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Once and Again (1999–2002)
Something to look forward to every week
27 March 2001
When "Party of Five" went off the air last season I was left looking for a new 'family drama' to fill in the void. I stopped looking when I first saw "Once and Again." I'm not sure what first appealed to me about the show but I knew I liked it. Now I look forward to watching it every Wednesday at 11:00.

Unlike a lot of shows on TV right now, the actors seem very natural and you almost forget they're not a real family. Even the little Zoe is a great actress. I especially enjoy how the show doesn't limit it's self to one setting, it's always at different place, whether it's the Manning household, the Bookstore, at school, it's never the same boring place like some shows. The issues aren't far fetched as on some shows which I also like. I hope this show stays on for a while yet. But unlike Party of Five I hope they end it before it runs out of steam.
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Student Bodies (1997–1999)
Extremely Unique
27 March 2001
I love "Student Bodies," it's one show I make sure to watch everyday. Even though they stopped making new episodes two years ago it's still interesting. The acting is great and the character interaction is even better. The show deals with real teenage/high school issues very well, but still puts in those humorous, sometimes ridiculous moments too. The mix of animation really compliments the plot and gives a good insight into Cody's(main character) thoughts. I hope to see these actors go on to bigger and better things because they're a good bunch of kids. A good Canadian show, who knew.
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