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1. The Zero Hour (2010)

1 hr 40 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

Rated on 01 Nov 2015

The Zero Hour is a gritty, fast-paced heist film. Set in Caracas during the 24 hours of a controversial medical strike, the film tells the story of Parca (The Reaper) a feared hit man that ... See full summary »

Director: Diego Velasco | Stars: Zapata 666, Amanda Key, Erich Wildpret, Laureano Olivares

Votes: 1,128

2. Seeing Other People (2004)

R | 1 hr 30 min | Comedy, Romance

Rated on 31 Oct 2015

Two months shy of their wedding, a couple decide to allow each other last flings until their wedding.

Director: Wallace Wolodarsky | Stars: Jay Mohr, Julianne Nicholson, Andy Richter, Josh Charles

Votes: 2,308

3. The King (2005)

R | 1 hr 45 min | Drama, Thriller

Rated on 30 Oct 2015

A troubled man, recently discharged from the Navy, goes to Corpus Christi, Texas, in search of the father he's never met.

Director: James Marsh | Stars: Gael García Bernal, William Hurt, Laura Harring, Derek Alvarado

Votes: 7,040

4. Descent Into Darkness (2002)

R | 1 hr 36 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Rated on 29 Oct 2015

Deep in the Mariana Sea Basin, several miners have died under mysterious circumstances. Officer Will Murdock of the Deep Submersible Division is brought down to investigate. Will anyone reach the surface alive?

Director: Daniel Knauf | Stars: Dean Cain, Scott Wiper, Biliana Petrinska, Maxim Genchev

Votes: 356

5. Shut Up and Shoot! (2006)

Not Rated | 1 hr 26 min | Comedy, Thriller

Rated on 28 Oct 2015

Old time forgotten friend has to save his true friends for the underground trafficking gang at the school.

Director: Silvio Pollio | Stars: Silvio Pollio, Joe Cortese, Tom Sizemore, Gary Busey

Votes: 419

6. The Near Room (1995)

1 hr 30 min | Thriller, Drama

Rated on 26 Oct 2015

Charlie Colquhoun is a journalist whose career is floundering. As a teenager, he fathered a daughter, Tommy, who was committed to foster care as an infant. Seventeen years later, Charlie, ... See full summary »

Director: David Hayman | Stars: Adrian Dunbar, David O'Hara, David Hayman, Julie Graham

Votes: 167

7. Trouble on the Corner (1997)

1 hr 54 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Rated on 25 Oct 2015

Jeff Steward, a psychologist, takes good care of his patients mostly living in the same apartment. One day a piece of the bathroom ceiling collapses so he can watch the woman living in the ... See full summary »

Director: Alan Madison | Stars: Charles Busch, Giancarlo Esposito, Edie Falco, Tony Goldwyn

Votes: 141

8. Dope Game 2 (2003 Video)

R | 1 hr 30 min | Action, Crime

Rated on 24 Oct 2015

Four corrupt Oakland Task Force Officers turn the city inside out with murders, beatings and whatever it takes to clean up the streets and make a little money. They try to sell their ... See full summary »

Directors: Eduardo Quiroz, Jose Quiroz | Stars: David Dyno Rocha, Jose Rosete, David Petersen, Chris Angelo

Votes: 282

9. The Dope Game (2002 Video)

Unrated | 1 hr 31 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Rated on 24 Oct 2015

Two hitmen decide to jump into the Dope Game...

Directors: Eduardo Quiroz, Jose Quiroz | Stars: David Dyno Rocha, Carlos Vasquez, James M. Logan, Mike Rinks

Votes: 48

10. The Escapist (2002)

R | 1 hr 28 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Rated on 24 Oct 2015

The skilled pilot Denis Hopkins lives with his pregnant wife Valerie and has a comfortable lifestyle. When the gang of criminals headed by the sadistic Ricky Barnes breaks in his seaside ... See full summary »

Director: Gillies MacKinnon | Stars: Jonny Lee Miller, Andy Serkis, Gary Lewis, Jodhi May

Votes: 1,566

11. Gross Anatomy (1989)

PG-13 | 1 hr 49 min | Drama

Rated on 24 Oct 2015

A smart first-year med student takes nothing seriously, except the pursuit of his Gross Anatomy (human dissection) lab partner. It's up to her and their teacher to find a way to convince ... See full summary »

Director: Thom Eberhardt | Stars: Matthew Modine, Daphne Zuniga, Christine Lahti, Todd Field

Votes: 3,453

12. The Wrestler (2008)

R | 1 hr 49 min | Drama, Sport

Rated on 24 Oct 2015

A faded professional wrestler must retire, but finds his quest for a new life outside the ring a dispiriting struggle.

Director: Darren Aronofsky | Stars: Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood, Mark Margolis

Votes: 284,632

13. Broken Fences (2008)

Not Rated | 1 hr 41 min | Drama, Western

Rated on 22 Oct 2015

Joe, a rancher in the mountains of Colorado, has his life of solitude interrupted when his luckless son gets paroled from prison and moves back in with him, bringing his ill-fated ways along.

Director: Troy McGatlin | Stars: Jan Van Sickle, Ryan J. Parker, Earla Stewart, Wesley Walker

Votes: 154

14. Recipe for Disaster (2003 TV Movie)

G | 1 hr 28 min | Comedy, Family

Rated on 17 Oct 2015

Rebecca Korda and her two brothers, Sam and Max, are left alone on opening night of their family-owned restaurant.

Director: Harvey Frost | Stars: John Larroquette, Lesley Ann Warren, Melissa Peterman, Margo Harshman

Votes: 316

15. Two Coyotes (2001)

R | 1 hr 23 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Rated on 17 Oct 2015

A drug runner takes over a lucrative drug business only to find his new found empire crumble when a deal goes bad.

Director: Jose Reyes Bencomo | Stars: Jorge Cordova, Nicholas Guilak, Joe Estevez, Ricardo Molina

Votes: 51

16. Silver City (2004)

R | 2 hr 8 min | Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Rated on 16 Oct 2015

The discovery of a corpse threatens to unravel a bumbling local politician's campaign for governor of Colorado.

Director: John Sayles | Stars: Chris Cooper, Thora Birch, Maria Bello, Billy Zane

Votes: 3,786

17. Crooked Lines (2003)

1 hr 30 min | Comedy

Rated on 14 Oct 2015

Johnny, a small time criminal in his late thirties, has been trying to get ahead his whole life. Sure, hes managed to scrape up enough money over the years to refurnish his entire apartment... See full synopsis »

Director: Harry O'Reilly | Stars: Adam Trese, Jim Breuer, Burt Young, Tony Darrow

Votes: 107

18. Surviving Eden (2004)

Not Rated | 1 hr 29 min | Comedy

Rated on 14 Oct 2015

A documentary crew captures the capitalistic trappings a reality show winner falls into during his short-lived stint with fame and fortune.

Director: Greg Pritikin | Stars: Michael Panes, Cheri Oteri, Jane Lynch, Sam Robards

Votes: 118

19. The Shooting (1966)

G | 1 hr 22 min | Western

Rated on 14 Oct 2015

A mysterious woman persuades two cowboys to help her in a revenge scheme.

Director: Monte Hellman | Stars: Millie Perkins, Jack Nicholson, Will Hutchins, Warren Oates

Votes: 4,244

20. The Box (I) (2009)

PG-13 | 1 hr 55 min | Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Rated on 14 Oct 2015

A small wooden box arrives on the doorstep of a married couple, who know that opening it will grant them a million dollars and kill someone they don't know.

Director: Richard Kelly | Stars: Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, Frank Langella, James Rebhorn

Votes: 87,549

21. Shaking the Tree (1990)

R | 1 hr 37 min | Comedy, Drama

Rated on 18 Sep 2015

A crowd of guys in their 20's spend most of their time hanging out. It's Christmas time in the early 1990's and the guys all begin to think it's about time they went about their lives ... See full summary »

Director: Duane Clark | Stars: Arye Gross, Gale Hansen, Doug Savant, Steven Wilde

Votes: 168

22. The Matador (2005)

R | 1 hr 36 min | Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Rated on 26 Aug 2015

A globetrotting hitman and a crestfallen businessman meet in a hotel bar in Mexico City in an encounter that draws them together in a way neither expected.

Director: Richard Shepard | Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Greg Kinnear, Hope Davis, Arlin Miller

Votes: 43,351

23. Mujeres Infieles (2004)

Not Rated | 1 hr 47 min | Comedy, Drama

Rated on 25 Aug 2015

The consequences of the infidelity of three women, a news reader, the owner of a house and a woman at a business dinner.

Director: Rodrigo Ortuzar Lynch | Stars: María José Prieto, Viviana Rodríguez, Daniel Alcaíno, Liliana Ross

Votes: 361

24. Wagon Train (1957–1965)
Episode: The Dr. Denker Story (1962)

TV-PG | 1 hr | Western

Rated on 24 Aug 2015

Bill spots a young boy alone on the trail. He passes out but they later learn he can't talk but that he saw his dad killed by strangers for no apparent reason. Later, they run into Dr. Denker taking musical instruments to California.

Director: Frank Arrigo | Stars: Robert Horton, John McIntire, Theodore Bikel, Terry Wilson

Votes: 41

25. Wagon Train (1957–1965)
Episode: The Malachi Hobart Story (1962)

TV-PG | 1 hr | Western

Rated on 24 Aug 2015

Duke comes across Malachi Hobart, a preacher dedicating his life to his fellow man, and is impressed with his charitable works. However, he begins to believe that the pastor is in fact a con artist who is using religion to swindle people.

Director: David Butler | Stars: John McIntire, Robert Horton, Denny Miller, Frank McGrath

Votes: 44

26. Wagon Train (1957–1965)

TV-PG | 1 hr 15 min | Western

Rated on 20 Aug 2015

Stories of the journeys of a wagon train as it leaves post-Civil War Missouri on its way to California through the plains, deserts, and Rocky Mountains.

Stars: Frank McGrath, Terry Wilson, Robert Horton, John McIntire

Votes: 2,263

27. The Object of Beauty (1991)

R | 1 hr 43 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Rated on 19 Aug 2015

This story is about a ne'er do well and his girlfriend search for a thief.

Director: Michael Lindsay-Hogg | Stars: John Malkovich, Andie MacDowell, Lolita Davidovich, Rudi Davies

Votes: 1,912

28. America's Sweethearts (2001)

PG-13 | 1 hr 42 min | Comedy, Romance

Rated on 19 Aug 2015

A movie publicist deals with the messy public split of his movie's co-stars while keeping reporters at bay while a reclusive director holds the film's print hostage.

Director: Joe Roth | Stars: Julia Roberts, John Cusack, Billy Crystal, Catherine Zeta-Jones

Votes: 53,688

29. The TV Set (2006)

R | 1 hr 28 min | Comedy, Drama

Rated on 19 Aug 2015

The story of a TV pilot as it goes through the Network TV process of casting, production and finally airing.

Director: Jake Kasdan | Stars: David Duchovny, Sigourney Weaver, Ioan Gruffudd, Judy Greer

Votes: 5,458

30. Starstruck (1998)

1 hr 30 min | Drama

Rated on 13 Aug 2015

An aspiring screenwriter in Los Angeles befriends a washed up, former teen idol and develops an unhealthy relationship with him.

Director: John Enbom | Stars: Jamie Kennedy, Loren Dean, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, Spencer Garrett

Votes: 277

31. The Circle (I) (2005)

Not Rated | 1 hr 43 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Rated on 12 Aug 2015

A frantic young woman begs a stranger to help save her marked husband, not realizing that the stranger is the hit man hired to kill him. Experimental digital movie shot entirely in one take and in real time.

Director: Yuri Zeltser | Stars: Angela Bettis, Scott Cohen, Henry Czerny, David Proval

Votes: 330

32. Original Sin (2001)

R | 1 hr 56 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance

Rated on 09 Aug 2015

A woman, along with her lover, plans to con a rich man by marrying him, earning his trust, and then running away with all his money. Everything goes as planned until she falls in love with him.

Director: Michael Cristofer | Stars: Antonio Banderas, Angelina Jolie, Thomas Jane, Jack Thompson

Votes: 52,657

33. The Old Curiosity Shop (1995 TV Movie)

PG | 2 hr | Drama

Rated on 09 Aug 2015

When young Nell Trent's (Sally Walsh's) grandfather (Sir Peter Ustinov) loses the investment money of wharf owner Daniel Quilp (Sir Tom Courtenay) with cards, Quilp develops an everlasting urge to get him put in the madhouse. Nell and her grandfather flee the city.

Director: Kevin Connor | Stars: Alan Barry, Adam Blackwood, Tom Courtenay, Brian de Salvo

Votes: 227

34. Septem8er Tapes (2004)

R | 1 hr 35 min | Drama, Thriller, War

Rated on 08 Aug 2015

One year after 9/11, an American journalist travels to Afghanistan in an effort to learn the truth about the search for Osama bin Laden.

Director: Christian Johnston | Stars: George Calil, Wali Razaqi, Sunil Sadarangani, Baba Jon

Votes: 800

35. Yuma (1971 TV Movie)

PG | 1 hr 13 min | Western

Rated on 08 Aug 2015

A tough marshal is sent to clean up a lawless western town.

Director: Ted Post | Stars: Clint Walker, Barry Sullivan, Kathryn Hays, Edgar Buchanan

Votes: 409

36. Dark Mind (2006)

1 hr 21 min | Drama, Thriller

Rated on 08 Aug 2015

An inventor (Masterson) must protect his inventions from becoming casualties of the Cold War.

Director: Nicholas Peterson | Stars: Christopher Masterson, Lyndsy Fonseca, David DeLuise, Richard Riehle

Votes: 158

37. Shark in a Bottle (1999)

R | 1 hr 34 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Rated on 06 Aug 2015

An unhappy programmed-to-kill postal worker must stop his current employers or die trying.

Director: Mark Anthony Little | Stars: Danny Nucci, Hiep Thi Le, Ben Gazzara, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister

Votes: 86

38. Other Voices (2000)

R | 1 hr 44 min | Drama, Romance, Thriller

Rated on 06 Aug 2015

This movie deals with the breakdown of communication, the loss of identity, and the facelessness of corporate life. Phil (David Aaron Baker) and Anna (Mary McCormack) are a young married, ... See full summary »

Director: Dan McCormack | Stars: David Aaron Baker, Mary McCormack, Stockard Channing, Campbell Scott

Votes: 254

39. Rob the Mob (2014)

R | 1 hr 44 min | Crime, Drama

Rated on 04 Aug 2015

A Queens couple who specialize in robbing mafia social clubs stumble upon a score bigger than they could ever imagine, becoming targets of both the mob and the FBI in the process.

Director: Raymond De Felitta | Stars: Michael Pitt, Nina Arianda, Andy Garcia, Ray Romano

Votes: 10,518

40. The Ray Bradbury Theater (1985–1992)
Episode: The Town Where No One Got Off (1986)

30 min | Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Rated on 01 Aug 2015

Provoked by the snobbish attitude of a city slicker towards the people from the countryside, a man gets off his train at a random village to confirm his positive attitude about the country folk. He's in for a surprise - but so are they.

Director: Don McBrearty | Stars: Jeff Goldblum, Ed McNamara, Cec Linder, Errol Slue

Votes: 185

41. King of the Zombies (1941)

Passed | 1 hr 7 min | Adventure, Comedy, Horror

Rated on 01 Aug 2015

On a spooky island, three stranded travelers find an evil doctor working with foreign spies and in control of zombies.

Director: Jean Yarbrough | Stars: Dick Purcell, Joan Woodbury, Mantan Moreland, Henry Victor

Votes: 1,889

42. Doomed to Die (1940)

Approved | 1 hr 8 min | Crime, Drama, Film-Noir

Rated on 01 Aug 2015

Mr. Wong and a girl reporter investigate a shipping magnate's murder.

Director: William Nigh | Stars: Boris Karloff, Marjorie Reynolds, Grant Withers, William Stelling

Votes: 955

43. Beer League (2006)

R | 1 hr 26 min | Comedy, Sport

Rated on 29 Jul 2015

An unemployed slacker inspires his softball teammates to improve their game so they won't get kicked out of the local league.

Director: Frank Sebastiano | Stars: Artie Lange, Ralph Macchio, Anthony DeSando, Cara Buono

Votes: 7,586

44. The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues (1955)

Passed | 1 hr 21 min | Horror, Sci-Fi

Rated on 29 Jul 2015

A seaside community is terrorized by a hideous sea monster, which has been created by experiments in atomic radiation.

Director: Dan Milner | Stars: Kent Taylor, Cathy Downs, Michael Whalen, Helene Stanton

Votes: 1,423

45. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

R | 1 hr 47 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

Rated on 27 Jul 2015

A botched card game in London triggers four friends, thugs, weed-growers, hard gangsters, loan sharks and debt collectors to collide with each other in a series of unexpected events, all for the sake of weed, cash and two antique shotguns.

Director: Guy Ritchie | Stars: Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher, Nick Moran, Jason Statham

Votes: 519,012

46. For Hire (1998)

R | 1 hr 36 min | Thriller

Rated on 26 Jul 2015

Chicago cabbie Mitch Lawrence is a man whose dreams are starting to fade. His only shining light is his loving and pregnant wife. When one of his clients, author Lou Webber offers him money... See full summary »

Director: Jean Pellerin | Stars: Rob Lowe, Joe Mantegna, Bronwen Booth, Charles Edwin Powell

Votes: 298

47. Ghost Story (1981)

R | 1 hr 50 min | Drama, Horror, Thriller

Rated on 22 Jun 2015

Two generations of men find themselves haunted by the presence of a spectral woman. When the son of one of the elderly men returns to his hometown after his brother's mysterious death, they attempt to unravel her story.

Director: John Irvin | Stars: Craig Wasson, Alice Krige, Fred Astaire, John Houseman

Votes: 7,304