: make us all have a great time. Believe me, they've never failed.
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I wonder where my penguin is
20 April 2001
Another teen movie, I first thought. But this one had this huge quality: Drew Barrymore was in the cast. Plus, I was in high school when it was in the movies and some friends used to say that it was based on the life of one of the boys. People say he also had never been kissed. But in our final party we almost kiss. Only he and I knows that we ALMOST kiss, the rest of the gang doesn't. So, I technically first kiss him. And, as I want to be a filmmaker, they said I did it because I wanted to make the sequel...

Silly story, but anyway, I looked forward to see it. Unfortunately I end up waiting almost two years to finally see it. Totally worth it. I absolutely loved it. It has all magical characteristics that a romantic comedy must have, it also has some clichés... but it's not the point.

It just make us think about real love and soul mates and kisses that make our world turns upside down. The way Josie describes what she expects on a kiss, inspired me and I realized that I have never been kissed, not this way, and I bet a lot of people haven't either. It's so hard to find our match. "You know, penguins spend their entire life looking for their one other, and when they finally find them, they spend the rest of their lives together." I need to find my penguin. I wonder where he is.
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There's only one reason why I wanted to watch it
18 April 2001
It's not because Richard is on it, even though I love him. It's not because it's about women and it's definitely not because of its story line, I didn't got interested in it at all. But when I heard that Farrah Fawcett was one it, I just couldn't miss it. I know that you can see her all the time, but, here, in Brazil, the last time I could see her, she was 29 years old. I needed to see how she was now. And that's the only reason why I bought the ticket.

Since I didn't have much expectations, it wasn't disappointing. I could see my timeless Jill. She was about 15 minutes on screen, and let everyone open-mouthed with her nudity scene in the mall. And when she started to act like a child, I could see Jill's smile and her loose walk.

The rest of the movie is okay. It has a wonderful cast and a story line interesting but not very well developed. If I hadn't gone to the cinema just to see Farrah Fawcett, I would be very disappointed.
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Charlie's Angels (1976–1981)
"Once upon an time there were three little girls...
18 April 2001
... who went to the police academy, and they were each sigh very passionless duties, but I took them away from all that, and now they work for me. My name is Charlie."

I can't spend one week without hearing Charlie's little story in the beginning of every episode. I've always heard about this show, but I never had the opportunity to see it, until the movie was made. Weeks before it's premiere in Brazil, it started to be passed on a cable channel and I decide to watch every single episode until the movie comes out, so I did it. However, when I finally watch the movie, I didn't want to stop watching the series anymore. It's so great!

I love everything about it, specially the cast. Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson are just so enchanted, their beauty and talent captures everyone. The story line is also good, there's always an interesting case for them to solve. But what I love the most is the mysterious air and the incredible desire of belonging to that time that I get from it. And I had never really enjoyed anything that wasn't from the 90's, maybe the 80's. But now I'm a big fan of a 1976 wonderful series and I don't miss a chance to know a show or movie no matter the time it was made.
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The Thorn and the Rose (2000–2001)
Pleasant Brazilian entertainment
21 October 2000
Brazilian Soap Operas have always had international fame and I am proud of it. I have my list favorites "A gata comeu"(1985), "Brega & Chique" (1987), "Direito de Amar" (1987). However, the soap operas aren't so good as it used to be.

I had given up on watching soap operas when I started to watch "O Cravo e a Rosa". It's a very good entertainment, very soft and sweet. Specially the relationship between Petruchio and Catarina. It's basically a romantic comedy with all the charm and softness of it.

The fact that it's on the beginning of the century only makes it more special, we can be transported to another time with wonderful characters and a pleasant plot. Now I can be proud of our soap operas production again.
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When "Jennifer" met "Ryan"
9 October 2000
The title above says everything about this movie: it's a `When Harry Met Sally' modern version with a inversion of characters. I realized that even before watch. The trailer line were very familiar: `First they hate each other, then they become friends and then...'

Although it has some differences the premise is the same. Jennifer met Ryan during a trip and they hated each other. Years later they met again and another few years later they became friends. They had the perfect relationship till something happen and change everything. A very familiar story that was wonderfully adapted to a teenage movie. `When Harry met Sally' begins when they both graduate from High School, this one ends after the graduation.

I love remakes, specially if it's a great movie, but the new version has to have something special,. Roger Kumble made an excellent job with `Cruel Intentions' for example, `Boys and Girls' is charmed, sweet and has great lines. Everything a romantic comedy must have.

Claire Forlani is very talented and surprised me with her performance, Freddie Prinze Jr. is very cute and the girls just love him. As to the rest of the cast, they are in charge of the fun, specially Jason Biggs with his hilarious character. Go see it, it's worthy.
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Funny, interesting and sweet
7 October 2000
Edward Norton really surprised me with this wonderful romantic comedy. I all most lost the opportunity to watch it on the movies, it was there for a long time and I wasn't very interested to watch it. But then, I friend of mine ask me to go to the movies and this was the only movie we haven't seen yet.

Unfortunately we couldn't go, but I got interested and when it was in his last week I watched and loved it. It is a romantic comedy with a incredible plot. Three inseparable childhood friends – two boys and a girl – meet after been apart from a long time and the two men fall in love with the girl that now is a beautiful woman. The weird thing is that one of the men is a priest and the other is a Rabin. With a plot like that there's no need to say that it's a romantic comedy different of all the others.

It also touches a point in our religion life. Isn't it time to unite all the religions? They try to do that and sometimes are repressed, but they conclude their little project of a Catholic-Jewish karaok bar.

In romantic comedies what really matters is the plot and the acting. This movie has more than enough talent. Edward, Ben and Jenna are excellent, very funny, very convincing and very sweet. It's impossible not to fall in love with all of them. Their relationship is very funny and touching. Excellent!!!
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Hollow Man (2000)
It's not what I was expecting
7 October 2000
I hate the way movies became a product that must have been sold. The trailers don't show what the movie really is, but what the public wants to see. I thought it was a thriller horror film, I didn't got scared even once. If I had gone to the cinema expecting to see a interesting science fiction, maybe I would have liked despite the fact it has a lot of cliches...
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What a wonderful movie
21 July 2000
I had a teacher (Shirley) who gave me a text about how society was terrible and how we can change it. The world is incredibly beautiful and we can't waste our lives living the way we do.

A few months later I saw that text gain color, images and movements. A wonderful picture, excellent performances and a script never seen before made of `American beauty' one of the most successful movies in 1999 and the 2000 Oscar winner. The great insight was to make a comedy instead of a melodramatic movie.

`American Beauty' can entertain and cause emotion at the same time. The story of a man who realize his life is terrible and try to change it after fall in love with his daughter's friend is fantastic. Some people didn't understand and thought it was vulgar, they didn't know that it's a satire. In a melodramatic movie the reason he would change his life would be different, since it's a comedy that's why he does it.

Some people thought it was merely a critic of the American style of life. It's a critic, but not only to the USA, it's a critic to all the world. In this world everybody is pretending to be something they aren't, like in the movie. Lester pretends he is happy because he has a beautiful family and a good job, but he isn't. Carolyn pretends she is always successful, it's one of the requisites of her career, she says. Angela pretends she is an experienced woman who has had relationships with boys in her age and now is looking for somebody with experience. Ricky pretends he is a good and innocent son, when he is actually a drug dealer. Jane is kind of authentic, but until she meet Ricky she didn't know what she wanted for real. And that's how the society is, we have to pretend, we have to adapt ourselves to the world forgetting who we really are and what we really want.

To became a good friend we have to abstain of some of our ideas and desires and always agree with our friend. To became a good professional we have to forget about our ideals and do whatever is necessary to succeed, whether we agree with it or not. Our differences are repressed to make of this world `one united world' with no wars and nobody against the rules of the society. Rules that were made by the ones who have the power and benefits of this rules.

The union of the world can't be done this way. We have to accept all the differences and learn how to live with them. All defects we can easily find in the people around us is also found in ourselves. Everything we think is the truth may not be for other people.

Everyday we pass through all the kinds of natural beauties and we didn't realize that. We are living like robots, with no feelings, no wishes, no wills, no desires. Live like it's the last day of our life doesn't mean we can't make plans to the future, but it makes us think what we would do if an angel appears to us and tell us it is going to be our last day on Earth and we can do anything to spend this day here. We live like this life was eternal, we really want to do something, but we forget about it, `maybe another time', we think, it may not be another time. Lets do it now!

Everywhere we go seems to be enclosed by imaginary barriers that keep us in the way they traced and there's still people who think we are free. I wanted to became a lawyer but then I realized I would never make real justice, I would just adapted myself to this world. Then I found out that the only way to escape of this whole thing is through the art. A movie like that can open people's mind and together we can try to do something. Funny how many things we can think about just by watching it. And I think each time we see it, we think about other things.

With all this about the script, seems like the other aspects of the movie aren't so great. Everything about this movie is wonderful. Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening, Thora Birch, Mena Suvary and Wes Bentley are all magnificent. It's a masterpiece of the seventh art. Don't miss it!
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Frightening, intelligent and sensitive
21 July 2000
Three were the numbers of times I watched this movie till I get the conclusion that... it's perfect. Before I watched it for the first time, I already had great expectations, what is not good, the chances you have to be disappointed is much bigger then. But the opposite happened: I left the cinema wondering how M. Night Shyamalan could do something so perfectly arranged and also coherent. And I am not just talking about the plot, the soundtrack, the camera movements, everything seems to be in the right place.

Cole is a twelve-year-old boy who would be like every children in his age if there weren't this simple fact: he can see dead people! The story is focus on Cole's little issue and how Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) will find a way to help him. The movie also has beautiful background themes like: love, losing a close person, familiar relationships, human cruelty, friendship, human rational beliefs and how people always try to find reasonable explanation for everything, beyond of course the relationship between doctor and patient, how they have to be confident with each other to find out the answers.

It's not a movie to make people scared like horror films, but it has the elements that can make you jump out of the chair and fell chills in your neck whiling watching it. The bad news is after this movie you might have another opinion about chills ... The same thing will happen about things we can't find anywhere... Never mind, when you see it, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

The three things I admire the most about this movie, one for each time I saw it, are: the Haley Joel Osment performance – an Oscar deserved one, the techniques – how it really keeps the watchers attention, and how everything directs to the amazing surprise at the end. Go see it!!!
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Stigmata (1999)
21 July 2000
You know that feeling we've got when we see a lot of people preaching lots of rules and we see this same people doing the opposite. We just think everything is wrong and the only way is live by ourselves. Not everything is wrong and we can't live by ourselves, but the church must change or people will start to think they are self-sufficient. The movie is about the dogmas of Catholic church and people's faith in general.

A priest goes to Brazil to check if miracles is really happening after the death of another priest who was expelled of Vatican. He discovered they are real, but is obliged to stay silent. Meanwhile Frankie Page receives a string of beads from her mother who was visiting this beautiful country at the same time the priest died. Turns out it was the priest string of beads and he was suffering of the Stigmata, then it starts to happen Frankie. This is just the begging of a great, entertaining, touching movie.

I've read some negative critics about this movie, saying that it wastes a great plot with video-clip sequences, referring to the visual effects, but I thought they were great and didn't prejudice the seriousness of the story.

Moreover, Gabriel Byrne is good as always and Patricia Arquette is wonderful, she shows all her talent playing this girl.

Watch this movie, think about it and use in your life the things you learn with it. Forget the rules and use what we learn with Jesus and then John Lennon immortalized in his song: `All we need is love'.
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Scream 3 (2000)
Aren't you tired of this whole thing, Sydney?
19 July 2000
Apparently no. Despite the fact it has been made three movies talking the same thing. It still works. In the last movie of the trilogy, they make fun of the rules of .... trilogies... of course. Forget about everything you've seen the rules of trilogies is: there are no rules!

A secret about the past will change everything about the two first movies. All we think were the reasons of the killers aren't them. At least not all the reasons. The thing we all will know at the end of this movie is that Sydney's mother were the great guilty of everything.

Sydney, Gale and Dewey are back to what seems to be last `Scream'. It follows the same plot. It starts with someone being killed, than Sydney receives a phone call and the massacre begins. It's so good as the others and finish the trilogy in great stile, but it is not so scary.

I've read somewhere they are planing to make a sequel with nobody of the cast or the direction, will it work? I don't think so. I guess the final act has to be it, otherwise people will get tired of it. A trilogy is all we need.
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Scream 2 (1997)
Do you remember me, Sydney?
19 July 2000
The formula is the same as the first one, but it doesn't let us tired. First of all, the excuse they give to make the sequel was the most creative I've seen: Gale, one of the survivors of the first movie, made a book about the massacre and now it became a movie.

`Scream 2' tell us the `rules' of a sequel with the same sarcasm of `Scream' and it also proves that this is the only successful teenage horror movie. After `Scream' the cinema was invaded with lots of worse copies of it, but none of them could repeat its success.

If you watched the first and liked it. Don't miss this one, it will prove that is not always that sequels follow the rule of being worse than the original movie.
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Indescribable insight of Woody Allen
19 July 2000
Years ago I read that Woody Allen was directing a movie called `Desconstructing Harry'. I thought it would be a crazy comedy about a guy who starts to disappear. It's nothing like that. Yeah, it's a crazy comedy, but it's different from every comedy ever made, so I don't think we can call it comedy. It's definitely crazy, but what is something crazy, anyway? Ok, I guess you all understood what I wanted to say with `indescribable'.

Its cast is replete of stars: Robin Williams, Demi Moore, Billy Cristal, Kirst Allen, just to name some of them. The plot is incredible: a writer in the middle of a crisis can't write anything and the people who were inspiration to his book characters are indignant of being described vulgarly. It's just the begging of the most creative movie of the year.

The non-linear sequel of facts is spectacular. It were already used by a Brazilian book writer named `Machado de Assis' and recently Woody Allen said that what Machado did in the literature he wanted to do for a long time in the cinema. Isn't that great?
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Scream (1996)
Do you like scary movies?
19 July 2000
My usual answer to this question would be no. I always thought horror movies were silly. Just a lot of blood and idiot characters who just scream and do the most stupid things while getting away of the killer, who never dyes. `Scream' doesn't deny that. On the contrary, the great thing about this movie is exactly that: it plays with the `rules' of horror movies.

Movies that take a silly plot serious doesn't work. `Scream' is always laughing of its own plot. In the middle of the movie Randy tell us the rules of his own movie. People talk about a horror movie and right after it, Tatoon appears dressed like the movie character. The parody doesn't end here, during all the movie Kevin Williamson comes with more sarcasm.

The cast is great. Beyond all the people who dies, there's Neve Campbel as Sydney Prescot. Courtney Cox when I didn't know her yet, totally different from Monica as Gale Wethers and her future husband David Arquette as Dewey.

Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven had a great idea and made a wonderful job with `Scream'. It was the first time a entertaining movie about teenagers being frightened by a killer actually gained the critics applause. Bravo!!!
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So sweet
15 July 2000
I confess the first reason I wanted to watch it is because Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) was in it. I turn on the TV, and I saw her. I looked for it in the magazine, and turns out it was a Romantic Comedy, another point for it. I thought I would have couple of hours of entertainment, it was more than that! It's just so sweet, and the fact it starts in black and white till Frankie find her blue-eyes charmed prince was a great idea of Tiffany. The public may not have loved it so much as I did, but it's certainly great and different of others Romantic Comedies. I loved the dedication at the end: "TO MOM AND DAD. Thanks for your support I couldn't make it without you" I hope someday I will be able to do this too.
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Meg Ryan + Tom Hanks + Nora Ephron = Great movie
7 July 2000
I always knew that I was going to love it, it's obvious, but what I didn't know is that it would have this whole beautiful plot full of great subjects background.

The movie tells the story of two people who fall in love thru the internet, are charmed with each other when they first met, hate each other when they find out they're adversaries in business and fall in love when they forgive each other. If the movie was just that, it would be a great romantic comedy.

However, subjects like the ugly face of the capitalism and how to deal with losses of parents are also in the movie.

I'm a romantic comedy lover and Meg Ryan's fan, so I'm a little suspect to talk about this movie, but I guarantee it is very entertaining, specially when Joe keeps kidding with her, trying to find a lot of defects to the internet guy (himself) letting her really confused.
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Beautiful and sweet
7 July 2000
Meg Ryan is an indescribable actress, who just makes you completely fall in love with her characters and their lives. Romantic Comedies seem to have been made to count with Meg as protagonist, a romantic comedy without her has something missing. It's not that she is just good in romantic comedies, but none is so good as she is, even my second favorite actress (Julia Roberts)'s movies are not that sweet. Meg is great in dramas too, like "City of Angels" and she was fantastic in "When a man loves a woman" (she really proved her talent with this one).

Tom Hanks is a versatile actor, who have made all kinds of movies, who has won two Oscars for his great performances and who is just perfect in this movie.

Meg and Tom were great on "Joe versus the volcano", "Sleepless on Seattle" and recently on "You've got mail". The result are three excellent movies, certainly there is chemistry between them. It's one of the reasons why I loved this movie.

The other reason is because it makes me wonder whether soul mates exist or not. I'm very romantic, to complete, it ends with Celine Dion singing "When I fall in love it will be forever or I will never fall in love...". It couldn't be better. The whole soundtrack is incredibly beautiful.

Some people told me it was too sweet, but for me it's just the right measure. Enjoy it!
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Pretty Woman (1990)
What's your dream?
7 July 2000
There are movies that are perfect, the technique, the performances, the directing, everything... other movies are horrible, we can find a lot of defects everywhere. However, some movies are beyond this whole thing, we simply don't care about the details, they are more than perfect, they are wonderful. "Pretty Woman" is one of those.

Who loves this movie can't say why. It's some kind of feeling we've got after watching it, we just want to see it over and over again and we want to supply our desires and dreams. Life becomes tasty, great, marvellous.

I know that a critic would find a lot of reasons why this movie shouldn't be so over rated, but when it comes to art, I don't think it should be rated by the technique but by the feeling of the public.
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The Haunting (1999)
A little disappointing
30 June 2000
I saw the movie clip of "The Haunting", and I just loved it. It was really scary, I couldn't wait to see it. Imagine myself in an old and haunted house must be really frightening, I thought. Moreover, the charming Catherine Zeta-Jones, who had really impressed me in "The Mask of Zorro", was in it. It was one of those "can't miss" movies.

Consequently, I went to the movie theater with great expectations about it. I thought I would fell that I was there, in this startled house. But it wasn't that good. It is really slow, sometimes sleepy, it looses its way still in the beginning.

Even so, it's a good movie, with some enterteining scenes and a little fear. People who wasn't expecting so much probably enjoyed it.
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