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1. Pose (2018– )

TV-MA | 1 hr | Drama

Rated on 22 Jan 2021

In the New York of the late 80s and early 90s, this is a story of ball culture and the gay and trans community, the raging AIDS crisis and capitalism in the age of Trump.

Stars: Mj Rodriguez, Dominique Jackson, Indya Moore, Angel Bismark Curiel

Votes: 18,923

2. Euphoria (2019– )

TV-MA | 55 min | Drama

Rated on 18 Jan 2021

A look at life for a group of high school students as they grapple with issues of drugs, sex and violence.

Stars: Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi, Maude Apatow

Votes: 60,720

3. Euphoria (2019– )
Episode: Trouble Don't Last Always (2020)

TV-MA | 1 hr 4 min | Drama

Rated on 18 Jan 2021

After changing her mind to run away with Jules at the train station and relapsing, Rue celebrates Christmas.

Director: Sam Levinson | Stars: Zendaya, Colman Domingo, Hunter Schafer, Marsha Gambles

Votes: 2,572

4. Industry (2020– )

TV-MA | Drama

Rated on 14 Jan 2021

Young bankers and traders make their way in the financial world in the aftermath of the 2008 collapse.

Stars: Myha'la Herrold, Marisa Abela, David Jonsson, Harry Lawtey

Votes: 4,177

5. Let Them All Talk (2020)

R | 1 hr 53 min | Comedy, Drama

Rated on 13 Jan 2021

A famous author goes on a cruise trip with her friends and nephew in an effort to find fun and happiness while she comes to terms with her troubled past.

Director: Steven Soderbergh | Stars: Meryl Streep, Gemma Chan, Dianne Wiest, Christopher Fitzgerald

Votes: 5,455

6. Succession (2018– )

TV-MA | 1 hr | Drama

Rated on 12 Jan 2021

The Roy family is known for controlling the biggest media and entertainment company in the world. However, their world changes when their father steps down from the company.

Stars: Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin, Sarah Snook, Jeremy Strong

Votes: 44,274

7. The Undoing (2020)

TV-MA | 5 hr 37 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Rated on 05 Jan 2021

A modern twist to a classical "whodunnit" tale, when the life of a wealthy New York therapist turns upside down after she and her family get involved with a murder case.

Stars: Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Noah Jupe, Edgar Ramírez

Votes: 49,913

8. A Teacher (2020)

TV-MA | 4 hr 8 min | Drama

Rated on 03 Jan 2021

A Teacher explores the complexities and consequences of a predatory relationship between Claire Wilson, a young teacher at a suburban Texas high school and her student, Eric Walker.

Stars: Kate Mara, Nick Robinson, Ashley Zukerman, Rya Kihlstedt

Votes: 6,670

9. The Graham Norton Show (2007– )

TV-14 | 1 hr | Comedy, Music, Talk-Show

Rated on 03 Jan 2021

Irish comedian Graham Norton hosts his very own chat show, which includes chatting to A-list celebrities, the very famous Red Chair game, live music, lots of jokes and fun from Graham and the celebrities themselves.

Stars: Graham Norton, Ricky Gervais, Judi Dench, Jack Whitehall

Votes: 10,246

10. I May Destroy You (2020– )

TV-MA | 30 min | Drama

Rated on 01 Jan 2021

The question of sexual consent in contemporary life and how, in the new landscape of dating and relationships, we make the distinction between liberation and exploitation.

Stars: Michaela Coel, Weruche Opia, Paapa Essiedu, Stephen Wight

Votes: 9,326

11. Years and Years (2019)

TV-MA | 1 hr | Drama, Sci-Fi

Rated on 30 Dec 2020

As Britain slowly turns into a dictatorship throughout the years, the lives of a typical busy family from Manchester converge on one crucial night in 2019.

Stars: Rory Kinnear, T'Nia Miller, Anne Reid, Ruth Madeley

Votes: 21,495

12. Collective (2019)

Not Rated | 1 hr 49 min | Documentary

Rated on 27 Dec 2020

Director Alexander Nanau follows a crack team of investigators at the Romanian newspaper Gazeta Sporturilor as they try to uncover a vast health-care fraud that enriched moguls and politicians and led to the deaths of innocent citizens.

Director: Alexander Nanau | Stars: Razvan Lutac, Mirela Neag, Catalin Tolontan, Tedy Ursuleanu

Votes: 2,755

13. We Are Who We Are (2020)

TV-MA | Drama

Rated on 27 Dec 2020

Two American teenagers come of age while living on an American military base in Italy.

Stars: Jack Dylan Grazer, Jordan Kristine Seamón, Chloë Sevigny, Alice Braga

Votes: 5,021

14. L'Échappée sauvage (2017)

16 min | Short, Drama, Music

Rated on 18 Dec 2020

On a warm and clear summer day in the 50s, a proud and graceful city boy meets two mischievous, free country kids. It opens up a window on a whole new world; his journey under the sun will ... See full summary »

Director: Philippe Reypens | Stars: Henri Vander Maren, Théodore Cousin, Elsa Devriendt, Régis Le Dorven

Votes: 40

15. Witch Hunt (2020– )

45 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Rated on 17 Dec 2020

Law firm working Ida Waage has to sign a bill for 450 000 Euros, but hesitates. She doesn't know the firm. Can she trust the people she works for? Is it a scam? Should she blow the whistle?

Stars: Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Christian Skolmen, Axel Bøyum, Charlotte Spakmo Boe

Votes: 606

16. Giraffe (2019)

Not Rated | 1 hr 22 min | Drama

Rated on 13 Dec 2020

A Danish summer: long days turn into blue nights. A tunnel is being built to connect Denmark and Germany. Three people meet and part ways again.

Director: Anna Sofie Hartmann | Stars: Lisa Loven Kongsli, Jakub Gierszal, Maren Eggert, Christoph Bach

Votes: 325

17. The Silent Revolution (2018)

PG | 1 hr 51 min | Drama, History

Rated on 09 Dec 2020

A group of twelfth-grade pupils decide to show their solidarity with the victims of the 1956 Hungarian uprising by staging two minutes of silence during lessons.

Director: Lars Kraume | Stars: Leonard Scheicher, Tom Gramenz, Lena Klenke, Isaiah Michalski

Votes: 3,850

18. Echo (2019)

Not Rated | 1 hr 19 min | Drama

Rated on 09 Dec 2020

Everyday life in Iceland around Christmas time: 56 vignettes full of joy, sorrow and thought-provoking situations.

Director: Rúnar Rúnarsson | Stars: Sigurmar Albertsson, Bent Kingo Andersen, Sif Arnarsdóttir, Ari Arnarson

Votes: 1,067

19. Schitt's Creek (2015–2020)

TV-14 | 22 min | Comedy

Rated on 02 Dec 2020

When rich video-store magnate Johnny Rose and his family suddenly find themselves broke, they are forced to leave their pampered lives to regroup in Schitt's Creek.

Stars: Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Dan Levy, Annie Murphy

Votes: 64,726

20. Flesh and Bone (2015)

TV-MA | 1 hr | Drama

Rated on 28 Nov 2020

A talented but emotionally troubled dancer runs away to New York City and quickly finds herself immersed in the cutthroat world of professional ballet.

Stars: Sarah Hay, Ben Daniels, Emily Tyra, Irina Dvorovenko

Votes: 10,005

21. Des (2020)

Not Rated | 2 hr 23 min | Crime, Drama, History

Rated on 25 Nov 2020

In 1983 Scottish serial killer Dennis Nilsen is arrested after the discovery of human remains which have blocked a drain near his London home.

Stars: David Tennant, Daniel Mays, Jason Watkins, Ron Cook

Votes: 9,074

22. Deutschland 86 (2018)

TV-MA | 1 hr | Action, Drama, Thriller

Rated on 23 Nov 2020

Abandoned by Moscow and desperate for cash, the East German leadership pushes their secret operatives to experiment with global capitalism and save their sinking socialist ship. Long ... See full summary »

Stars: Jonas Nay, Maria Schrader, Florence Kasumba, Sylvester Groth

Votes: 3,414

23. Ku'damm 59 (2018)


Rated on 18 Nov 2020

This is a story about a woman and her three daughters in Germany in the 50's. One of her daughters wants more from life and becomes a part of the Rock and Roll subculture.

Stars: Sonja Gerhardt, Claudia Michelsen, Maria Ehrich, Emilia Schüle

Votes: 693

24. Him (2018)

14 min | Short, Drama

Rated on 15 Nov 2020

Andri, an anxious teenage boy, hides and represses his sexuality in fear of his masculine father's reaction but, on the eve of Andri's first date, he finds a clever way to reveal his secret.

Director: Runar Þór Sigurbjörnsson | Stars: Ásgeir Sigurðsson, Bryndís Ásmundsdóttir, David Gudbrandsson, Kristófer Baldur Sverrison

Votes: 151

25. Ku'damm 56 (2016)

1 hr 40 min | Drama

Rated on 12 Nov 2020

Caterina Schöllack runs a dance school in Berlin in 1956. It is her goal to give her three daughters the best possible opportunity, meaning to ensure that they marry well, but until then ... See full summary »

Stars: Sonja Gerhardt, Claudia Michelsen, Maria Ehrich, Emilia Schüle

Votes: 1,583

26. Martin Margiela: In His Own Words (2019)

1 hr 30 min | Documentary, Biography

Rated on 11 Nov 2020

Documentary offering a view on Maison Martin Margiela during Martin Margiela's helm.

Director: Reiner Holzemer | Stars: Martin Margiela, Carla Sozzani, Pierre Rougier, Lidewij Edelkoort

Votes: 120

27. Young Hunter (2020)

Not Rated | 1 hr 41 min | Drama

Rated on 10 Nov 2020

A 15-year-old young man burning with desire to have sex with another man gets involved with a manipulative and exploitative porn plot.

Director: Marco Berger | Stars: Juan Pablo Cestaro, Lautaro Rodríguez, Patricio Rodríguez, Juan Barberini

Votes: 546

28. No Hard Feelings (2020)

Not Rated | 1 hr 32 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 09 Nov 2020

Second-generation Irani-German Parvis works at a refugee shelter where he meets brother and sister Irani refugees and develops a tenuous romance with Amon as his friends attempt refugee status.

Director: Faraz Shariat | Stars: Benny Radjaipour, Banafshe Hourmazdi, Eidin Jalali, Mashid Shariat

Votes: 595

30. An Officer and a Spy (2019)

2 hr 12 min | Drama, History, Thriller

Rated on 28 Oct 2020

In 1894, French Captain Alfred Dreyfus is wrongfully convicted of treason and sentenced to life imprisonment at Devil's island.

Director: Roman Polanski | Stars: Louis Garrel, Christophe Maratier, Pierre Poirot, Stéfan Godin

Votes: 12,960

31. Normal People (2020)

TV-14 | 5 hr 39 min | Drama, Romance

Rated on 26 Oct 2020

Follows Marianne and Connell, from different backgrounds but the same small town in Ireland, as they weave in and out of each other's romantic lives.

Stars: Daisy Edgar-Jones, Paul Mescal, Desmond Eastwood, Aislín McGuckin

Votes: 35,949

32. On the Rocks (2020)

R | 1 hr 36 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Rated on 26 Oct 2020

A young mother reconnects with her larger-than-life playboy father on an adventure through New York.

Director: Sofia Coppola | Stars: Bill Murray, Rashida Jones, Marlon Wayans, Jessica Henwick

Votes: 19,789

33. April 9th (2015)

1 hr 33 min | Drama, History, War

Rated on 20 Oct 2020

On April 9, 1940 Germany invaded Denmark. Based on real events - in Southern Jutland a military unit on bicycles was sent south to help hold back the Germans until reinforcement.

Director: Roni Ezra | Stars: Pilou Asbæk, Lars Mikkelsen, Ari Alexander, Simon Sears

Votes: 4,910

34. The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020)

R | 2 hr 9 min | Drama, History, Thriller

Rated on 19 Oct 2020

The story of 7 people on trial stemming from various charges surrounding the uprising at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

Director: Aaron Sorkin | Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Alex Sharp, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jeremy Strong

Votes: 86,293

35. Another Round (2020)

Not Rated | 1 hr 57 min | Comedy, Drama

Rated on 16 Oct 2020

Four friends, all high school teachers, test a theory that they will improve their lives by maintaining a constant level of alcohol in their blood.

Director: Thomas Vinterberg | Stars: Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang, Lars Ranthe

Votes: 30,197

36. En flirt (2019)

43 min | Short, Drama

Rated on 04 Oct 2020

The experienced journalist Eva is flattered by the attention of her new boss. But is it just harmless flirtation?

Director: Zinnini Elkington | Stars: Marie Bach Hansen, Niels Olsen, Adam Ild Rohweder, Emma Sehested Høeg

Votes: 12

37. Quartier des Banques (2017– )

52 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Rated on 04 Oct 2020

A private banker goes into a coma. His sister becomes the director and finds out his coma might not be accidental as she finds obscure transactions her brother was involved in.

Stars: Féodor Atkine, Stéphane Metzger, Karim Barras, Arnaud Binard

Votes: 194

38. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)

Not Rated | 2 hr 11 min | Drama

Rated on 20 Sep 2020

A bitter, aging couple, with the help of alcohol, use their young houseguests to fuel anguish and emotional pain towards each other over the course of a distressing night.

Director: Mike Nichols | Stars: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, George Segal, Sandy Dennis

Votes: 68,857

39. Steve Jobs (2015)

R | 2 hr 2 min | Biography, Drama

Rated on 20 Sep 2020

Steve Jobs takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution, to paint a portrait of the man at its epicenter. The story unfolds backstage at three iconic product launches, ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac.

Director: Danny Boyle | Stars: Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels

Votes: 154,009

40. Fingersmith (2005)

Not Rated | 3 hr 1 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

Rated on 20 Sep 2020

In Victorian England, Sue, a young thief, participates in a scam to defraud a rich heiress by becoming her maid. Things take an unexpected turn and Sue's plan goes horribly wrong.

Stars: Elaine Cassidy, Sally Hawkins, Imelda Staunton, Rupert Evans

Votes: 8,083

41. The Last Panthers (2015–2016)

48 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Rated on 14 Sep 2020

Independent Claims Specialist Naomi (Samantha Morton) is given the job by her boss, Tom (Sir John Hurt), of recovering stolen diamonds, no matter what it takes. Also on the trail of the ... See full summary »

Stars: Samantha Morton, Tahar Rahim, Goran Bogdan, John Hurt

Votes: 2,122

42. Charité (2017– )

TV-MA | 45 min | Drama, History

Rated on 10 Sep 2020

The series describes the accomplishments of several famous German physicians and scientists at the prestigious Charité hospital in Berlin during WW2.

Stars: Alicia von Rittberg, Mala Emde, Nina Gummich, Maximilian Meyer-Bretschneider

Votes: 2,379

43. The Singapore Grip (2020– )

1 hr | Comedy, Drama, War

Rated on 09 Sep 2020

The son of a British family living in South East Asia becomes involved in a love triangle.

Stars: Luke Treadaway, David Morrissey, Elizabeth Tan, Colm Meaney

Votes: 556

44. Acceptable Risk (2017)

Not Rated | 1 hr | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Rated on 09 Sep 2020

When her husband, Lee, is murdered, Sarah Manning comes to realize that she knows nothing about his past. Sarah begins to question who Lee actually was and what he did in his work for a ... See full summary »

Stars: Elaine Cassidy, Morten Suurballe, Angeline Ball, Lisa Dwyer Hogg

Votes: 810

45. The Good Fight (I) (2017– )

TV-MA | 45 min | Crime, Drama

Rated on 09 Sep 2020

When Diane Lockhart's life savings are lost, she must start from scratch at a new firm.

Stars: Christine Baranski, Cush Jumbo, Delroy Lindo, Sarah Steele

Votes: 20,072

46. Flesh and Blood (2020)

TV-14 | 3 hr 2 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Rated on 31 Aug 2020

Lives of three siblings are disrupted when their recently widowed mother declares she's in love with a new man. Tangled web of secrets, lies, rivalries and betrayals eventually leads to a murder.

Stars: Imelda Staunton, Francesca Annis, Claudie Blakley, David Bamber

Votes: 1,793

47. Das Adlon. Eine Familiensaga (2013)

TV-MA | 4 hr 30 min | Drama, History

Rated on 29 Aug 2020

The mini-series follows the construction and history of the famous Adlon hotel in Berlin, as seen through the eyes of Sonja Schadt, the youngest member of the wealthy fictional Schadt family who are friends with the Adlons.

Stars: Josefine Preuß, Heino Ferch, Marie Bäumer, Wotan Wilke Möhring

Votes: 813

48. The Exception (2019)

1 hr 55 min | Thriller