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Dark Waters (2019)
Dry As Dust Corporate Corruption Movie
18 February 2020
Dark Waters

I enjoyed this movie overall but it is a dry as dust biopic about a large drug company's abuse of power over many years, so it will not be everyone's cup of tea. Set in a small rural town in deepest Virginia these little guys had little chance against the might of an international conglomerate defending it's reputation with unlimited financial resources. This was a carefully constructed movie from start to finish, it breathed in all the right places, with strong central performances and we were spoilt by other strong cameo performances. I do object to overtly political movies, and this movie was careful not to be so, it was (I would hope) largely revealing an historical abuse of corporate power.

I see a formula to these movies emerging, combined with a lack of action and repetitious scenes.

small guy complains, concerns brushed off, someone champions cause, mountains of paperwork, long hours, families under pressure, court case, finally wins in court, compensation, photos of real people.

This is perhaps the 4th movie in 6 months unveiling corporate corruption, I'm getting bored.

The acting was good, Mark Ruffallo is meticulous in his craft but his technical proficiency prevents an emotional attachement to the viewer, perhaps it is me, but he fails to move me and lacks charisma, and when this is juxtaposed with the performances of both Tim Robbins and Anne Hathaway who totally dominated their scenes, with suspressed anger, frustration and raw emotion, it just all happened behind the eyes the micro gestures. The movie is worth watching for Tim Robbins alone for his complex interpretation of a conflicted lawyer trying to support his friend and colleague.

Of course, behind all these cases lies unchecked capitalism that followed from all the markets opening up under Reagan and Thatcher, this was a unique time in history when for the first time we had the beginning of globalised markets with companies truly spanning international borders without any effective external supervision of their operations. Let us hope that slowly scrutiny and regulation bites at the greatest excesses of these monopolistic companies but I am sure there is more to uncover.
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Bait (I) (2019)
Dreary And Political
18 February 2020

Made in a style of a documentary from the days of Pathe News and the 1940's. This black and white movie feel gave a greater intensity to the really very slim story.

The various themes were

The juxtaposition of blue collar and white collar money.

An industry dying due to the EU permitting over fishing by industrial trawlers in British waters that has led to the destruction of this industry.

The abject poverty and hand to mouth existence requiring the influx of monied tourists to support any industry.

The role of community and us and them.

The difference between a real home and temporary home.

The elevation almost reverence of a skilled and "honest" trade.

Overall this was a very good movie but is claustrophobic feel, limited variety of image, and an unbalanced viewpoint that took the side of the fishermen always was somewhat of a politically driven movie. The format of an entertaining movie is not best placed to preach at anyone.
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Sex Education (2019– )
Very Funny Show, Don't Take This Bubblegum Seriously!
18 February 2020
Sex Education

Seasons 1 & 2

I loved it!

This was a very funny from start to finish, however some assumptions the show presumes as present within the psyche of 16/17 year old teenagers is really a leap too far lol.

My observation is that the snowflake generation and anything younger are perhaps the least flippant generations and the most serious about anything sexual, this reality is perhaps the butt of all the jokes.

The show appears to tackle taboos or perhaps any perceived gaps in any schools sex education, of course it's just a posture as this show is a total flight of fancy.

Script was brilliant and the acting firm, let's see how this bubblegum progresses. But certainly going for any shock value in a show is tedious in 2019/20 and thus far the show relies on this. The show breathed in all the right places and the camera work and direction were inspired. As for the soundtrack it was amazing!

Some distinct areas of constructive criticism that the programme needs to be aware of:

Too Americanised, either this is set in the UK or not, these two places are vastly different and the programme homogenises them both. The attempt at de-locating (Britmerica) and de-timing (1980's vibe) doesn't work as the issues presented are current, eg sexting, and the English accented vocab littered with current speak eg whitey, fleek etc. iPhones and cigarettes behind sliding screens.

The show promotes a moral compass, clearly there are relationship rules, but it does not really indicate where these "rules" have come from. And yet then infers sex has as much significance as consuming a hamburger, this is a mixed message surely!

To infer then that Otis is providing a moral compass by proxy as the sex guru is both dangerous and absurd even in a comedic setting he is 16 year old boy, listening through the wall and researching on the internet as he goes along sets an alarming example. My mind tells me his advice should always be wrong to redress this.

I sense often there is a trade off amongst the teens on whose got the most problems, this is absurd and infers you are only interesting if your messed up or worse you should be messed up.

The abortion scenario in season one was handled well but we had it accompanied with sad music, everyone was miserable etc. Abortion must not be portrayed as something either sad or bad or indeed happy and brilliant. Just presented neutrally.

The normalisation even promotion of drug taking, smoking, drinking etc for 16 year old children is nasty even in a comedic setting, no no no!

The introduction of current fashion trend issues is good as a source of comedy but this show must not morph into some sort of issue led show not best suited to comedy. Never mix genres as it does a disservice to both.

In conclusion a brilliant modern show at its best when the situations are as far removed from reality as possible, farce is very difficult comedy to pull off and this show does it in spades.

Series 3 is a must, perhaps a school trip, town twinning and a situation involving furry handcuffs lol. My favourite character is Adam Groff as his character undergoes the greatest development and the acting is minimalistically brilliant by Connor.
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Emma. (2020)
Entertaining Movie But Not Emma By Jane Austen
15 February 2020

I am torn between liking the movie for what it is or reviewing this with regard to its authenticity with the novel or indeed by comparison to other visual interpretations over the years.

Either way there were some distinct problems with this production and indeed some total joys.

What was good

We had some brilliant cameos that upped this movie and were quite memorable, Miranda Hart for one.

The styling was spot on in terms of the clothes, hair, makeup and interiors.

What was deeply problematic

What separates Jane Austen from Barbara Cartland, obvious, her brilliant use of language to poke fun at a society of manners and the rigid conventions of her time and thereby reveal some insights into the human condition. This production was unfortunately Barbara Cartland, Georgian "speak" was largely absent in the first 45 minutes, the script was heavy and there was just no lightness of touch in recreating the interchange between Knightly and Emma. I would suggest everyone can understand Georgian speak as with Shakespearean speak and if they can't they best man up or leave the theatre, we cannot dumb down the language of these great authors without it ceasing to be their work.

Emma is a flawed heroine, Jane Austen said "no one could like her except herself", but we must love her despite her shortcomings, she is well meaning, but her reading of the world and her errors in judgement come from inexperience, the gap between these realities is revealed by Knightly and it is this that defines the manners and conventions of the day, whether just or not. In this movie she just appeared an interfering busybody and we didn't like her, her motivations were merely suggested to be vanity, not true!

Mr Woodhouse was really presented as a caricature but in the novel he was less comedic and more irritating pedant, in many ways, as F.R.Leavis argues, it is his influence and indulgence that has created the monstrous errors in judgement that Emma makes.

We just were not rooted in the Georgian period, the score was wrong, the script was wrong, everything was too clean even on the farm. The set pieces, the balls, the picnic was all clumsily handled, such a shame. I did enjoy the piano recital scene that was good.

We have had in recent months Liitle Women, David Copperfield and now Emma, of the three Little Women was the best. But overall all three are an unmitigated disaster as they failed to capture the essence of the great novels from which they derived, in all it is not just the story that needs to be conveyed but the larger insights into humanity and the interactions between us all. If you want a new story then write one, never butcher a great masterpiece for either accessibility or political reasons. No more please!
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The Witcher (2019– )
Confusing But Gripping
15 February 2020
The Witcher

I loved it!

In many way this series was a bit of a mess, the box set skipped around, half the time we had no clue what this or that meant, and the whole thing lacked cohesiveness, whether this was entirely intentional I would think not. However by the end of the series we were less confused and there were some elements that created better connection. In summation this was not easy viewing.

Whoever did the casting was inspired, we had in the main seasoned pros, this well upped the whole series. Henry Cavill was perfect for the role and a master of the aside, the deadpan humour and a good deal of comic timing.

There were so many good things here we were spoilt, it does need to raise itself before it becomes mired in teenage angst or to many special effects, it is the strength of story and dramatic impetus that will make this show stand out.

If someone is truly evil make them so no half measures.

I just can't wait for series 2, I want it now......!
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Don't Let Go (2019)
Brilliant Start Frustrating Ending, Don't Bother!
14 February 2020
Don't Let Go

The basic idea was great but then this low budget movie descended into a mire of alternative futures and revised pasts that we the audience lost this will to live about 45 minutes.

We had a labyrinthine plot and repetitive scene after scene of the same and largely similar dialogue and action.

I was bored and irritated at the same time, I had no affection for any of the characters as there was insufficient development. I would have been happy for them all to be dead and wind up the movie early so we can go home.

Overall, worth watching the first hour, and then turn over.
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Made For A Female Audience, Worth A Watch
14 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Military Wives

It's in the title, a movie about women, feelings and issues, no action, no car chase, no sex, no crime, so it is for a very niche audience and certainly not everyone's cup of tea.

With that said, once you had got through the clunky beginning (20 minutes) where they were all just unnecessarily nasty to each other it developed into a fine movie.

What was good

Thankfully it did not descend into men bashing, this was very well done.

Whilst there were some squirming moments, yes it was definitely a movie aimed at a specific audience it had much to say about the human condition.

The issues gently introduced were those a community, commonality and a group pulling in the same direction for a specific end. The whole purpose of the choir was to inject purpose into lives that were cast adrift due to avarice. No wallowing in self pity here.

The very real way grief and loss was handled on a practical level was brilliantly handled.

What was more problematic

The level of emotionality was unrelenting, unsurprising most people have to crack on with their lives.

An over-sentimental score, this can drag the atmosphere down when many of situations were comedic.

The element of privilege, class and rank creating an us and them situation as a catalyst for division in the opening part of the movie was badly handled. The women were just nasty to Kate for no reason other than they resented her existence.

It was formulaic in its "forming-storming-norming-performing", I feel this format is a little stale and scriptwriters need to be more inventive.

It was inferred that people deal with grief in different ways, agreed, but they inferred the intensity of grief that Kate felt was less than one of the other wives, this cannot be right regardless of the time since the bereavement.

Overall this movie was not the gush of mush I was expecting. Many issues were tackled and the trailer did an injustice with the "Feelgood Movie of the Year" strapline. I enjoyed this movie after the first 20 minutes and Kirsten Scott Thomas did a fine job along with the rest of the cast
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Underwater (2020)
An Underwater Horror Similar To Alien
12 February 2020

I enjoyed this movie but it's not everyone's cup of tea. We had a simple linear jump scare movie set in an underwater mining base. Much was reminiscent of Alien just set under water.

What was good

A great tense atmosphere we were straight into the action. There was a great feeling of being trapped and my claustrophobia was jangling 10 minutes in..... ahh

Kristen Stuart was good in delivering a clunky script, she made this work and the camera loves her look.

Great underwater special effects it really was quite gripping.

What was not so good

I thought it was an over simplistic plot, no back story on the "creatures", no proper character development.

The horror was limited to "jump/scare".

Lack of variety in the situations.

The survivors were the "duds" of the

Overall it was good but with some minor tweaking could have been so much better.
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Total Rubbish, Skip This Drivel!
10 February 2020
Birds of Prey

I must say I was really bored from the start.

What was good,

The action sequences were well planned.

The styling

What was bad

A paper thin story about of really empty violent criminal that derived pleasure from hurting people. Why is this entertaining.

The same scenes kept repeating and repeating it was beyond predictable.

Just no character development and some strange pc nod to girl power.

I really don't see why this movie was made at all and who was the target audience.
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Get Away for Winter (2018– )
Great Show But Needs Revision
6 February 2020
Get Away For Winter

From the start I loved this show, however the strict format disrupts what would otherwise be a perfect light entertainment show.

The revisions needed are as follows,

Cut down on the repetition, we all heard the first time.

The idea of cost neutral is quite ridiculous, I agree a comprehensive analysis of finances is key but this is not, in the main, the deciding factor.

The narrator needs changing as does the narrative, I find it deeply matronising, this show is aimed at adults please could we be treated as such.

Some of the properties should not have been shown as they were so wide of the mark, this wasted everyone's time and just appeared padding.

Greater introduction of the history of the place.

Stop repeating the search will be difficult or challenging and then show them four properties its a bore.

In conclusion never let a rigid format obstruct meaning, each programme can vary the format to provide a better show, pick and mix. I would add that by the time we got to Goa many of the format issues were resolved and this was a brilliant episode.

I look forward to the next series
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A Very Strange And Remarkable Movie
6 February 2020
A Beautiful In The Neighbourhood.

From the outset I must say I enjoyed this movie but totally accept its not for everyone.

A movie about child psychology applied to the emotional and developmental needs of very young children and then applied, not in the land of make-believe, but to a real broken family is unbelievably clever but is it the stuff of a gripping movie.

What was good.

The acting was tight and competent from the entire ensemble if a little repetitive and predictable.

The musical score was great and really set the scene.

The clever way they interwove the historical reality of Mister Rogers children's show and a rather tawdry kitchen sink melodrama.

The graphics were brilliantly used to keep us linked to the format of the show and continually remind us of the childlike state within which we are meant to live.

What was problematic

We, the audience, were not initially aware who was Mister Rogers, and in this ignorance Tom Hanks low, slow and paternalistic character seemed creepy and coercive.

The formulaic format of Mister Rogers show created a reassuring predictable setting that was a safe space to introduce issues and problems with solutions and understanding from a Christian perspective, after-all Mr Rogers Presbyterian ministry was in TV. This element was only explored by example and we the viewer needed greater understanding as this aspect was pivotal.

I would also suggest that his detailed preparation of the scripts of the show with his child psychologist collaborator of 30 years may have removed the haphazard interpretation we the viewer made of the show, when in fact it was a scientific experiment of the then current medical thought on child development.

I felt frustrated by the obvious psychological manipulation of Lloyd Vogel, there was no subtlety here, he was an adult that Mister Rogers tried to treat with child psychology (duh!), and because this was badly handled this devalued the movie, a great shame.

This is Hollywood at its best, a niche unknown story brought to the world
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The Courier (2019)
OK, But You Really Shouldn't Bother
5 February 2020

Overall this was a very low budget movie.

Whilst I was watching it I enjoyed it but it ain't gonna win an Oscar lol
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Front Row Late (II) (2017– )
Avoid At All Costs Nothing More Than A Woke Rant
3 February 2020
Front Row Late

Perhaps one of the worst examples of "woke" culture that represents the anxieties of the snowflake millennial liberal metropolitan bourgeoisie and has absolutely no relevance to the concerns and reality of the wider uk.

Just about everything needs revision and correction and it is so bad I have written to both the BBC and the Government to insist this programme be scrapped as a condition of renewal of the BBC's charter.

The show pushes a political viewpoint or world view under the cover of a light topical chat show, this is nothing short of an attempt at political indoctrination.

The worst excesses

Strident feminism that amounts to misandry.

Selection of like minds presenting unbalanced opinions

Anti-patriotic in viewing any sense of self or belonging to any place or culture as being discriminatory.

All white middle aged men are viewed with suspicion.

Bias towards every ethnicity over white Anglo Saxon Protestant.

Wanting to blame the government for every ill.

A decidedly left wing agenda.

In conclusion Mary Beard is a wonderful and inspired historian and needs to go back to what she is good at, and this show needs to be axed as a matter of urgency.
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Wisting (2019– )
Formulaic But Gripping Drama But Not Deeply Memorable.
3 February 2020

This was formulaic Nordic noir carried through with a great deal of style and panache. All the key features were present

A flawed hero The investigation drives the narrative impetus A vicious unknown killer A labyrinthine plot We the viewer are the fly on the wall.

The script carefully wove together two separate long stories and several personal themes like mental health, addiction and naked ambition. It was really very well paced it just breathed in all the right places.

The only thing that was missing and perhaps pivotal was a charismatic central lead, this made the show less memorable. Also one aspect of Nordic Noir was essentially missing that of obstruction by "people" in obstructing the investigation often by relatives who were jaded by the lack of police action in finding the murderer of their loved one.
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The Tuckers (2020– )
A Really Very Funny Show, Well Worth A Watch!
2 February 2020
The Tuckers - Series 1

I loved this sitcom it was great.

Like Derry Girls, The Young Offenders, This Country or indeed Just Doing Nothing it was set in a distinctive region of the UK and the humour was distinctively rooted from these places. Of course a comparison with Gavin & Stacey has to be made and this had similar qualities.

I must say this is the BBC at its best and it was so refreshing not to have liberal metropolitan London centric anxieties expressed via comedy, they just trod on every sensibility. Without doubt we are in a golden age of BBC comedy and this alone is worth the licence fee.

What was good

Strong characterisations and a palpable sense of warmth and family.

Short and long themes

Brilliant comedic timing.

Inventive and farsical situations that we could all end up in.

Lovable rogues, very much a current theme.

Rooted in a specific place, can be good, can be bad, but whatever it's distinctive.

We had comedy and pathos this made really good viewing.

What could be problematic

Need a few devices to refresh the format, it is a bit grunge, eg a win on the lottery, forced to take a job, decorate the house etc!

The drama seems to place the viewer on the side of benefit fraud, even in a comedic setting this is nasty.

They need to get out an about a bit more to avoid claustrophobia.

I look forward to series 2
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Avoid At All Costs - This Was Not Dickens
2 February 2020
David Copperfield

Charles Dickens would be twisting in his grave at this homunculus of an interpretation of his great masterpiece. It is quite unfathomable, what we're they thinking, seemingly, the script written by a team of snowflake millennial metropolitan liberal bourgeois and aimed at the same narrow audience.

The story was butchered the characters unrecognisable the acting had more ham than Sainsbury's, I really struggle to find anything to commend in this movie.

I don't propose to address the racial rinsing that is colourblind casting as this is a political element left for others to judge and just ticks another metropolitan anxiety. What next a black man playing Queen Victoria, yes that
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Bombshell (2019)
Just A Tiresome Political Snoozefest
31 January 2020

Really quite a disappointment.

It really was a miserable story of a powerful man abusing his position combined with ambitious women who were prepared to debase themselves for favours and regretting it later.

Was he an abuser? Yes! Were the women complicit in their abuse? Yes!

Clearly he needed to be removed and this should have happened after the first occasion and yet this was "allowed" to continue because no one went to the police.

This purportedly showed empowered women but I have never seen such a disempowered bunch.

The script was boring the acting unremarkable and it was just a political rant best not placed in a movie/entertainment setting.

The only think to commend this movie is the make-up just incredible prosthetics.

This whole drama addressed the anxieties of the snowflake liberal metropolitan bourgeoisie and bore no resemblance to how I or anyone else as an adult would deal with abuse in the workplace.
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Greed (I) (2019)
Avoid At All Costs - A Political Rant Dressed Up As A Comedy
29 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers

This was a muddled mess with political overtones perhaps better handled with a documentary format rather than a movie format that exists primarily to entertain.

I must say at the start I really loath being preached at and to by scriptwriters, a largely monied liberal elite who continue to benefit from a capitalist market system, and then feel guilty by its worst excesses and then proceed to lecture to the rest of us.

Now back to the movie, after a strong and promising start and a really tight script and acting the movie descended into a mire of contrived devices in the attempt to arrive at a crass political statement.

What was good

Strong funny start and great characterisation.

The styling and cinematography was good.

What was bad

To contrive the alpha male (Lion) to be killed by a Lion sent a mixed message. You are merely replacing one tyranny by another.

To have refugees on the beach portrayed as a nuisance to the expression of wealth and privilege and then dress them as Roman slaves was a nod to the anxieties of the millennial snowflake liberal metropolitan bourgeoisie, quite absurd when this very same group have Polish cleaners and Philippino au pairs being paid peanuts.

To have the murderer be a disgruntled refugee and the movie to suggest this was just deserts and ok is wrong on every level.

To suggest that the mere possession of wealth is obscene in of itself is preposterous, when the collaborators on this movie are multi-millionaires.

To use comedy or indeed a movie that is designed for entertainment to push your political world view is an egregious abuse of responsibility.

In conclusion it is for nation states to set minimum wages then any deal could not go below cost plus profit margin. The whole purpose of workers rights is to curb the excesses of any market but it is not for the UK to contrive workers rights for the Philippines and India, so what is the conclusion of this movie, it really was a muddled mess.
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The Turning (2020)
Give This Turkey A Miss - Absolute Rubbish!
28 January 2020
The Turning

The was a simple jump scare movie that really had little in it to make it a horror movie.

The script was banal and the acting unremarkable.

The ending was just idiotic and perfunctory in nature and really absurd after what had gone before.
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Like a Boss (2020)
Embarrassingly Bad Chick Flick, Give It A Miss!
28 January 2020
Like A Boss

This was meant to be funny but I didn't see much to laugh at. We had some gross racial stereotyping, we had a chick flick that just totally missed the mark.

I think the reason this all went wrong was a failure to develop likeable characters and a lack of gags.
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Parasite (2019)
A Black Comedy That Takes a Sinister Turn
25 January 2020

Overall a very enjoyable movie.

This started out a black comedy and by the end morphed into something more sinister. We were shown a close knit nuclear family scraping by to survive in a slum-type basement dwelling. They were all universally hard working, inventive and inspired to get on in life, however it was inferred by the script that these attributes were not enough for any social mobility and that any advancement within Korean society was wholly dependent on the possession of family money from the outset.

The Director introduced several themes and ideas that he tossed around, never quite landing on any definitive conclusion. We, the viewers were the mouse and the Director the cat. It did strangely have the feel of an Almodovar movie, perhaps this style was an influence.

Lastly the obvious intention by the Director to infer wealthy people are parasites due to wealthy inequality was handled badly as it is these very wealthy people that provide currently any wages or opportunity for the poor. The real parasite is the Korean government who collect the taxes and make the laws and have clearly failed to create welfare structures or free education to promote a better society and social mobility. What would happen if all the wealthy people left and there was no tax receipts and communism has certainly not proved the answer.

What was good

The family bonds were well established, they were all in this together. This very much held the movie together.

This was very much a simple linear story and most refreshing in its delivery.

There was, for the first two thirds of the movie great dramatic impetus, we were all gripped, and I could certainly feel quite an atmosphere in the picture house.

The acting seemed competent from the entire ensemble but it was difficult to judge due to the barrier of the subtitles.

The subtitles were nuanced and comprehensive and seemed entirely natural.

The cinematography was great and the camera made us feel very much the fly on the wall, and very in keeping with this kind of story.

The musical score was great.

What was problematic

The Director inferred that wealth and opportunity were the way forward and a wholesome aspiration for advancement for the family, but then went onto infer wealth corrupts and perhaps the mere possession of wealth was obscene, this is muddled thinking as it cannot be both as the same time.

It was inferred that wealth isolates and anaesthetises you from the realities of other people lives, but the script so over simplified this observation it became irrelevant.

We had insufficient character separation they are were just voices of the Director.

It was inferred that oppression leads to revolution, I agree, but the family were not oppressed at the moment or indeed previously they were on the way up, so revolution, and this instigation for a bloodbath was flimsy.

I enjoyed this movie, it lost its way in the last half hour and arrived at little redemption or conclusion. It really had little to say on the human condition, however it's great strength lay in its inventive comedy.

With regard to awards, I would nominate it for best foreign language movie and give the award to Pain & Glory by Almodovar.
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Tiresome & Predictable Action Movie
22 January 2020
Bad Boys For Life

This movie got off to bad start with a car chase and a nasty racist joke "sorry rich white people", when will Hollywood learn the lessons.

This was latest milking of the Bad Boys franchise that delivered a competent and largely predictable plot. Whilst I watched it I enjoyed it but it was all so instantly forgettable.

Lovers of these macho type portrayals of unreconstructed Neanderthals will have lapped it up, however, these days, even in a semi-comedic setting it is all largely distasteful.

Will Smith's participation in this near turkey must be for the pay-check, I am sure he is now a man of sufficient substance to turn down any further such movies in this franchise.
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The Irishman (2019)
Great Film But Ridiculously Long With Much Repetition
18 January 2020
The Irishman

From the get go we had a musical reminder from the God-Father, I just knew where this movie was going lol.

What was good

We had of course some of the best method actors on the planet, as with Brando this is exhausting viewing, but I loved it.

How to decide who was more prominent of the three main leads to get an award is the major problem.

This was really a simple linear story with flashbacks, most helpful when the canvas of the movie was so large.

The styling and cinematography was comprehensive we really felt we were in the various time periods.

The intimate way the camera moved was great and entirely appropriate for movie.

What was problematic

The pace was virtually real time, slow to stop, drama is a compression of reality over conflict, this really did drag in places.

Repetition of many of the scenes and set pieces, I was sometimes thinking not again and yet again!

This needed to be cut down by at least an hour, the movie didn't gain anything by being baggy or lugubrious.

It became very much a "boys" movie, this was a directorial decision.

We had no redemption at all and because of this it ended up more of a documentary or blueprint on being a gangster.

Note to Netflix

We have had a series of movies that Netflix believes breaks new ground, from a movie without a script and actors that was Roma, from the kitchen sink that was Marriage Story and now a three and a half hour marathon. My advice find a "Hitchcock" or a "Lean" to create film history, thus far everything is forgettable.
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The Two Popes (2019)
Brilliant Movie But Dry As Dust!
16 January 2020
The Two Popes

I enjoyed it

Such a totally obscure movie, who would have thought you could have constructed such a script from a retiring pope and his successor, this is perhaps why it has been nominated for best adapted screenplay.

There were several themes explored during the movie that made is quite current and relevant but the central focus was the often adversarial dialogue between the two priests.

The excessively clever script was far from dry with a series of flashbacks and action that made the story real. Overall the pacing of this movie was well balanced and really quite an achievement.

The acting was superb how funny that we had two Welsh guys playing a German and Argentinian and then speaking Latin, Italian and Spanish.

The acting was entirely invisible with vocal inflection and micro gestures it really was a master class of acting your socks off, what a marked difference from the method style of The Irishman or Joker. I want to give two Oscars, one to Johnathan Price and the other to Anthony Hopkins as this movie was a treat.
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Benjamin (II) (2018)
Vaguely Enjoyable
15 January 2020

Overall I enjoyed the movie, Colin Morgan played a really socially dysfunctional character that was really deeply unattractive. Yet despite this everyone was drawn to him and fancied him how strange.

The relationships were either superficial or tawdry and perhaps a reflection in the metropolis.

This was no Romeo and Juliet
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