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Scarface (1983)
Modern take on a classic.
12 October 2019
Not a professional reviewer so here goes. This movie follow Tony Montana from Cuba to Miami. And his ascension to the peak of Mt. Cocaine. And along the way he and Manny have to do what aspiring kingpins have to do... Put in work. Meaning we get violence galore. Not gory but you definitely get the feel of 1980's Miami drug war. Also i usually don't like when Hollywood remakes a movie from the 30's and 40's. The 'Scarface' movie from '32 stars Paul Muni as the title character. But i must say Al Pacino and co. made this movie their own not a copy. Although it's pretty much the same movie. Just replace cocaine with booze during prohibition. And Tony Camonte instead of Tony Montana. In conclusion great movie great actors/actresses equals great movie. And if you like this one i believe you'll love the 1932 version 'The 🌎 World is Yours'
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