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Ironically "The Bad Beginning" was a good beginning. Not much after that though.
4 January 2020
As a fan of the books, (I read them all when I was younger) I got hopeful when I heard they were going to make a Netflix show out of this series. The first season didn't disappoint me any, in fact; I liked it. Even if the humor was way too frequent, some of it landed. It felt pretty accurate to the source material, too.

Although the books had a sense of humor, there was a gloomy and depressing feeling they had which I loved. The show obviously has a little bit of that, but feels too cheery and lighthearted, and you notice it more and more the farther you get into watching it. Pretty soon this show just feels like it's in the Spy Kids universe and becomes insufferable.

The positives with this show: Neil Patrick Harris makes a great count Olaf, the sets felt really true to the books, and the soundtrack was great. There was definitely potential this show had. That's about all the good things I can say about this show. It's too bad they squander all of this promising effort by making the show as pleasant as a Saturday morning cartoon.

I'd sooner watch the movie with Jim Carrey, because even though that movie isn't good, it doesn't make a mockery of the books like this Netflix show does. Take heed to the intro music in the show, and look away!
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