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Corner Gas: The Good Old Table Hockey Game (2007)
Season 4, Episode 14
Brent vs Karen For The Cup
30 January 2023
Warning: Spoilers
A hilarious episode. Who knew Karen was an ace table hockey player? That sets up a challenge between Brent, who is known as the best in town, versus Karen. (A best of 8 series....lolol). Oooh the excitement. Hank films all of the action in the basement and he broadcasts the matches upstairs to an excitable audience. Who will prevail?

The b-plot might give you a few chuckles with Lacey attempting to get Emma to do something for the "community".

There are some real good belly laughs with the difference between Karen's training regimen and Brent's. Some excellent one liners throughout the episode.

For me, this would be one of the top episodes of the series.

Highly recommended.
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According to Jim: The Bachelorette Party (2005)
Season 4, Episode 24
Cheryl's party is a snoozefest....
22 December 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Leave it up to Jim to tape Dana's bachelorette. The guests couldn't wait to get out of there, as it lacked any fun at all.

Jim & Andy offer to take Dana out for a real bachelorette and she accepts.

Trying not to give too much away but the guys come home quite drunk and make quite a bit of noise. Cheryl wakes up and eventually asks about Dana's whereabouts. Jim & Andy are loaded and can't remember. Eventually they recreate the night using receipts Andy kept.

Lots of laughs in the flashbacks to the night with Dana.

The scene at the train station is priceless.

Highly recommended.
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Three's Company: And Now, Here's Jack (1982)
Season 6, Episode 23
My Desert Island Episode...
25 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
It is based loosely on a Honeymooners episode "Better Living Through TV". There are certainly some laughs in the first few minutes but then the pace picks up when Larry visits the trio.

The segment when the trio are on the TV program for Jack's cooking demonstration is a hoot. Bumbling Jack (who had his notes disappear), camera shy Janet and Terri who's mesmerized by the camera. Just a smile was so effective.

Easy 10 out of 10 for this gem.
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